Of all the three races that the KPAC organised in the recent years,the Run4it II is the most well organised and successful one.The race received overwhelming response from not only the locals but attracted foreigners as well.Estimated one thousand runners turned up at Padang Sultan Sulaiman as early 6.00 am.

For the second edition of Run4it,there were two changes in the running route.First,instead of Jalan Tun Dr Ismail (the road leads to Taman Sri Andalas) the organiser felt that the Jalan Tun Sambanthan is more suitable due to lesser traffic eventhough the distance is farther and is a very straight road.

Secondly,runners took a shorter run just behind the stadium by turning left.The previous route was straight to the commuter station and then back to the stadium.

There were many police traffic and RELA members deployed to all corners and junctions to make sure the safety of runners are taken care of eventhough there were some minor misunderstandings between runners and inconsiderate drivers.

The race was delayed for about 10 minutes due to some unforeseen circumstances.It was gunned off by the Sg Pinang assembly man,YB Mr Teng Chang Kim who is also the Selangor State Assembly Speaker.The men started first, followed by the ladies 5 minutes later.

Overall many runners were satisfied with the run and promise to come back for the third edition of Run4it.The KPAC would like to thank all sponsors,volunteers and not forgetting the runners themselves for making this run a memorable one.

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Eager runners waiting impatiently for this volunteer to post the results of all categories on the white board

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Ng Thean Chor (KPAC's assistant treasurer) was seen discussing some important points with our president S.P.Wong.Left is Lum Kiok Ming and right is Lim Sam Hang

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Left to Right:T.C Ng,Dhan Bahadur,S.P.Wong and Yap Chin Huat

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Souvenirs for the sponsors

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Hungry and tired volunteers helped themselves to a simple breakfast

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Powerbar booth received good response from runners

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And many runners thronged the New Balance booth for discounted running attire.

Let's see how other KPAC members fared in this run;

Men Open
No:11--50m 09s---Jagdev Singh
No:00--56m 53s---Kamalan
No:00--62m 15s---Loy
No:00--63m 06s---Khoo Kian Wei
No:00--64m 36s---Leong Ann Lok
No:00--68m 17s---Kee Weng Keong
No:00--70m 06s---Syanizam

Men Junior Veteran
No:00--62m 03s---Khoo Thiem Seng
No:00--62m 45s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:00--65m 48s---Subramaniam
No:00--65m 49s---Rama
No:00--70m 24s---Kwang Teck Ming
No:00--72m 38s---Mohen
No:00--73m 48s--Ng Hock Lee


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Below are the top ten results of all categories in this morning Run4it II.KPAC members are in bold.

Men Open
No:01--44m 18s---M.Arulthevar
No:02--44m 28s---M.Balu
No:03--44m 45s---K.Kumar
No:04--45m 02s---M.Affindi
No:05--45m 14s---Shahrom
No:06--46m 50s---Richard Habeeya
No:07--46m 59s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
No:08--48m 04s---Jayakumar
No:09--49m 39s---Ng Swee Yee
No:10--50m 07s---Kuan Chee kee

Men Junior Veteran
No:01--40m 59s---Lautredous
No:02--47m 15s---Ong Chin
No:03--51m 24s---Daniel Tan
No:04--52m 10s---Ridwan Sulaiman
No:05--52m 35s---Wan Sing
No:06--53m 20s---Yee Sing Seng
No:07--54m 45s---Maniarasu
No:08--56m 03s---Alam Shah
No:09--56m 18s---Jefridin Skum
No:10--56m 51s---Lim Boon Wah

Men Senior Veteran
No:01--46m 06s---M.Ramakrishna
No:02--51m 45s---R.Nanchappan
No:03--51m 55s---Tan Wah Sing
No:04--55m 37s---Lok Chan Chuen
No:05--56m 10s---Tang Chee Choon
No:06--56m 21s---Mohd Sowoto Indi
No:07--58m 53s---Mustafar Ismail
No:08--59m 13s---Phang Fok Thin
No:09--60m 00s---Tan Kien Min
No:10--60m 41s---Lim Kian Huat

Women Open
No:01--59m 32s---Lau Pui San
No:02--60m 36s---Jessica Tang
No:03--61m 00s---Seah Bee Lian
No:04--61m 01s---Thalagavathy
No:05--68m 07s---Tan Sheau Theng
No:06--69m 52s---Lim Pick Jun
No:07--70m 44s---Riama Sitorus
No:08--72m 40s---Chek Yin Huay
No:09--72m 41s---Lai Yoke Chim
No:10--73m 46s---Haslinda Bt Dollah

Women Junior Veteran
No:01--58m 15s---Yong Lai Chee
No:02--58m 20s---Tan Shih Ming
No:03--59m 28s---Eng Siok Ling
No:04--62m 45s---Low Wah Leng
No:05--65m 28s---Quek Ai Ling
No:06--69m 47s---Wendy Wong
No:07--70m 05s---Cheah Per Li
No:08--70m 49s---Suki Tang
No:09--72m 36s---Koh Siew Loon
No:10--74m 14s---Siah Lay Cheng

Women Senior Veteran
No:01--55m 40s---Susan Khoo
No:02--57m 58s---Tan Chin Fong
No:03--60m 00s---Agnes Tee Yoke Lai
No:04--62m 30s---Lim Lee Ping
No:05--63m 44s---Kuo Swee Im
No:06--65m 19s---Wong Ah Yin
No:07--65m 56s---Lim You Foong
No:08--67m 31s---Hilary Sailes
No:09--71m 10s---Ng Choon Lin
No:10--74m 00s---Carol Low Peng Keat

Stay tuned for the race report.....


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Collection of running bibs and vest is now open.

Where:Klang Pacers Athletic Club-No.7A,Jln Mohd Tahir 8,Taman Sri Mewah 4 off Jln Sg Jati,
41200,Klang-Tel:03 3371 1128

Date: 10th and 11th October 2008

Time:9.30 am - 5.00 pm

Don't forget to bring your registration cards

Or call any of our committee members for assistance,their mobile phone numbers are stated in the sidebar.

Registration for this run is officially closed.We already hit the target of 1000 runners and we will not accept any more applications.Thank you very much for your endless support!