26 Nov 2011 Larian International Year of Cooperatives

Larian International Year Of Cooperatives(5.47Km GPS)
Men Open (20-49yrs)
Ng Say Heong-20m 47s(27th)
Leong Ann Lok-26m 38s(76th)
Tee Kuan Meng-27m 02s(90th)
Ng Kim Leng-27m 27s(99th)

Women Open(20-49yrs)
Cheah Ying Foong-29m 10s(28th)

13 Nov 2011 Power Man

Luis Tew Boon Jun 3:51:39
Ong Teck Keong 3:51:42
Ma Hong Chong 4:07:27
Hansom Quek Hang Seng 4:50:48

27 Nov 11 Park City Run & Nike Run

Park City Run(10.06 Km GPS)
Lim Soon Chung-1h 05m 48s

Men(Above 25yrs)
Alvin Yap-56m 19s
Men(Above 40yrs)
Tee Kuan Meng-54m 28s
Leong Ann Lok-55m 01s
Ng Kim Leng-57m 37s

Women(Above 35yrs)
Cheah Ying Foong-1h 14m 54s

Nike Run

Lee Foo Kie--0:50:00
Peter Goh--0:56:15
Albert Goh--0:59:00
Leow Chin Huat--1:07:00
John Heng--1:07:00
Lim Tow Suan--1:09:00

18 Dec 2011 Jom! Kitar Semula 2011

This is very meaningful Run.

No registration fee, but request bring the re-cycle item to confirm the registration.

Date: 18 Dec 2011

Time : 7.30am

Venue: Laman 1 Malaysia, Presint 2, Putrajaya

Distance: 3km and 7km

20 Nov 2011 PBIM - Result

In front of B-Suite Appartment before leaving.
Gathering at Stadium before departure

Men Open (42km)
Chua Hock Boon--4h 35m 01s
Chin Min Chang--5h 25m 57s
Tan Chi Kian--6h 21m 56s
Adam Ang Tian Yau--6h 24m 00
Ng Kok Kheng--6h 35m 00s

Women Open (42km)
Lim Wei Ing--4h 47m 00s
Ann Che--5h 52m 00s
Ng Chaie Yen--6h 16m 00s

Men Veteran(42km)
Ng Say Heong-3h 25m 48s(12th/9th-Malaysian Category)
Lai Yapp Choon-4h 02m 00s
Yee Sing Seng--4h 04m 00s
Seah Leong San--4h 14m 35s
Simon Ng-4h 23m 00s
Lee Foo Kien--4h 27m 01s
Lim Boon Wah--4h 33m 01s
Seah Leong Hong--4h 39m 00s
Alvin Yap-4h 45m 16s
Lee Chue Siew--4h 46m 00s
Peter Goh--4h 50m 45s
Leong Ann Lok-4h 52m 15s
Danny Chai-4h 53m 59s
Albert Goh--4h 59m 54s
Ng Kim Leng--5h 11m 22s
Chua Siong Pek--5h 30m 00s
Chia Woon Sen-5h 36m 41s
John Heng--5h 55m 00s
Leow Chin Huat--6h 03m 00s

Men Open(21km)
Jasni Khairil-1h 23m 29s(18th)
Chia Jing Hui-2h 13m 08s
Teh Poh Chin--2h 19m 30s
Pong Kok Liang--2h 35m 44s
Chia Yong Zheng-2h 49s 33

Men Veteran(21km)
Tee Kuan Meng--2h 06m 11s
Henry Son--2h 11m 00s

Women Veteran(21km)
Khoo Lay Ngoh--2h 47m 00s
Cheah Ying Foong-2h 53m 05s
Alice Chi--2h 56m 48s

Men (10km)
Ong Teck Keong--00h 54m 00s
Lim Tou Suan--01h 09m 00s
Wong Mun Hon-1h 30m 30s

Women (10km)
Ch'ng Cheng Chooi--1h 23m 33s
Tan Poh See--1h 25m 00s

Seah Kai Zhou--1h 07m 22s
Tang Jin Yiau--1h 15m 39s
Tang Jin Joo--1h 16m 00s
Chia Yong Hong-1h 55m 00s

15 Nov 11 Last Reminder for PBIM

Dear KPAC member register with PBIM trip:-

Please find the below itenerary:-

19 Nov 2011
0700 Gathering at Stadium Padang Sultan Sulaiman
0730 Depart to PBIM
0930 Stop at Ipoh for breakfast
Arrive Penang, Queen Bay Mall
Lunch hour and Race Kit Collection
1430 Accomodation Check In
B Suite appartment (10 unit stadio room)
B Tower, Bayan Point 19 Medan Kampung Relau 11900 Penang. Malaysia.
Tel: +6 04 646 7777 Fax: +6 04 644 5000
1700 Dinner time
1800 Sleeping time for Full Marathon

20 Nov 2011
0000 Wake up for Full Marathon
0200 Full Marathon flag off
0300 Half Marathon flag off
0600 10km Run flag off
0700 Fun Run flag off
1000 Back to Appartment for rest
Afternoon, free and easy trip

21 Nov 2011
1000 Check out
1200 Stop at Ipoh for Lunch
1600 Arive Klang, Stadium Padang Sultan Sulaiman

For thoese yet to make the payment. Please do so.

Above time and itinerary are subject to change depend on the situation.
Kindly make yourself be prepare "big day"

If you have any quiry, please contact to
Mr. Seah 012-2234110 (Leader)
Mr. John Heng 012-3233777 (Bus) - Bus number BJU 9610
Mr. Liew Chin Huat 013-3901528 (Accomodation)

13 Nov 2011 CICM Responsible Care Run

CICM Responsible Care Run 2011

Men Open (21km)
Jasni Khairil-1h 21m 31s(2nd)
Leow Sheng- 1h 34m 40s (7th)
Kok Leong- 1h 36m 15s (11th)
Chua Hock Boon - 1h 50m 00s (35th)
Loi Hin Kai - 1h 53m 34s
Chua Chin Huee-1h 59m xxm
Chin Min Chang-2h 01m 26s
Tan Chi Kian-2h 01m 35s(91th)
Alvin Yap-2h 02m 00s(98th)
Lok Yeong Hang-2h 04m xxs
Teow Leng Soon-2h 07m xxs
Lim Chee Vee-2h 20m 02s
Lim Soon Chung-2h 42m 33s(282th)
Jonathan Tan-2h 42m 33s(283th)

Men Junior Veteran(21km)
Ng Say Heong-1h 26m 52s(2nd)
Lai Yap Choon-1h 37m 30s(10th)
Seah Leong San-1h 43m 19s (19th)
Ter Yew Tiong-1h 47m 00s(30th)
Leong Ann Lok-1h 50m 12s(33th)
Danny Chai-2h 01m 00s(56th)
Chua Siong Pek- 2h 03m xxs (60th)
Lim Boon Wah-2h 04m 40s(63th)
Chua Pek San - 2h 05m xxs (6Xth)
Ng Kim Leng - 2h 06m 16s (68th)
Simon Ng - 2h 08m xxs
Tiau Leng Tiong - 2h 25m xxs
John Heng-2h 30m xxs
Leow Chin Huat - 2h 37m xxs

Men Senior Veteran(21km)
Yee Sing Seng - 1h 42m 10s (6th)
Lee Foo Kien - 1h 47 xxm (10th)
Khoo Thiem Seng-1h 50m 12s(14th)
Albert Goh - 2h 09m 15s (40th)
Henry Son - 2h 11m 00s (42th)

Women Open (21km)
Emirly Ng Chaie Yen-2h 37m 00s
Lim Pek Xuan - 2h 37m xxs

Women Veteran(21km)
Cheah Ying Foong-2h 38m 32s(32th)
Ann Chia - 2h 39m xxs
Alice Chi - 2h 39m xxs
May Lim - 2h 49m xxs

Men Open(10km)
Zaidi Bin Bachek-51m 40s(34th)
Tee Kuan Meng-53m 35s(43th)

Men Open (5km)
Terence Ong - 28m 15s

27 Nov 2011 ALC 3.5km Fun Run

Advanced Learning College (ALC) 3.5KM FUN RUN

There are divide into 3 categories - Male, Female and Family
Please take note that family category is based on 2 – 5 people. (Free for child below age of 12)
T – SHIRT SIZE : S / M / L / XL

Venue : Stadiu Kota Raja
Date : 27th Nov 2011 (Sunday)
Time : Start registration (6:00-7:15am)
-T-Shirt size will be based on first come first serve basis.
-Water & First-aid kit will be provided on check point.
Entry fee: RM 25 per person
Registration place: Advanced Learning College(HQ)
ALC Sdn. Bhd. (455827-U)
No 6 Jalan Kapar
41400 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel : 603 - 3344 7961/62
- Hampers will be given to top 3 runnner of each categories and Medas & Awards will be givn to first 5 runners of each categories. ( Must be collect on that day)

- The organizer can refuse to awards the runner if the runner is not successful finish the run or make short cut.

Time schedule
6.00am-7.00am : REGISTRATION ( Obtain T-shirt & Number tag )
7.00am-7.15am : Open ceremony / speech
7.15am-7.30am : Warm up session
7.45am : Start the run
8.30am : Finish run
8.45am : Awards session

07 Nov 11 Larian Little India 2011

Larian Little India 2011(5.97 KM GPS)

Men Open
Eric Teh Poh Chin-31m 44s

Men Junior Veteran
Ng Say Heong-22m 46s(1st)
Tee Kuan Meng-30m 24s(10th)
Leong Ann Lok-30m 58s(13th)
Ng Kim Leng-31m 10s(16th)
Terence Ong - 34m 10s

Men Senior Veteran
Siow Kek Keong-xxm xxs (4th)

Women veteran
Cheah Ying Foong-41m 25s(10th)

18 Dec 2011 PAAA Round the Island Relay

PAAA Round The Island Relay

34rd Annual Round The Island Relay 2011, Organised by PAAA

Date : 18 Dec 2011, Sunday
Time : 6:00am - 2:00pm (last year start time)
Venue START/FINISH at Upper Penang Road,Opposite E&O Hotel
Team : 12 runners + 3 reserves per team for a total distance 72.7km

1) Men Open,16 years and above
2) Men Veteran Open,40 years and above
3) Mixed Team,6 men and 6 women, 16 years and above

Entry Fees : RM60 per team and RM50 per team for affiliates (last year price)

Route derails:

1) 6:00am START at Upper Penang Road --> 7.5km –>Long Run >
2) Gelugor MTC --> 7.3km –> Long Run >
3) Bayan Lepas --> 6.3km –> Flat Terrain >
4) Sg Batu near mosque --> 3.9km –> Up & Down Terrain >
5) Balik Pulau --> 5.0km –> Up & Down Terrain >
6) Genting --> 6.4km –> Flat Terrain >
7) Sg Rusa --> 5.7km –> Tough Uphill >
8) Sg Pinang --> 7.5km –> Tough Downhill >
9) Teluk Bahang --> 5.3km –> Downhill & Flat >
10) Batu Ferringhi --> 6.3km –> Downhill, Flat & Hot >
11) Tanjong Bungah --> 6.4km –> Long & Hot >
12) Tanjong Tokong --> 5.1km –> Hot & Finishing Point >

FINISH at Upper Penang Road

KPAC would like to form a team.
Any KPAC member interest, please contact :-
Mr. Peter Goh 019-3392393
Mr. Seah 012-2234110
Closing date: 21 Nov 11