KRI 12.8 km Road Race 30/11/2008

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Most of the runners were talking about it.Locally rated among the best organised race event and yes the KRI lived up to the runners' expectations.Innovative and creative ideas supported by good and well plannings made the whole run no rooms for mistake.

Eventhough the route was a long and winding one and with a few U turns,it took us to this newly developed housing area,the Bandar Seri Botani in Simpang Pulai.Rows of unoccupied beautiful terrace houses and bungalows and one actually ran around the golf course and an adjoining scenic lake.

Hundreds of runner arrived as early as 6.00 am.There were ample parking bays and the helpful event officials were there to control the traffic.Reporting was made easy,just drop your reporting slip into a box provided and an elastic wrist ribbon will be given.You can hang around with your friends without being kept inside an enclosure and of course you can visit the loos as frequent as you like,too.

All categories were flagged off simultaneously at 7.00 am.And all the faster runners surge to the front to avoid being trapped among the slower ones.The first U turn was only a few hundred metre away from the starting point and after 3 km, another to turn back,passing by the starting point again.

The allocation of trophies is based on 1 trophy to every 10 runners ratio in each category.The highest number offered was 12 and minimum 5 trophies were put up for grab.The organiser is encouraging and inspiring runners to take part in more competitive run without disregard all the slower one.

There was only a couple of road marshals on duty because the organiser had chosen a right running route.They did not need the police traffic to man the junctions,it was a quiet neighbourhood and only three cars were spotted on the road this morning.

There were about 15 KPAC runners participated in various category.Many of us stay for a night at the Hillcity Hotel,located approximately 2 km away from Bandar Seri Botani.And it is also 5 km to Ipoh Town where our president took us to the popular Bercham's claypot chicken rice and delicious bean sprout for dinner.

6 of our runners made it to the podium and won big trophies.Our best performer in their respective category went to Seah Bee Lian in the R category (women 30-39) and Siow Kek Keong in the F category(men 45-49),both finished 2nd.Besides that our president,Wong Soon Pin,Ng Swee Yee,Yee Sin Seng and Phang Fok Thing, too performed equally well.

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Pre race photo: L to R - Lim Boon Wah,Seah Bee Lian,SP wong,Ng Hock Lee,Ann Wong,Davie Samuel and Ng Swee Yee

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The organiser displayed their sponsor for public viewing

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Category P (women 20-29) 2nd place winner Lau Pui San and Seah Bee Lian

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KPAC veteran runners.L to R -Phang Fok Thing,Yee Sin Seng and Siow Kek Keong

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Davie Samuel and Ann Wong

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Runners throng the food and fruits stalls

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Herbal products were on sale...

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...Biscuits and confectionery,too

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Category C winners - Ng Swee Yee sixth from left

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Category E winners - SP Wong in squating position 1st from left

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Category R winners - Seah Bee Lian 2nd standing from left

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Category J winners - Phang Fok Thing 3rd in squating position

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Category F winners - Siow Kek Keong and Yee Sin Seng (2nd and 3rd standing from left)

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The KPAC podium finishers proudly showing their trophies

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And this is the only hotel where the parking attendant rudely refused to let me park in their vacant parking bays.

Results at glance:

Category A (men 19 and below)
No:30--82m 26s---Khairul Ikhwan

Category C (men 20-29)
No:06--51m 52s---Ng Swee Yee

Category D (men 30-39)
No:63--75m 30s---Syanizam
No:71--77m 34s---Kamaruzaman

Category E (men 40-44)
No:06--56m 10s---Wong Soon Pin
No:18--61m 10s---Lingam
No:23--62m 30s---Lim Boon Wah
No:43--67m 29s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:75--79m 19s---Davie Samuel

Category F (men 45-49)
No:02--55m 48s---Siow Kek Keong
No:03--55m 58s---Yee Sin Seng
No:18--63m 30s---Khoo Thiem Seng

Category J (men 55-59)
No:11--62m 54s---Phang Fok Thing

Category P (women 20-29)
No:17--107m 57s---Ann Wong

Category R (women 30-39)
No:02--64m 07s---Seah Bee Lian

Relay Without Barrier - 23/11/2008

Venue : Taman Bukit Kiara
Date : 23 November 2008
Event : Relay run in team of 3
Distant : 4km

KPAC teams were beaten in two different categories-the men's open and men's junior veteran.We have no one to blame except for ourselves probably due to bad preparation and lack of understandings between the runners.Bad arrangement is another contribution to our failure here.

One of our key runner-Jagdev Singh- couldn't make it this morning and he'd informed our president to get somebody else to replace him a few days ago.And guess what? We only got the replacement this morning after a few phone calls to this unknown runner.Maybe after much persuasion,this fellow without any preparation,reluctantly jump into the boat.The team was leading after Ng Swee Yee propelled back to the starting point for Jayakumar to further widen the gap.When the baton passed to this guy,later l was told his name is Ah Chai,we had an advantage of more than 400 meter.He was eventually overtook by several faster runners and finished the race with a combined time of 59min 56 sec for a fourth placing.Anyway,this is a team event,no blaming to any individual especially Ah Chai as he had already gathered enough courage to save the team from DNS.

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Runners assembled at the entrance to Bukit Kiara Park

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Men's open fourth placing: L to R - Jayakumar,Ng Swee Yee and Ah Chai

As for the men's junior veteran category,we were defeated by a better team.Our team comprised of Dhan Bahadur as 1st runner,Wong Soon Pin and Zainuddin was being challenged closely by the great Japanese team-Iwata,Tomoo Inoue and Takuritsu Isida.Similarly,we lead and then lost in the final hurdle to a much fitter team.Positioning of runners was the main factor of our lost here.Zainuddin admitted that it was easier to chase the front runner instead of being chased.He prefered to run first and leave Dhan Bahadur to challenge the mighty Iwata and Wong to take on Tomoo.

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Zainuddin sped to the finishing line to grab the second place in the men's junior veteran category

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L to R: Zainuddin,Wong Soon Pin and Dhan Bahadur

Our splinter team,the Michael Powers did pretty well,considering this is the first time participate in a relay competition.They are made up of Kee Weng Keong,Tee Choon Hooi and Loi Hin Kai.They clocked a total time of 60 min 39 sec to be placed 5th in the men's open.

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Kee Weng Keong in action

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There you are,the Michael Power.I was wondering which one is Michael or maybe the three of them! From left-Choon Hooi,Loi and Weng Keong

The only consolation for the KPAC was the women's open.Our team of Seah Bee Lian,Thalagavathy and young runner,Lim Pei Yin emerged champion without much challenge in a category that only saw three teams took part.

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Thalagavathy completed her run unchallenged

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The champion of women's open - Seah Bee Lian,Thalaga and Pei Yin

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Group photo - KPAC members proudly displayed their finisher medals

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Below are the results that involved KPAC members only and hand timed.
For full results,please click here

Men Open
No:04--59m 56s---Klang Pacer Team "A"
No:05--60m 39s---Michael Power

Men Junior Veteran
No:02--57m 13s---Klang Pacer Team "C"

Women Open
No:01--69m 56s---Klang Pacer Team "B"

Nature Run - 14/12/2008

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Organiser:MCA youth Kapar Branch
Co-organiser:Klang Pacers Athletic Club
Venue:Carpark,Taman Pertanian Malaysia,Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,40000,Shah Alam
Running distance: 6km and 4km (Fun Run)
Time:4.30 pm - 10.00 pm
Registration Fee:RM25.00
Closing Date:07/12/2008

Contact persons:

张玉添 012-2995358 郑国藩 012-2977080 黄顺平 (Wong Soon Pin-012-3101379)

李俊星 019-3178106 林顺明 012-2888555

For inqueries:No.5 Lorong Gudang Nanas 2 Off Jalan Pasar,41400,Klang
Fax no:03 3341 8077 and 03 3345 2733

Please click on the thumbnails to view details and entry form (below)

PBIM-Race report

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A record of 54 KPAC members registered but sadly less than half actually ran the PBIM.Anyway the KPAC would like to thank Mr William-an organising committee of PBIM-for his kind assistance to help us register and collect in advance our goodies bags.We didn't have any problem to sort out our running bibs and t shirt because everything were well packed.

As for this successfully organised trip to Penang,our president deserves a pat on the back for his initiative and hard work.With experience bus driver on the wheel,the journey went on smoothly as planned.

At 7.10 am,the bus left Padang Sultan Sulaiman, heading to Ipoh town.Reached there at about 1130am,we had delicious 'tim sum' for our 'breaklunch' at two popular restaurants-Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum and Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant before resuming our journey an hour later.

After a 6 hours ride on the bus,we finally reached our destination-the QueenBay Mall to collect our goodies bags.It didn't take us long to check in Sunway Hotel which is located a walking distance away from the tallest building in Penang Island-Komtar-eventhough the counter staff faced some difficulties in handling long list of guests due to overwhelming bookings.

Food was not a problem there but the extorbitant hawkers enjoyed good business.A plate of 'Char Koay Tiau' meant for one person costs rm5.00 and a can of isotonic drink sold at rm2.10.Surprisingly,hardly any empty tables available.

All KPAC members who ran the PBIM gathered at the lobby to have a light breakfast specially pre packed by the hotel at 1.00 am.By 1.45 am we were heading to the mall again as most roads will be closed soon.

Only 9 KPAC members took the challenge to compete in the full marathon including 3 first timer.They were Lim Chong Ping,his wife Dr Sia Lay Cheng and me.There were not many participants in this category and only a handful of international runners took part especially the Kenyans,a couple of 'mat salleh' and yes, the Thais.

At 3.00 am,the race was finally gunned off.There were water stations at every 2.5km intervals not until km17.5 where the half marathoners coincided and grabbed everything,the refreshment and sponges.The funny part was Powel gels were given at 18km mark and without a drop of water,l hold the gels in my hand till the next water point at 25km mark!

Then at km35,we bumped into a sea of fun run runners,blocking the entire running path.Again most of the water stations were quickly dried up by all these fun loving participants.Due to lack of training,i hit the wall at the 33km mark and managed to drag myself to the finishing line clocking 5hr 01min 20sec for my maiden marathon.

PBIM-Race report by Mr Lim Chong Ping (KPAC member)

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Our First Marathon

The 2008 Penang Bridge International Marathon on November 16th is the first marathon that my wife, Lay Cheng and I had joined. The longest run we had participated before this was up to 22.7km only. We initially wanted to signed up for the 25km half marathon, but due to Mr. Wong and Mr. Ong of Klang Pacer insistence to give it a try, had nothing to lose, had to wait for other marathon runner to finish anyway before the whole group could board the bus, we duly signed up in August for the full marathon. It was probably due to ignorance, wanting to know our limit and maybe for the heck of it that we signed up for the full marathon.

The biggest challenge before the actual race day was to train consistently. By the time we downloaded ‘Marathon for beginners’ and a simple 16 weeks training program from the internet, we realized we had only 8 weeks left to the race day. For the heck of it, we do what we can, but even then could not fully comply, especially me. Luckily, I had my wife to pull me up from bed on weekends at 6 am for the long run training.

A few days before the run, I was down with sore throat not feeling quite well. My right elbow was also hurting probably due to Genting trail run we joined two weeks earlier. I felt tension and stressed, worrying if I can do it or not.

On the race day itself, the most unexpected thing happened to us. We actually missed the bus which was supposed to take us to Queensbay Mall by a whisker. Contingency plan kicks in and we called for a taxi at 2.00 am. The taxi came and we were much relieved. However, all roads leading to Queensbay Mall was blocked by the police and we could not get in to the starting point. A police officer asked us to go to the Ferry Jetty to get a shuttle as it's the only way to go in. We were worried we would not have made it on time if we were to proceed to the jetty, so we decided to get down at a roundabout about 3km from the starting point. We started to run to the starting point arriving 20 minutes before the race starts. Looking back, it was a wise decision not to follow the police officer advice.

For the race itself, we had a good start as we pace each other at our raining speed for about 20km. After that, we run at our own pace. I was pleasantly surprised I was able to run for about 35 km without much problem. It was only in the last 5km when pain started on my left leg that was most difficult. I was running and stopping, and limping at some point. I had to challenge myself physically and mentally. In the end, I managed to cross the finishing line to clock my first marathon at 5 hour 9 minutes. I was very happy that my wife also managed to complete her first marathon by clocking 5 hour 35 minutes. It was mission accomplished for both of us.

I dedicate my first marathon medal to my wife who had been everything and more to me. This is just the beginning and we shall both look forward to our next marathon. This time, our target would be to better our time. Let’s see.

Lastly, others may have to run 42 km for a full marathon, but we had to run 45 km for our first. Therefore, don’t miss the bus.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 16/11/2008

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Below are the results of KPAC members and friends who took part in the run;
Please stay tuned for the race report.....

Full Marathon 42.195 km

Men Open
No:013--03h 18m 55s---Jayakumar
No:026--03h 57m 10s---Ng Swee Yee

Men Junior Veteran
No:023--03h 51m 26s---Wong Soon Pin
No:027--04h 03m 19s---Tan Beng Khoon
No:040--04h 20m 53s---Lee Foo Kien (PACM Klg)
No:065--04h 41m 39s---Lim Boon Wah
No:078--04h 49m 01s---Peter Goh Hian Wee (PACM Klg)
No:096--05h 01m 20s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--05h 09m 15s---Lim Chong Ping
No:000--05h 09m 45s---Dhan Bahadur Thapa
No:000--05h 50m 12s---Ng Hock Lee

Women Open
No:000--05h 35m 19s---Sia Lay Cheng

Half Marathon 25km

Men Open
No:012--01h 45m 41s---Vigneswaran
No:000--02h 15m 49s---Navaneethan
No:000--02h 34m 30s---Loi Hin Kai
No:000--02h 37m 06s---Tee Choon Hooi
No:000--02h 37m 50s---Kee Weng Keong
No:000--02h 45m 03s---Seah Leong Hong
No:000--03h 06m 24s---Kamaruzaman

Men Junior Veteran
No:000--02h 18m 22s---Yee Sin Seng
No:000--02h 20m 45s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:000--02h 40m 17s---Chang Choo Loy
No:000--03h 14m 13s---Seah Leong San
No:000--03h 29m 44s---Lim Eng Keat
No:000--03h 51m 46s---Lum Kiok Ming

Women Open
No:012--02h 19m 05s---Seah Bee Lian
No:000--03h 05m 17s---Lim Pei Yin

Women Junior Veteran
No:000--03h 02m 04s---Ms Chee (PACM Klg)

Trip to PBIM 15/11/2008

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Bus shuttle service and hotel
To all KPAC members who are going to PBIM by bus,please check your transport and accommodation confirmations with the president.

Meeting point:At Padang Sultan Sulaiman's car park next to tennis courts
Date:15th November 2008

The president will conduct a headcount at 7.00 am sharp,so your punctuality is very important.Your co-operation in this matter is highly appreciated.

Breakfast Run 21/12/2008

would like to invite all members,friends and members of public to join us for a :


Date: 21/12/2008 (Sunday)
Time: 7.00 am
No participation fee will be charged-it's FOC
Breakfast will be served at 8.15 am

For further informations,please call:
Mr Gan Leng Leng - 012 322 3368
Mr Lum Kiok Ming - 019 265 7773