The first KPAC race report-AWANA GENTING TRAILBLAZER 2007

This is the first race report to be posted in the KPAC blog.The Awana Genting Trailblazer was held today - 11 November 2007.Syanizam and l were so excited about this adventure racing since this is our first participation in the so called "fun of trail running" .

We reached our destination early and it was still dark.We collect our race bibs and goodies bags and started to put on our running attire.On our way to the starting point,we met Gunaseelan and his partner Naresh Kumar- the pre favourite of the race.We chatted for a while to gain some knowledge and experiences because they were here last year.They told us so many frightening happenings during the race such as bruises, slippery trail, steep paths and the worst,this little creepy creature-the leeches.We were not prepared at all and just prayed that everything will be smooth.

We met some KPAC members at the field and one of them was Hansom Quek,our committee member.He participated in the wild veteran category.

At 8.30 am,the wild category runners were flagged off.The wild category is a 14 km run and it consists of four groups based on age combination, same genders and mixed genders.Next to go was the mild category which the distance to cover is 8 km.

Syanizam and l registered ourselves in the mild category.We started off in a quite fast pace because we wanted to break off from the slow runners to avoid "traffic jam" at the" mouth" of the trail.Everything was good, not until in the midst of the race.l was already tired and almost worn out by then and couldn't control the momentum of myself at one of the steep hills.My legs were wobbling and I fell, injured my left leg.

The second half of the race was a most suffering one for me.My partner,Syanizam was far in front while l walked and "crawled" most of the time and boy, it was very torturing and at one point, l thought of giving up!But Syanizam waited for me at some difficult paths to lend me his hand.He even pushed and encouraged me to carry on till the finishing line.I'm grateful to find a partner like him.

We crossed the line together and were positioned 13 with a time of 1 hour 31 minutes 14 seconds.l was very glad it was over and looked at myself,it covered with mud and of course bruises especially both hands.Now l understand why some elite runners wore hand gloves. We thought it was the cold environment but we were wrong.It was the thorns and sharp edges of some certain kind of plants and bamboo trees.

Looking at the hard earned medal,Syanizam and I promised to come back next year and surely we will be well prepared

Prepared and posted by Kmtee

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