Selamat Hari Raya 2011

Dear Runner:-

Wish our Muslim runner have good, healty and properous Hari Raya.

Run safe and Drive safe.

17 Aug 2011 Reservoir Training

Ex-president: Lawrance Ng join the training with walk.

Wong KT & Dannie Choong train for Jelapang 55km

Upper L-R : Alvin, Ng KL, Ong TK, Leong AL, Tee KM, Vinie Chin, YH Chia, SK Choo, Henry Chia.

Lower L-R: Albert, Seah, Alice, Chia WS

blow water time

strong Tee KM

Reservoir, just in front of Klang Hospital, beside Petronas station.

Up and down with distance 1.6km = 1 lap

Good for strength training. But only once a week, to prevent knee injure.

Our group normal run 5-10 lap

Thing for Run for It 5




Also, we are confirm the grand prizes for Luck Draw is LCD Television.

31 Jul 2011 Admiral 5A Charity Run

Men Open 10km

Jasni Kairil - 37m40s - 3rd
Ang Kao - 45m00s - 15th
Loi Hing Kai - 47m44s - 32th

Chia Chin Hui - 49m15s - 36th
Chin Ming Chang - 53m42s - xxth
Tan Chi Kian - 54m10s - 75th
Eric Teh Poh Chin - 55m17s - 90th

Lim Soon Chung - 59m32s - 143th
Pong Kok Liang - 1h05m18s - 207th

Henry Chia - 1h14m31s - 300th
Jonanthan Tan - 1h 21m00s - 372th

Men Veteran 10km

Seah Leong San - 47m59s - xxth

Tee Kuan meng - 51m20s - 34th
Leong Ann Lok - 51m42s - 36th
Lim Boon Wah - 53m43s - 44th

Chua Siong Pek -xxmxxs - 47th

Ng Kim Leng - 58m30s - 64th

Chia Woon Sen - 1h06m11s - 105th (run with son)

Men Senior Veteran 10km

Seow Kek Kiong - 43m54s - 7th
Khoo Thiem Seng - 48m21s - 19th
Lim Tou Suan - 1h06m00s - 72th

Women Open 10km

Khoo Lay Ngoh - 1h08m26s - 28th

Men Open 6km

Kamarulzaman - 40m00s - 80th