Breakfast Run 08/06/2008

would like to invite all members,volunteers of the recent Half Marathon (27/04/2008),friends and members of public to join us for a :


Date: 08/06/2008 (Sunday)
Time: 6.15 am for those are interested in the long run-10km and above-our president Mr Wong Soon Pin will lead.He can be reached at 012 3101379 and family and fun run at 7.15 am.

No participation fee will be charged-it's FOC
Breakfast will be served at 8.15 am

For further information,please call Mr Ong Teck Keong (012 3392673)
Mr Jimmy Yang (012 9312993)


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This morning's road race is one not many runners can experience unless you are an RMAF personnel.Runners get the opportunity to run on the 3km runway of RMAF in Sg Besi Base before pursue to the main road that leads to KL city.

As we finally found the entrance to this military base,we were guided to where we are suppose to park our car by friendly Air Force personnels at every corners leading us to a hangar that housed several units of old fighting airplane and helicopter.

Later we were informed that buses were used to shuttle the runners to the starting point,l guessed it is about 2 km away right in the middle of the Air Force base.Normal procedure to hand over the reporting cards to FTAAA officers.A treat of warm up session by the Fitness First aerobics instructors light up the running moods as more and more runners were pouring in to the enclosure.

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Syanizam and Tan Siew Seng

It was not a pleasant experience for me to run on the runway.Acres of land without a single tree is a no-no for running especially for me.Except for the fireworks that greet us through out the 3km route,it was a boring affair.

But l have to give a thumb up to the organizer of this event.It was a very well organised race and professionally planned base on the facilities such as many mobile loos,the bus shuttling service and also for the road safety measure.Lines of safety cone to prevent vehicles from trespassing into our running path that could interrupt the runners' focus and concentrate during their run.There were adequate water stations,in fact l lost count of them-to make sure runners hydrate themselves and yes,at 10 km mark (Dataran Merdeka) power gels were given out.

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L to R:Yee Sing Seng,Syanizam,me,Tan Siew Seng and his wife.

Results at glance:

Men 21 km
No:096--1h 48m 02s---Yee Sing Seng
No:000--1h 57m 08s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:000--1h 59m 58s---Syanizam
No:000--2h 00m 02s---Khoo Kian Wei
No:000--2h 02m 08s---Tee Kuan Meng

Men 10km Veteran
No:20--45m 12s---Khoo Thiem Seng
No:25--45m 19s---Tan Siew Seng
No:00--58m 01s---Kamaruzaman

Else where at Port Dickson International Half Marathon,let's see how our fellow KPAC members fared.

Men 21km Open
No:05--1h 17m 23s---Vigneswaran

Women 21km Open
No:08--1h 42m 12s---Thalagavathy

Men 21km Junior Veteran
No:00--2h 05m 48s---Ng Hock Lee

Men 11km Junior Veteran
No:05--44m 30s---Dhan Bahadur
No:15--48m 20s---Wong Soon Pin
No:00--1h 19m 20s---Chew Thong Hing
No:00--1h 29m 08s---Chia King Hong
No:00--1h 34m 17s---Toh Leck Cheong

Borneo International Marathon 2008

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Where:Stadium Likas,Kota Kinabalu,Sabah
When:12 October 2008 (Sunday)
Organizer:Championship Sports Events Sdn Bhd
B702,7th Floor,Wisma Merdeka Phase 2,
Jalan Tun Razak,Kota Kinabalu,88000 Sabah,Malaysia.

Event coordinator:Ms Shan Sandhu

New Balance Pacesetters 15km 2008

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This is one of my favorite race event.Very well and professionally organised l must say.Beautiful and unique designed of finisher medals await every participants at the finishing line.Photographers busy clicking away their cameras to capture the most beautiful pose of runners to be included into the certificate of participations.

Road marshals and police traffic were busy manning every corners of the running route.Warm smiles and words of encouragement motivated runners to push all the ways through the hilly terrain.

There were approximately 1500 runners took part in this event-as announced by the new Pacesetters Athlete Club Malaysia president-En Rustam Affandi Zaihan through his loud hailer just before he flagged off the race.A sea of runners can be seen at the starting line if you stand in the front with the elite runners from foreign countries as well as our local fast ones.The starting point had been moved to the back of Padang Merbok instead of the usual spot descending the Jalan Parlimen.

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From L-R:Khoo Kian Wei,his father-Thiem Seng,Lim Sam Hang(KPAC committee member) and me.

The route chosen for this race was one of the most challenging l've experienced.It was tough right from the beginning as the road ascending for about 1 km.There were two water stations at 5 and 10 km mark.Below is the unique shoe-shape designed of finisher medal.

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Results at glance:

Category Men Open

No:005--00 57m 05s---Vigneswaran
No:113--1h 22m 44s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:122--1h 24m05s----Kee Weng Keong
No:134--1h 24m 49s---Chandra
No:141--1h 25m 18s---Leong Ann Lok
No:153--1h 26m 25s---Khoo Kian Wei
No:199--1h 31m 33s---Chua Chin Huee
No:308--1h 41m 53s---Kamaruzaman

Category Women Open
No:06--1h 14m 47s---Thalagavathy
No:11--1h 20m 15s---Seah Bee Lian

Category Men Junior Veteran
No:007--1h 02m 56s---Dhan Bahadur
No:022--1h 10m 18s---Wong Soon Pin
No:044--1h 16m 37s---Zainuddin
No:073--1h 21m 15s---Khoo Thiem Seng
No:110--1h 26m 17s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:115--1h 27m 05s---Lim Sam Hang

Larian Bersama Bomba-2008

When we reached the Bukit Aman car park at 6.30 am,Syanizam and l thought we came on the wrong day for the race.There were ample parking spaces.Only few runners were seen.Just imagine if the race is held on Sunday!There won't be any space at all before 7.00am.

I thought to myself,this is an advantage to me.Runners like me at snail pace hardly win any medals if organizers offer less than 100.And this one has only 75 at stake.As we walked to Dataran Merdeka,Khoo Thiem Seng and his son came out of nowhere to join us.

We met fellow KPAC members at the field before the race.They were Chandran,Thalagavathy,Zainuddin,Kamaruzaman.Tan Siew Sing and of course our president,Wong Soon Pin.

The race was flagged off by YB Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan-The minister of housing and local government at 7.30 am sharp.
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Left to right-Wong,Lim Boon Hwa,Ter Yew Tiong and Syanizam

Results at glance:
Category Women Open

Category Men Open

Category Junior Veteran
No:18--47m25s---Wong Soon Pin
No:25--50m23s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:40--52m17s---Khoo Thiem Seng
No:48--54m06s---Tan Siew Sing
No:49--54m13s---Lim Boon Hwa
No:72--58m02s---Tee Kuan Meng

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon - 27/4/2008

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Ms Adele-the emcee of the race,she did a great job!Thanks

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My faithful running partner-Syanizam

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Vigneswaran-The fastest of them all

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Kuan Chee Kee receiving his trophy from Mr Wee of NB-main sponsor of the event

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My Nepal friend complaint to me-this Japanese is very fast,can't even smell his 'smoke'- referring to Iwata Takatoshi-the Junior Veteran half marathon champion.

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Tan Wah Sing of Kuantan Pacesetters group:it's amazing to see this 'young man' completed the half marathon barefooted and in fast pace too.He emerged second in the senior veteran category!

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Ms Thalagavathy-KPAC runner,a regular at Padang Sultan Sulaiman

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Haza-the running mom

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From left to right-Ms Lesley Tan(Half marathon-Women Open category's champion),the Eng sisters Siok Juin and Siok Ling and Ms Joanne Yap

Please click here to view part 1 of 176 photos and here for part 2 of 187 photos by courtesy of Ma Hong Choong (KPAC committee member)

KPAC-The 22nd Annual Dinner -15th March 2008

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Mr Wong Soon Pin-the president of KPAC addressing the audience

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The cake cutting ceremony-the president and guests of honour,Dato Sellathevan and Dato Thong Yeong Kun surrounded by KPAC committee members.

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Here you are,the KPAC karaoke king-Mr Ch'ng Hock Leong

Please click here to view 150 photographs by courtesy of Uncle Francis Ting.