The 5th Pacemakers Anniversary Run - 30/08/2009

Tapak A,
Taman Tasik Perdana
Kuala Lumpur

Klang Pacers Athletic Club was represented by two teams which were made up of the seniors and also the junior runners.The club decided that the young and new faces should be given exposure to competitive relay races.Only Jayakumar was retained in our elite quartet.

Three fifth formers and a form four student were picked to challenge not only their seniors but other strong competitors from KL as well.The four talented runners represented their respective schools in MSSM recently.

As expected,Ms Georgina Beech led the female runners and she managed to build a huge gap for her Volkswagen GTI Racers team followed behind by another strong female runner,Ms Michelle Tan of Earth,Wind and Fire team.Veteran runner,Ms Lian Bee Hoon of Indian Pacemakers surprisingly came in third and our both girls were held back to 4th and 5th place.

The Volkswagen GTI Racers' second runner,Daniel Tan maintained their lead but our runners were quickly closing in.

Being the defending champion,we were banking on our boys to deliver and to save the club from suffering an ignominious defeat.

When batons changed hand for the second time,both our teams were in front.Vickneswaran,the third runner of our junior team surged to the lead,leaving Naresh Kumar and Jasni Khairil behind.

But the day went to Murali Nathan.He posted an incredibly fast pace of 8 minutes and 27 seconds for the final lap of 2.6km to overtake the junior team and emerged victorious.

Based on their individual timing,both our teams are equally strong except for experience as the seniors are more mature and save the best for the last.

Below are the split timing of our runners

Klang Pacers 1
1/ 00m 00s - 11m 19s--in 4th position---Deepa(F)
2/ 11m 19s - 20m 15s--in 3rd position---Jayakumar
3/ 20m 15s - 29m 33s--in 2nd position---Naresh Kumar
4/ 29m 33s - 38m 00s--Champion---Murali Nathan

Klang Pacers 2
1/ 00m 00s - 11m 20s--in 5th position---Sri Suganyaa(F)
2/ 11m 20s - 20m 10s--in 2nd position---Jagdev Singh
3/ 20m 10s - 29m 14s--in 1st position---Vickneswaran
4/ 29m 14s - 38m 05s--1st runner up---Girivasan

Our heroes...from L to R:President SP Wong,Jayakumar,Deepa,Jagdev Singh,Vickneswaran,Girivasan,Sri Suganyaa and Naresh Kumar.

The starting point

The girls are getting ready...

...and off they go

Vickneswaran received his hard earned trophy from Tan Sri Rohaizat..

..followed by the sweet looking Sri Suganyaa...

..Girivasan and...

..the lanky Jagdev Singh

Our juniors proudly posed with their trophies

The champion receiving their trophies...

Murali Nathan,posted a very fast pace this morning

And here you are,the champion...Jayakumar was not there to receive his trophy and our president gladly accepted on behalf

Our proud runners with their trophies

The 2nd runner up went to team Earth,Wind and Fire.Our member,Jasni Khairil is 2nd from left

The 4th placing went to this team-the Indian Pacemakers.Suresh,2nd from left is our member too.

The trophies-the champion's on the right

Group photo

Adidas King Of The Road 2009 - 02/08/2009

It was announced over the loud speaker more than 9,000 signed up for this morning Adidas King of The Road at yet another new venue,the Shah Alam Stadium.

The Menteri Besar of Selangor state,Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim punctually gunned off all the races by stages accompanied by the state executive councillor in charge of tourism,consumer affairs and the environment,Ms Elizabeth Wong and the Shah Alam's mayor.

The weather was cool and nice for a morning run.But participants were treated to endless climbs throughout the race.There were too many roundabouts and hills to endure.Those not familiar with the route never expected it would that tough especially the 22.7km category.

The overall organising was not something to shout about.In the 11km run,there wasn't any distance marker but adequate water stations.Grouses were heard over at the finishing line.No position cards were handed out hence runners did not know the actual number of remaining medals.

Some even complained that there were runners cheated in the race especially during the start.Once registered and given the black ring,some would hide themselves a distance away from the starting line and joined in the race later to their advantage.

It was just another usual race to many,and to those who travelled from outstations the organising was just too plain.No goodies breakfast,no music,no...The running atmosphere wasn't there.


Men Open 22.7km
No:000--01h 19m 10s---Ahmad Lamchannak
No:030--01h 25m 03s---Casey Lim Khon Seng (Malaysian No:6)
No:034--01h 29m 01s---Jasni Khairil (Malaysian No:9)
No:000--01h 38m 10s---Naresh Kumar
No:000--01h 48m 20s---Seah Leong Hong
No:000--01h 55m 12s---Suresh
No:000--01h 59m 17s---Loi Hin Kai
No:000--02h 01m 22s---Kee Weng Keong

Men Veteran 22.7km
No:012--01h 36m 53s---Alam Shah
No:000--01h 40m 50s---Dhan Bahadur
No:000--01h 46m 34s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:000--01h 49m 45s---Lim Boon Wah
No:000--01h 49m 53s---Lingam
No:000--01h 56m 10s---Seah Leong San
No:000--02h 26m 13s---Lim Chong Pin

Women Veteran 22.7km
No:000--02h 17m 02s---Sia Lay Cheng

Men Open 11km
No:011--44m 41s---Murali Nathan
No:000--48m 39s---Gunaseelan
No:000--53m 55s---Lee Kong Hwai
No:057--57m 48s---Tan Swee Sing
No:059--58m 03s---Zainuddin
No:000--61m 17s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--67m 25s---Subramaniam
No:000--74m 44s---Kamaruzaman

Women Open 11km
No:004--60m 00s---Seah Bee Lian
No:000--79m 11s---Robiyatul

Klang Pacers Cycling Team New Jersey in 09

Full support from Ken Auto Air-Cond.

TK Ong holding a cheque of rm3,000.00 from Ken Auto
(L - R) Lok Yeong Lim, Ong Teck Keong & Poh Thiam Teng

Klang Pacers cycling team
New jersey in 2009
Main sponsor : KPAC
Co-Sponsor: Ken Auto Air-cond ( N.G Gan )
cyclist team member : 40