Melaka Coastal Charity Fun Run 26dec2010

Venue:Coastal Road,Taman Melaka Raya
Flag off time:0730hrs

The last Sunday of the year also meant the closing curtain for the running calender of 2010.The Melaka Coastal Charity Fun Run was one of the few running events organized to mark the end of another successful year.Held in a new township of Taman Melaka Raya facing the Strait of Malacca,the windy traffic free route is ideal for running events.

The crowd at the starting line..

..the finishing

A simple but yet fun filled event organized by the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) attracted more than a thousand participants from all walks of life.Even the Chief Minister of Malacca state,Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam was there and jogged along accompanied by the state MCA members.

The crowd and the volunteers with supportive placards cheered the runners as they were passing by.There was even some dressed in Halloween costumes such as witches and skeletons to frighten unaware participants.

Dressed in fancy costumes,scary masks and painted faces some even.. dead!

About 10 of KPAC members took part with some brought along their family members for a day visit to this historical state.

L to R:Chua Siong Pek,Teh Poh Chin,Ng Kim Leng,Leong Ann Lok,Pong Kok Liang and me.

On the right is Tiou Leng Tiong

Poh Chin and Sivakumaran

Kim Leng gives a thumb up to the organizer for a beautiful event

Rizal and Ezwan

Results at a glance
Men Open 'A'
No:000--29m 20s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--29m 33s---Ng Kim Leng
No:000--30m 35s---Leong Ann Lok
No:000--31m 29s---Kamaruzaman
No:000--31m 30s---Chua Siong Pek
No:000--32m 07s---Rizal
No:000--32m 09s---Ezwan
No:000--33m 33s---Teh Poh Chin
No:000--34m 32s---Pong Kok Liang

Men Open 'B'
No:000--28m 18s---Lee Chue Siew

Malakoff 12km & 7km Kuala Lumpur 19dec2010

Venue:Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort
Kuala Lumpur

Starting time:
7.00am for 12km women's categories
7.10am for 12km men's categories
7.20am for 7km categories

In the absence of many local top runners,our members emerged champions in their respective categories they contested in.They are Casey Lim in the 12km men open,Noor Amelia in the 12km women open followed by Jasni Khairil in the men's 7km.Not forgetting Ng Say Heong who grabbed the second spot in the 12km men junior's category.Congratulations to all of them.

Despite two other main events which coincided with this morning Malakoff run,the Penang Round The Island relay and Larian Koperasi in Padang Merbuk,it was reported that close to 2,900 participants signed up.For the 12km run,participants are required to complete 2 laps of 5km each along the rolling hills of Jalan Beringin while one lap for the 7km category.

Below are the results of some of our members who took part in this gruelling run.

Men Open 12km
No:001--42m 54s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
No:218--67m 12s---Eric Teh Poh Chin
No:221--67m 14s---Chin Min Chang
No:283--69m 21s---Chua Siong Pek
No:288--69m 30s---Rizal Osman
No:408--73m 31s---Tan Chi Kian
No:558--78m 36s---Kamaruzaman

Women Open 12km
No:086--79m 45s---Khoo Lay Ngoh

Men Junior Veteran 12km
No:002--48m 25s---Ng Say Heong
No:023--63m 32s---Leong Ann Lok
No:039--66m 46s---Ng Kim Leng
No:042--67m 33s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:050--69m 48s---Simon Ng

Men Senior Veteran 12km
No:009--58m 33s---Khoo Thiem Seng

Men 7km
No:001--26m 04s---Jasni Khairil Jamaluddin

12 Dec 2010 Kayuk ke Fraser Hill

Bukit Tinggi --> Esso Meru Klang = 8km

Esso Meru Klang --> Puncak Alam --> Rawang --> Kuala Kubu Bahru = 92km

Kuala Kubu Bahru -->Fraser Hill Gap = 22km

Fraser Hill Gap --> Fraser Hill Peak = 8km

Total = 130km

Asia Master Road Race 10km 12dec2010

Date: 12 Dec 2010
Venue : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 7.30am

Category E - Men (18 to 34 yrs old)
004---31m 34s--Murali Nathan
011---45m 35s--Naresh Kumar
056---60m 16s--Teh Poh Chin
064---61m 00s--Tan Chi Kian
081---67m 37s--Pong Kok Liang
000---75m 00s--Tan Chee Sing

Category F - Women (18 to 34 yrs old)
021---75m 00s--Khoo Lay Ngor

Category G - Men (35 to 44 yrs old)
007---39m 25s--Casey Lim Khon Seng
047---52m 07s--Suresh
048---52m 44s--Seah Leong San
060---54m 28s--Leong Ann Lok
078---58m 20s--Ng Kim Leng
086---62m 09s--Chin Min Chang
089---62m 51s--Chia Woon Sen

Category H - Men (45 to 54yrs old)
074---58m 31s--Tee Kuan Meng
097---62m 51s--Simon Ng

TIBI run 2010

What : TIBI Run 2010
When : 11th December 2010
Where : Padang merbuk, Kuala Lumpur

Men Open 45 and below
No:003--29m 50s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
No:005--00m 00s---Malayalam
No:008--32m 39s---Ng Say Heong
No:012--33m 34s---Naresh Kumar
No:000--39m 50s---Leong Ann Lok
No:000--41m 20s---Ezwan
No:000--44m 51s---Rizal
No:000--47m 44s---Kamaruzaman

Men Veteran 45 and above
No:000--43m 03s---Tee Kuan Meng

PBIM Result and Mailing Address

Dear PBIM 2010 participant:-

Also you may amend your mailing address, to allow the organiser to deliver the certificate direct to your home.

Thanks & regards

01 May 2011 Borneo International Marathon

Date : 01 May 2011

Time : 4.00am

Venue : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Distance: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km, 2km

Fee : RM 80 for Full

Please visit their website for more information:
For any KPAC member would to join the BIM trip, itinerary as:-
30 Apr 11
AK5122 KUL-BKI 1020-1245
AK5108 KUL-BKI 1250-1520
02 May 11
AK5103 BKI-KUL 1055-1325
AK5123 BKI-KUL 1830-2100
If you need further assistance, please contact Mr. Seah 012-2234110.

13 Mar 2011 Bareno Run 2011

Date : 13 Mar 2011
Time : 5.30am
Distance: 5km, 10km, 21km
Venue: Bukit Jalil
Fee : RM20, RM30, RM50
Organiser: Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club

Please refer the detail on the below link:
DER PACEMAKERS NETWORK - Spirit of Pia!: Bareno Run 2011

CICM Responsible Care Run 28nov2010

What : CICM Responsible Care Run 2010
When : 28 November 2010
Where : Stadium National Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Brief results (KPAC members only)

Men Open
001--39m 19s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
002--40m 03s---Jasni Khairil Jamaluddin
003--41m 14s---Murali Nathan
016--47m 40s---Naresh Kumar
000--54m 50s---Loi Hin Kai
155--60m 31s---Tan Chi Kiam
169--60m 55s---Ching Min Chang
181--60m 50s---Eric Teh Poh Chin
000--83m 00s---Kamaruzaman

Women Open
050--67m 35s--Lim Pei Yin
091--80m 23s--Khoo Lay Ngoh

Men Junior Veteran
002--43m 28s---Malayalam
004--43m 33s---Ng Say Heong
007--45m 48s---Alam Shah
000--50m 02s---Maniarasu
028--52m 04s---Ter Yew Tiong
043--54m 56s---Leong Ann Lok
070--59m 58s---Chua Siong Pek
071--59m 59s---Ng Kim Leng
072--60m 08s---Tee Kuan Meng
080--60m 50s---Lim Boon Wah
098--63m 26s---Chia Woon Sen

Women Veteran
000--75m 00s---Chi Yong Nyit

Men Senior Veteran
020--54m 20s---Khoo Thiem Seng
021--54m 23s---Lee Foo Kien
000--74m 15s---Lim Tow Suan

21 Nov 10 Penang Bridge International Marathon

Full Marathon (Male)

3:34:58 Alam Shah
3:36:13 Ng Say Heong
4:17:05 Lee Foo Kien
4:27:30 Seah Leong San
4:40:31 Chong Choo Loy (Anthony)
4:44:06 Albert Goh
4:45:59 Tew Boon Jun (Luis)
5:01:57 Tan Cheng Yong
5:07:15 Foo Chee Chung
5:14:35 Teh Poh Chin (Eric)
5:19:13 Simon Ng
5:39:50 Tan Chi Kian
5:48:05 Chin Min Chang
5:50:19 Leong Jit Ping
5:52:33 Pong Kok Liang (Season Bean)
6:04:14 Chia Woon Sen
6:55:15 Leow Chin Huat
7:04:02 Naidu

Full Marathon (Female)

5:38:56 Leong Yoke Peng
6:50:47 Gan Bee Tin
6:55:32 Chong Sui Fern (Mona)

Half Marathon (Male)

1:42:53 Siow Kek Kong
1:50:37 Lee Chue Siew
2:14:11 Peter Goh
2:14:36 Justin Greene Barrie
2:14:39 Tee Kuan Meng
2:21:18 Chua Siong Pek
2:31:12 Sivakumaran
2:47:00 John Heng
2:49:03 Cheong Hong Kee
3:07:49 Yeow Boon Cheng
3:22:36 Lim Tou Suan

Half Marathon (Female)

1:50:59 Thalagavathy
2:44:48 Che Chooi Eng
2:56:23 Chi Yong Nyit (Alice)

Selamat Menyambut Hari Deepavali 05November2010

Klang Pacers Athletic Club would like to wish all our Hindu members and fellow runners a very Happy Deepavali.May the festival of lights brings prosperity and good health to everyone.Happy holiday too.

Run for it 4 31october2010

One of our volunteer from ALC college.

Our season runner from Tmn Rakyat, finally take part on race field.

Our elite runner team from Stadium.

Please click here to view 204 photos by courtesy of Leong Ann Lok

Run for it 4 31october2010

31 October 2010
Padang Sultan Sulaimen
12km for men and women
7km for juniors

The battle's 12km race start at 6.50am

...and the women waiting patiently for their turn

Please click here to view album 1 of 2
and here for album 2 of 2

Selected results (KPAC members only)
00h:55m:15s---Naresh Kumar
00h:00m:00s---Ter Yew Tiong
01h:00m:40s---Khoo Thiem Seng
01h:01m:13s---Leong Ann Lok
01h:05m:13s---Ng Kim Leng
01h:06m:33s---Eric Teh Poh Chin
01h:08m:36s--- Lim Boon Wah
01h:10m:05s---Chua Siong Pek
01h:11m:11s---Simon Ng
01h:12m:28s---Ng Hock Lee
01h:12m:55s---Peter Goh
01h:12m:57s---Tee Kuan Meng
01h:13m:05s---Chia Min Chang
01h:14m:00s---Justin Greene Barrie
01h:13m:03s---Chia Woon Sen
01h:14m:50s---Tan Chi Kian
01h:15m:00s---Terence Ong
01h:16m:10s---Danny Tio
01h:17m:00s---Leong Yoke Peng
01h:17m:47s---Ooi Kok Soon
01h:21m:03s---Lim Chong Pin
01h:30m:00s---Alice Chi

Run for it 4 31october2010

Below are pictures of podium finishers of each category in this morning 12km and 7km run.

Men Open (12km)
1st 41:25 Muniandy a/l Ramadass
2nd 41:35 Ruburn Kummar a/l Ramasamy
3rd 44:05 Ganesan a/l Muniandy
4th 44:10 Murali a/l Muniandy
5th 44:30 Lim Khon Seng
6th 45:38 Prabakharan a/l Madhavan
7th 45:54 Vigneswaran a/l Jaya Kumar
8th 47:23 Peh Yong Heng
9th 48:03 Izuan Bin Ismail
10th 48:19 Murali Nathan a/l Kanarajah

Men Junior Veteran (12km)
1st 45:34 Genesan a/l Subramaniam
2nd 45:50 Ong Chin
3rd 46:41 Khir Bin Salleh
4th 47:50 Malayalam a/l Arumugam
5th 48:46 Ng Say Heong
6th 50:36 Thanasekaran a/l R. Manickam
7th 50:46 Wan Sin
8th 53:46 Lai Yap Chai
9th 54:21 Bong Teck Yong
10th 55:39 Ong Khang Kiat

Men Senior Veteran (12km)
1st 46:07 Ramakrishnan a/l Manikam
2nd 50:46 Ridwan bin Sulaiman
3rd 51:19 Krishnansamy a/l Chappanimuthu
4th 51:49 Tan Wah Sing
5th 52:29 Siow Kek Keong
6th 52:42 Tan Chee Choon
7th 52:59 Tee Teck Bee
8th 53:40 Md Yasan bin Rahmin
9th 54:07 Mohd Sowoto bin Indi
10th 55:21 Lim Kian Huat

Women Open (12km)
1st 49:57 Noor Amelia binti Musa
2nd 55:33 Amutha a/p Arumugam
3rd 58:04 Thalagavathy a/p Surnakumar
4th 58:38 Jessica Tang Mei Lee
5th 1:02:28 Lynn Guan Yoke Ling
6th 1:03:30 Sheela a/p Samivellu
7th 1:07:45 Tan Huay Ling
8th 1:08:26 Lim Wei Ing
9th 1:10:53 Chan Yin Yian
10th 1:15:16 Tan Siew Lee

Women Veteran (12km)
1st 54:07 Susan Khoo
2nd 55:08 Lumindas
3rd 1:00:00 Lian Bee Hoon
4th 1:01:00 Tee Yoke Loi
5th 1:01:59 Lim Lee Ping
6th 1:03:00 Tan Bee Ngoh
7th 1:03:39 Lee Khum Chiew
8th 1:05:00 Angela Mutinda
9th 1:08:00 Chuan Teck Geong
10th 1:08:32 Siow Seow Foong

Men Junior (7km)
1st 28:12 Kesavan a/l Maniraja
2nd 28:26 Mohd Ramzan Jani bin Mohd Pittu
3rd 28:29 Kumeresan a/l Rahendra
4th 28:43 Navinkumar a/l Sivakumar
5th 28:48 Kaveendiran a/l Wasudaven

Women Junior (7km)
1st 37:50 Sawin Kaur Ranjit Singh
2nd 38:09 Kim Khoo
3rd 39:05 Alifah Ilyana binti Mohd Yasin
4th 40:13 Chan Ker Xin
5th 40:23 Vicneswari a/p Ramasany

Please click here to view some photos during the prize presentation ceremony.Results and more photos will be posted later..please stay tuned.

24 Oct 10 Run for It 4 - Registration Closed

Dear Runner:-

The registration for the above run is officially closed. We would like to thanks those who have signed up for your support and hope to see you all at Stadium Padang Sultan Sulaiman on the race day 31 Oct 10.

For bib and T-shirt collection:

Date : 29-30 Oct 10

Time: 10am-5pm

Venue: KPAC Club house
22B, Jalan Rengas, Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang.

Also, we are glad to inform that lucky draw prizes as:-

2 unit LCD Television
3 unit Moutain Bike (Raleigh brand with aluminium frame)
3 unit Camera
5 unit hamper
and more more coming, which need your to come and look on the race day.

p/s: Please bring receipt during collection.