Admiral-New Balance 5km Run 26/11/2009

Admiral-New Balance 5km Run
Selangor Tuft Club,Kuala Lumpur
Flag off time:1830 hrs

Top five results of all categories

Category A (Men Open)
No:001--14m 27s---Karthik A/L Jayaraman
No:002--14m 45s---Ahmad Lamchannak
No:003--15m 06s---Jayakumar
No:004--15m 22s---M.Murali
No:005--15m 41s---Prabakharan

Category B (Men Veteran)
No:001--16m 19s---M.Thanasekaran
No:002--16m 42s---Ng Say Heong
No:003--17m 21s---Wong Weng Seng
No:004--00m 00s---C.Krishanum
No:005--17m 45s---Mohd Sowoto

Category C (Women Open)
No:001--18m 01s---Amutha Arumugam
No:002--21m 57s---Goh Li Ting
No:003--22m 10s---Adreana Lavin Saty
No:004--22m 52s---Sue Wong
No:005--25m 49s---Syarifah Ali Murah

Category D (Women Veteran)
No:001--18m 42s---Susan Khoo
No:002--19m 09s---Lian Bee Hoon
No:003--21m 40s---Susila A/P Govindan
No:004--23m 45s---Dr.Vijayaletchumy
No:005--24m 16s---Wendy Wong

Category E (Boys)
No:001--16m 07s---Kumaresan A/L Rajendran
No:002--16m 26s---Navinkumar A/L Sivakumar
No:003--16m 36s---Muhammad Ramzan Jani Bin Mohd Pittli
No:004--16m 56s---Kesavaraja A/L Krishnan
No:005--18m 45s---Foon Kok Wai

Category F (Girls)
No:001--21m 08s---Kim Khoo
No:002--22m 38s---Sylvia Moey
No:003--24m 26s---Loh Chooi Shawn
No:004--25m 48s---Nor Afifah Hudzwah Bt Asmadi
No:005--26m 03s---Nurul Shareeda

KPAC members are in Italic letter

Other KPAC members in action:

Category A
No:007--00m 00s---Vigneswaran
No:008--16m 20s---Jasni Khairil
No:009--16m 55s---Naresh Kumar
No:019--18m 12s---Gunaseelan
No:025--19m 01s---Suresh
No:049--21m 02s---Leong Ann Lok

Category B
No:027--20m 58s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:029--21m 29s---Lim Boon Wah

Run4it 3 - 15th Nov 2009

Results for the trophy winners of all categories

Category A
No:001--A 547--38m 25s---Daviel Midema
No:002--A 188--39m 32s---Johnson Kiukosczet Tarus
No:003--A 444--39m 57s---Richard Mutisya
No:004--A 436--41m 56s---Muniandy Ramadass
No:005--A 688--43m 14s---Ahmad Lamchannak
No:006--A 365--45m 42s---Murali Nathan
No:007--A 186--45m 43s---Jayakumar
No:008--A 611--46m 42s---Prathab A/L Muniandy
No:009--A 060--47m 12s---Casey Lim
No:010--A 184--47m 28s---Jasni Khairil
No:011--A 118--48m 36s---Chew Yew Wei
No:012--A 369--49m 01s---Naresh Kumar
No:013--A 354--49m 25s---Muhd. Asdi Bin Weding
No:014--A 512--50m 02s---Tang Yew Choy
No:015--A 162--51m 00s---Hamidon Bin Mat Aris

Category B
No:001--B 070--40m 17s---Jean Pierre Lautredoux
No:002--B 068--45m 11s---Iwata Takatoshi
No:003--B 249--45m 56s---Supermaniam
No:004--B 161--46m 14s---Ong Chin
No:005--B 157--50m 11s---Ng Say Heong
No:006--B 131--50m 36s---M.Thanasekaran
No:007--B 185--50m 49s---Silahuddin
No:008--B 200--51m 46s---Tan Say Leong
No:009--B 008--51m 53s---Alam Shah Ismail
No:010--B 224--52m 08s---Wan Sin

Category C
No:001--C 070--50m 37s---Mohd. Sowoto
No:002--C 006--51m 13s---C. Krishnan Samy
No:003--C 019--53m 33s---Coulston Jones
No:004--C 129--54m 55s---Tan Wah Sing
No:005--C 096--55m 41s---Arumugam
No:006--C 026--55m 51s---Gain Teck Hoo
No:007--C 130--56m 00s---Tang Chee Choon
No:008--C 107--57m 37s---Ridzuan Sulaiman
No:009--C 075--57m 45s---Ng Ah Chwee
No:010--C 025--58m 05s---Ee Ah Seng

Category D
No:001--D 001--51m 10s---Amutha Arumugam
No:002--D 049--51m 20s---Georgina Beech
No:003--D 018--59m 24s---Cheah Meei Meei
No:004--D 021--59m 47s---Chee Oi Leng
No:005--D 005--60m 30s---Anna Schubert
No:006--D 052--62m 45s---Haslinda Dolah
No:007--D 178--65m 15s---Wong Wen Jun
No:008--D 147--68m 17s---Sylvia Moey
No:009--D 185--69m 23s---Yee Pei Ni
No:010--D 006--69m 42s---Andreana Lavinsaty

Category E
No:001--E 029--62m 50s---Law Wah Leng
No:002--E 038--65m 50s---Ng May Kim
No:003--E 013--67m 15s---Christina Chao Hui Kean
No:004--E 045--69m 06s---Sulei Tang
No:005--E 028--69m 48s---Loo Soo Ching
No:006--E 017--70m 21s---Dr.S.Vijayaletchumy
No:007--E 056--70m 57s---Wendy Wong
No:008--E 005--72m 54s---Chai Siow Year
No:009--E 015--72m 57s---Yong Sa Lin
No:010--E 006--72m 58s---Alice Chan Cai Ying

Category F
No:001--F 044--55m 19s---Susan Khoo
No:002--F 064--58m 46s---Lian Bee Hoon
No:003--F 001--60m 46s---Agnes Tee Yoke Loi
No:004--F 024--62m 32s---Lim Lee Ping
No:005--F 046--66m 17s---Tan Bee Ngor
No:006--F 056--67m 33s---Wong Ah Yin
No:007--F 032--69m 56s---Ng Chooi Lin
No:008--F 005--73m 34s---Carol Low Peng Keat
No:009--F 006--74m 27s---Chan Yin Yian
No:010--F 018--74m 51s---Lee Siok Har

*KPAC members are in bold letter

Other KPAC members in action this morning..

Category A
No:038--56m 48s---Suresh
No:047--57m 54s---Loi Hin Kai
No:050--00m 00s---Chua Hock Boon
No:085--63m 13s---Leong Ann Lok
No:238--76m 53s---Syanizam Ismail

Category B
No:012--52m 28s---Siow Kek Keong
No:016--54m 40s---Tan Swee Seng
No:025--57m 29s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:030--58m 30s---Lee Chui Siew
No:034--60m 50s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:038--61m 24s---Kenny Wong
No:045--63m 40s---Lim Boon Wah
No:059--00m 00s---Chua Siong Pek

Category C
No:019--60m 52s--Phang Fok Thin

Category D
No:022--77m 58s---Robiyatul

Run4it 3 - 15th Nov 2009

Collection of bib and vest
Date: 13th and 14th November 2009
Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Place: Klang Pacers Athletic Club-No7A,Jalan Mohd Tahir 8,Taman Sri Mewah 4 off Sg Jati,41200,Klang.
For assistance please call:

03 3371 1128-Club House
012 339 2673-Ong Teck Keong
012 931 2993-Jimmy Yang
019 231 9138-Ng Thean Chor
012 273 0038-Hansom Quek
016 331 9898-Lim Sam Hang (for outstation runners)

Reminder to all participants in the upcoming Run4it3 12 km run at Padang Sultan Sulaiman on this Sunday 15th Nov 2009...the flag off time is 7.00 am

Run4it 3 - 15th Nov 2009

Due to the good response in the women senior category and to avoid unfair allocation of trophies,the committees decided to increase the number to 10th placing instead of first 5 position.So ladies run for it!!

Below are the pictures of the finisher medal of our Run4it 3

Front view

Rear view