27 Mar 2011 KPAC AGM cum Annual Dinner

Cake Cut Ceremony Danny Yee - Ultramarathon. Peter Goh - Ultramarathon. Anthony Chong - Best Senior Runner 68 years old run 2 full marathon as sub 5 Committee Member L-R : Jimmy Yang, Leow CH. Tiao LT, Siow KK, Ng KK, Lee FK, Alice Chi, Kong TL, Lim TS, Hamson Quek, John Heng, Seah LS and Yap LC More photo from Ah Beh: https://picasaweb.google.com/103424286458743696630/27Mar2011KPACAGMCumAnnualDinner?authkey=Gv1sRgCIab26ePzJKfvgE##

27 Penang Malakoff 26km Run

after Malakoff 26km run, they still rush back to Klang to attend Annual Dinner. Thanks

01:48:08--Jasni Khairul--5th
02:43:10--Eric Teh Poh Chin
03:10:08--Pong Kok Lian.

24 Jul 2011 Centro Klang Run 2011

Annual event of Centro is back!
Centro Klang Run 2011 themed "Klang Historical Run" is confirmed.

Date : 24 Jul 2011 (Sunday)
Time : 6:45am
Venue; Centro Plaza, Klang
Distance: 6km and 12km
Closing date 30 Jun 2011 or first 2500 entries.

You may download your entry form here http://centro.com.my/main/3121/index.asp?pageid=83199&t=welcome-to-centro

21 Mar 11 KPAC Nomination Closed

KPAC nominationed closed as 21 Mar 11, 12:01pm.

Please find the nominationed list:-

President : John Heng 王瑞评
Vice President : Hansom Quek 郭勋升
Secretary : Seah Leong San 谢仰山
Asst Secretary : Lim Tow Suan 林道传
Treasurer : Kong Teng Leong 江登亮
Asst Treasurer : Alice Chi Song Nyit 谢崇月
Committee : Lee Foo Kien 李富坚
Leow Chin Huat 廖振发
Tiou Leng Tiong 张龙忠
Ng Kok Kiong 黄国强
Siow Kek Keong 萧国强

Since every position only have one nomination, thus all nominee win without contest.

Thanks for every people.

20 Mar 11 KEC Unity Run

Men Open 6.5km

23:02--Jasni Kharil--5th
30:03--Leong AL
31:42--CM Chang
31:51--Tan CK
32:12--Eric Chin
32:34--Ng KL
32:55--Chia WS
32:58--Alvin Yap
35:27--Pong KL

Women Open

42:20--Khoo LN

Men Veteren

20:29--Siow KK--2nd
22:00--Khoo TS--5th

12 Mar 11 Larian Hari Wilayah

Men Open 7km

36:03--Leong AL
39:07--Ng KL
39:32--Eric Chin

Men Veteren 7km
37:59--Tee KM (12th)

13 Mar 11 Bareno Run

A 21km Men

02:03:45--319th--CM Chamg
02:14:00--456th--Alvin Yap
02:20:31--xxx--Soon Chung
02:34:xx--600th--Pong KL

B 21km Women

C 21km Men Veteren
01:32:52--06th--Ng SH
01:36:37--09th--Alam Shah
01:51:43--38th--Leong AL
01:53:51--48th--Seah LS
02:04:xx--83th--Ng KL
02:13:33--134th--Chia WS
02:30:00--171th--John Heng
02:44:00--xx--Chua SP

D 21km Women Veteren

E 21km Men Senior Veteren
01:56:40--37th--Lee FK
02:44:00--149th--Liew CH
02:46:00--150th--Lim TS

F 10km Men
52:51--65th--Khoo TS
54:31--90th--Eric Teh
57:40--154th--Tee KM
59:00--xxxx--Wong SP
01:00:00--407th--Tiou LT
01:02:50--xxxx--Terence Ong

G 10km Women
01:10:00--144th--May Lim
01:17:00--xxxx--Susan Tham

H 5km Men
00:18:25--1st--Jasni Khairul

5km Men Junior
00;19:30--3rd--Navin Kumar