Melawati 10k 2009 - 29/03/2009

This morning road race was co organised by the Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ) and Kelab Rekreasi Taman Melawati with collaboration of JKP ZON 1.

The organising was way too simple for an event that is open to foreigners.Except for the spirit of patriotism where our national anthem was played just before the flag off,the organisers failed to lift up the running atmosphere.

The route was superb for a 10k race.The much challenging hills and undulating slopes with cool and fresh environment is the only consolation to this event.

Yes,there were many police traffics manning the roundabouts and junctions,but the organisers failed to set up at least one waterstation in the mid of the race.No check points where normally officials or volunteers would hand out ribbons to make sure everyone has a fair run.

Probably the impact of the global economy crisis had hit this event.Grouses were heard that only two drinks sponsors were seen-the 100plus and Vico at the finishing point.No free breakfast for the runners except for a nice finishing medal for every runners.

Our members were there to support the run.From L to R:Zainuddin,Dhan Bahadur,Syanizam,Wong Soon Pin,Kamaruzaman and Leong Ann Lok.

Results at glance:

Category B (Malaysian Men Open)
No:005--39m 01s---Murali Nathan
No:008--41m 40s---Naresh Kumar
No:000--48m 08s---Kee Weng Keong
No:000--51m 45s---Khoo Kian Wei
No:000--51m 58s---Gunaseelan
No:000--52m 46s---Leong Ann Lok
No:000--56m 21s---Kamaruzaman
No:000--56m 43s---Syanizam

Category D (Malaysian Men Veteran)
No:000--45m 01s---Dhan Bahadur
No:000--46m 42s---Wong Soon Pin
No:000--46m 55s---Zainuddin
No:000--48m 40s---Tan Swee Sing
No:000--51m 02s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--54m 33s---Khoo Thiem Seng
No:000--59m 08s---Davie Samuel

Soka Gakkai Malaysia-Run for Peace 2009 - 22/03/2009

The Soka Gakkai Malaysia biennial peace run was held this morning at the SGM cultural centre in Taman Klang Jaya,Klang.

True to its word,thousands of Klangite took part to support the 8 km run.Many turned up as early as 6.00am presumably to avoid traffic jam and limited parking space.To my surprise there were so many police traffic officers,RELA members and volunteers at every corners and junctions to ensure the whole event is free from any untoward incident.

Approximately 6,000 supported this year's run for peace.Our Menteri Besar(in black overcoat)-YAB Tan Sri Dato' Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was seen taking part in the warm up session.

There were some speeches by the VIPs before the run was officially flagged off by our Menteri Besar at 7.30am sharp.This morning's wheather was kind to the participants.The sky was cloudy and it was nice and cool perfectly for a fun run.

The YAB was flanked by Dr A.X.Jayakumar (Selangor EXCO) and organising committees to officiate the run

The run took us to Ambang Botanic residential area,few head turning roundabouts and back to the starting point opposite of the SGM cultural Centre's building.

Eventhough there were no medals,cash rewards or hampers for the winners,the KPAC members dominated the run.Every registered participant was given a completion certificate with the name printed on it.

Volunteers were busy distributing certificates to participants based on their surname

All the VIPs went for a short 'Peace' walk around the usual quiet neighbourhood of Taman Klang Jaya.Many took this opportunity to take a 'stroll' with our Menteri Besar.

The VIPS in the 'Peace' walk...

Besides the run,there were other activities such as lives band performance,exhibition booths,face painting and a huge white board for participants to pen down their initials as to show support toward the run.Free 'Milo' and energy drinks,fruits,buns and biscuits for everyone after the run.

Lives band performance...

Exhibition booths-the past,present and future....

Thousands supported the run

Face painting was very popular-participants waited in line to have their faces 'scribbled'

And here you are,the ones that make the day happening-the cheer ladies....whistling and cheering the runners

Our president was there to distribute our Half Marathon's entry forms

Larian Amal Seri Sinar - 15th March 2009

I was told that this is the first running event organised by Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club.An event organised by runners for the runners I must say.

It was an ideal place to organise run or maybe other outdoor activities here.There was ample parking space and the area is just nice to accommodate this event.

Only a few were familiar with this new running route and initially it was quite challenging as it was ascending.The remaining was rather flat with one water station at 5km mark.

The only hiccup here was the unusual early start for a short distance race.Many were caught off guard and unaware that the race had already started.The starting point was actually located a few hundred meter away from the entrance where esle the registration,luggage area and parking were inside in the park.

To make matter worse,the flagged off was done by verbally counting without loudspeaker because the air horn was not functioning.

But KPAC are proud because our president was there to give a helping hand to the organiser.We would like to thank the organiser for allowing us to open a registration booth here this morning to enable keen runners to sign up in our coming half marathon event.

Overall a thumb up for Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club for successfully organised this wonderful run.Looking forward for their next one...

Ahmad Lamchannak who joined KPAC recently is among the podium finishers

KPAC's Sportman of The Year 2008,Jayakumar managed 4th placing

Group photo (1)-the senior and the junior members

....and group photo (2)

Let's see how our members fared in this morning run.

Men Open 5km
No:002--23m 45s---Jagdev Singh

Men Open 10km
No:003--00m 00s---Ahmad Lamchannak
No:004--38m 34s---Jayakumar
No:007--00m 00s---Vigneswaran
No:008--43m 24s---Murali Nathan
No:009--43m 54s---Naresh Kumar
No:020--45m 57s---Gunaseelan
No:027--49m 37s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:029--49m 43s---Loi Hin Kai
No:037--50m 40s---Kee Weng Keong
No:088--57m 55s---Khoo Kian Wei
No:091--58m 07s---Leong Ann Lok
No:000--61m 40s---Kamaruzaman

Men Veteran 10km
No:005--46m 30s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:020--51m 36s---Lim Boon Wah
No:026--53m 04s---Seah Leong San
No:027--53m 12s---Tan Siew Seng
No:044--57m 12s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:051--58m 06s---Khoo Thiem Seng

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon 2009


Date : 7th June 2009
Time : 0630 am
Venue : Setia Alam Welcome Centre

For more details please click on the pictures below to view larger version

Please do not hesitate to call our committee members in case you need assistance

Der Wild Wild Run - 8th March 2009

This race by far is the most unique running event many had ever experienced.Running in the zoo compound and being watched by animal and birds is so much different from the usual busy road race.

Instead of complaining about air being polluted by carbon monoxide emitted by vehicles and dust, we have here the smell pollution.Initially many runners felt uncomfortable with the pong but after sometime it eventually disappeared.

We don't have to elaborate about safety here unless you provoke an animal and it chase after you.Since the race started before the public throng the zoo as it was Sunday,we enjoyed our run as the air was cool as the whole surroundings are shady.

The response for this event was simply amazing.The race was closed for registration only after two days of announcing it.Great support and different running atsmosphere were the main factor contributed to their success here.

The organising was good.Registration was made easy at the entrance of the zoo,one can't missed it.Oil lamps were lit to help and guide runners to the starting point in the dark.A small luggage area was set up for the runners as some of the runners would take a stroll later after the run with their family.

Mr Kelvin,the spokesman for the organiser gave a welcome speech before he briefed the runners on the water station,the running route and also to warn runners not to litter.As usual he would crack jokes.

All runners were rewarded with a beautiful finisher medal.A light breakfast was served after the race.

Four KPAC members took part.They were Murali Nathan,Naresh Kumar,Gunaseelan and myself.Murali and Naresh won a trophy each for their 2nd and 4th position respectitively.For full results please click here.

KPAC annual dinner - 7th March 2009

The KPAC's 23rd Annual General Meeting and dinner was held at Restoran New Taman Rahsna,Klang received an overwhelming response from both new and old members and friends too.It was celebrated in a moderate atmosphere amid the current slow economic situation.

Our president,Mr Wong Soon Pin gave a welcome speech.He briefed on the success of the past running events organised by the club such as the Run4it II and the NB-KPAC Half Marathon as well as charity activities and breakfast run.

The president thanked all the sponsors especially the club title sponsor Stream Enterprise as the agent for the popular New Balance products and also DCM tooling which contributed financial supports to the club.

He later proudly unveilling our plan to organise the much awaited event,the New Balance-Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon 2009 which will be held on 7th June 2009 at Setia Alam Welcome Centre,Klang.More informations will be posted soon.

The master of ceremony,Mr CK Ong read out the newly elected board of committee for the year 2009/2010.Three new faces were absorbed to replace some outgoing committees.They are Gan Leng Leng,Ma Hong Choong and Chua Chin Huee.John Heng replaces Lum Kiok Ming as vice president and the rest of the committee remain.

The KPAC adviser, Dato Sellathevan was accompanied by the committees in the cake cutting ceremony to mark the 23rd anniversary of the club

Guests were treated to a sumptuous and delicious eight course Chinese dinner.There were singing performance by some lovely entertainers who rendered multiracial songs.

One of the umph..delicious dish-the 'Poon Choy'

Later there was a special award presentation to our members who participated in the Langkawi Ironman competition recently.The most outstanding award went to Ms Wendy Wong.She incredibly finished the three gruelling events in 12hr 07m 09s.The rest of the club members who took part were Lok Yeong Lim (14h 07m 13s),Ho Kok Yeong(14h 44m 46s),Omar Abdullah(15h 12m 20s),Edwin Ng Heng Chye(15h 12m 21s)Lok Yeong Hang(15h 31m 53s),Lok Yeong Yih(16h 02m 43s) and Shiraz Mikael Khan(16h 36m 18s)

After that it was time to announce the KPAC sportman awards of the year 2008.For the man category,Jayakumar was chosen as the most outstanding KPAC athlete.His 3h 18m 55s achievement in PBIM full marathon last November landed him this special award.And for the woman category none other than Seah Bee Lian deserves the title as KPAC sportwoman of the year.Her consistency and podium finishing in several local running events unarguably won the heart of committees to choose her.

This is Ms Seah Bee Lian with her winning trophy together with our president Mr Wong Soon Pin

The night went on with the lucky draw contest and also many other stage shows arranged and prepared by the committees such as Mr KPAC that brought so much laughter to the floor.The contestants especially Hanson Quek cheekily 'reflexed' his muscle and showing off his bony figure.

Five couples were invited to the stage to take part in the banana eating competition arranged by senior member Ms Diana.

As the show was going on,lucky draw winners were announced alternately.A total of 63 prizes were up for grab including 4 units of mountain bike and the sponsors were invited to give away the prizes.

The last event of the night before the party bade farewell was the Karaoke session.KPAC karaoke king Mr Ch'ng Hock Leong took this opportunity to sing his favourite Mandarin number.

Our KPAC buddies in Taman Rakyat,Taman Sri Andalas Klang.Both Mr and Mrs Lee Kam Wah (seated) and Leong Ann Lok(standing)

Mr and Mrs Danny Tio-one of the most senior member of KPAC

KPAC annual dinner 2009
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