Run for it 4 31october2010

Below are pictures of podium finishers of each category in this morning 12km and 7km run.

Men Open (12km)
1st 41:25 Muniandy a/l Ramadass
2nd 41:35 Ruburn Kummar a/l Ramasamy
3rd 44:05 Ganesan a/l Muniandy
4th 44:10 Murali a/l Muniandy
5th 44:30 Lim Khon Seng
6th 45:38 Prabakharan a/l Madhavan
7th 45:54 Vigneswaran a/l Jaya Kumar
8th 47:23 Peh Yong Heng
9th 48:03 Izuan Bin Ismail
10th 48:19 Murali Nathan a/l Kanarajah

Men Junior Veteran (12km)
1st 45:34 Genesan a/l Subramaniam
2nd 45:50 Ong Chin
3rd 46:41 Khir Bin Salleh
4th 47:50 Malayalam a/l Arumugam
5th 48:46 Ng Say Heong
6th 50:36 Thanasekaran a/l R. Manickam
7th 50:46 Wan Sin
8th 53:46 Lai Yap Chai
9th 54:21 Bong Teck Yong
10th 55:39 Ong Khang Kiat

Men Senior Veteran (12km)
1st 46:07 Ramakrishnan a/l Manikam
2nd 50:46 Ridwan bin Sulaiman
3rd 51:19 Krishnansamy a/l Chappanimuthu
4th 51:49 Tan Wah Sing
5th 52:29 Siow Kek Keong
6th 52:42 Tan Chee Choon
7th 52:59 Tee Teck Bee
8th 53:40 Md Yasan bin Rahmin
9th 54:07 Mohd Sowoto bin Indi
10th 55:21 Lim Kian Huat

Women Open (12km)
1st 49:57 Noor Amelia binti Musa
2nd 55:33 Amutha a/p Arumugam
3rd 58:04 Thalagavathy a/p Surnakumar
4th 58:38 Jessica Tang Mei Lee
5th 1:02:28 Lynn Guan Yoke Ling
6th 1:03:30 Sheela a/p Samivellu
7th 1:07:45 Tan Huay Ling
8th 1:08:26 Lim Wei Ing
9th 1:10:53 Chan Yin Yian
10th 1:15:16 Tan Siew Lee

Women Veteran (12km)
1st 54:07 Susan Khoo
2nd 55:08 Lumindas
3rd 1:00:00 Lian Bee Hoon
4th 1:01:00 Tee Yoke Loi
5th 1:01:59 Lim Lee Ping
6th 1:03:00 Tan Bee Ngoh
7th 1:03:39 Lee Khum Chiew
8th 1:05:00 Angela Mutinda
9th 1:08:00 Chuan Teck Geong
10th 1:08:32 Siow Seow Foong

Men Junior (7km)
1st 28:12 Kesavan a/l Maniraja
2nd 28:26 Mohd Ramzan Jani bin Mohd Pittu
3rd 28:29 Kumeresan a/l Rahendra
4th 28:43 Navinkumar a/l Sivakumar
5th 28:48 Kaveendiran a/l Wasudaven

Women Junior (7km)
1st 37:50 Sawin Kaur Ranjit Singh
2nd 38:09 Kim Khoo
3rd 39:05 Alifah Ilyana binti Mohd Yasin
4th 40:13 Chan Ker Xin
5th 40:23 Vicneswari a/p Ramasany

Please click here to view some photos during the prize presentation ceremony.Results and more photos will be posted later..please stay tuned.

24 Oct 10 Run for It 4 - Registration Closed

Dear Runner:-

The registration for the above run is officially closed. We would like to thanks those who have signed up for your support and hope to see you all at Stadium Padang Sultan Sulaiman on the race day 31 Oct 10.

For bib and T-shirt collection:

Date : 29-30 Oct 10

Time: 10am-5pm

Venue: KPAC Club house
22B, Jalan Rengas, Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang.

Also, we are glad to inform that lucky draw prizes as:-

2 unit LCD Television
3 unit Moutain Bike (Raleigh brand with aluminium frame)
3 unit Camera
5 unit hamper
and more more coming, which need your to come and look on the race day.

p/s: Please bring receipt during collection.

Mizuno Wave Run 2010 17oct2010

Thousands braved the current dry and hot spell in this morning's Mizuno Wave Run which was held in University Putra Malaysia in Serdang.

It was first organised in this UPM's compound last year and similarly,attracted many runners both local and foreign which easily exceeding the number of expected participation.

The overwhelming response forced the organiser to flagged off the women categories ten minutes earlier.The starting line was sardine-packed as all runners were required to cross the starting line to register their run and the narrow path was just too cramped to accommodate thousands of eager runners.

The time consuming process took several minutes for all runners to clear the line and those leading the pack were nowhere in sight by the time the last runner crossed.

Two water stations were prepared at 4km intervals and traffic wasn't a big problem for our road marshals and policemen as to be compared to a race organised in the city.

The route was initially tough as it ascending gradually for a distance and then sharp descent.Later part was quite flat and even shady.But towards the end of the race,runners have to tackle the same slope from the opposite direction.

This was when we could see the struggling faces of those slow runners tortured under the by then scorching sun.

Medals were limited but goodies bags were for all.But the sad news was ( it was reported to me) there were some greedy runners who came back earlier claimed more than one goodies bag.Wonder if the organiser noticed the missing bags.

They erased off the mark ticked on their bib and line up again.It happened last year too where shoe bags for those who failed to acquire a medal were snapped up by these irresponsible runners by using the same trick.

Results compiled at this morning's race:

Men Open
005--40m 12s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
007--41m 29s---Jasni Khairil Jamaluddin
000--53m 13s---Kee Weng Keong
000--56m 59s---Suresh
000--57m 03s---Leong Ann Lok
000--61m 00s---Ng Kim Leng
000--63m 01s---Teh Poh Chin
000--63m 21s---Chandran
000--64m 03s---Tan Chi Kian
000--64m 03s---Chin Min Chang
000--64m 36s---Danny Chai
000--65m 26s---Chia Woon Sen
000--70m 12s---Kamaruzaman

Men Junior Veteran
002--42m 08s---Malayalam
004--44m 21s---Ng Say Heong
005--45m 44s---Alam Shah
006--46m 22s---Moey Wooi San
000--50m 06s---Maniarasu
000--56m 33s---Khoo Thiem Seng
000--63m 30s---Chua Siong Pek
000--67m 00s---Simon Ng
000--73m 13s---Tee Kuan Meng

15 Oct 10 Run for It 4 - registration closing date extend

Until 14 Oct 10 night 10pm, I and committee member still receive calls from runner about the registration issue...

Report from New Balance outlet, the receipt book is not sufficient to cover the very last minute registration......

Ok, ok.....we extend the closing date.

Please be inform that 31 Oct 10, Run for It 4, registration closing date will extend as:-
14 Oct 10 --> 24 Oct 10

Runners, please utilize the extend period for your registration.

Thanks you.

HooHa!10!10!10! Fun Run @ Lot 10 10Oct2010

10th October 2010 (10.10.10) is seen as an auspicious day by many and to commemorate this special day,a fun run was organised by hoHaa in front of Lot 10 Shopping center in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city.

Thousands turned up and occupied the usual busy Jalan Bukit Bintang where the starting line was.Traffic was at almost standstill in several parts of the city as runners and city dwellers took their time at a leisurely pace to complete the 4.1km course.

Just before the start,a group of three 'free stylers' showed off their soccer ball juggling skill to entertain the crowd.

Even though it was just a short run,a water station was put up at 2km mark.The weather was rather hot and humid as the run was flagged off after the sun had risen.

There were many of us (KPAC members) joined in the run.Even our elite runners such as Murali Nathan,Ng Say Heong and veteran Siow Kek Keong were there.Medal was offered and this is probably the reason why it attracted many seasoned runners.

Also at the scene were our treasurer Jimmy Yang,asst secretary Seah Leong San and his wife,committee members Gan Ling Ling and Lum Kiok Ming and a volunteer Tan Boon Seong.They were promoting our very own Run4it 4

Click here to view 116 pictures snapped before and after the run.

Brief results by courtesy of Naresh Kumar

001--14m 10s---Murali Nathan
004--15m 53s---Gunaselan Rajagopal
005--16m 10s---Naresh Kumar

10 Oct 10 Race Site - Registration Counter

Dear Runner:-

As the part of convenience for the runner, we decide to open 'Run for It 4' registration counter as below venue:-

1) Nike City 10km, KLCC
Person In Charge: Seah LS 012-2234110

2) Hooha 101010, Lot 10
Person In Charge: Jimmy Yang 012-9312993

Thanks you.

KPAC breakfast run at Southern Park (2) 3oct2010

The weather was cool after an overnight drizzle,perfectly for a morning fun run.This is the second breakfast run organised by KPAC this year to promote a healthy living and also a gathering for all members and their family.

A total of 108 people from all walks of life attended the small scale run and showed their support by completing the 5km course.They were made up of businessmen,doctor,engineer,managers to clerks,students and even housewives.

The run started at 7.15am through the quiet neighborhood of Southern Park to Persiaran Raja Muda Musa and then Taman Petaling before subsequently back to our club house.

Francis Ting-one of our most senior member.He retires from competitive run

We have several members voluntarily act as marshals to oversee the safety of the participants such as Peter Goh,Seah Leong San and Tan Poh See.Regular runners led the way and constantly some of them would turn back to ensure none lost in the run.

Ex President-Lawrence Ng who is also one of our committee members generously contributed some lucky draw gift.

The run also saw almost all committee members were present except those involved in cycling practise.

Like usual a lucky draw contest was held.Contributors were Tiou Leng Tiong (Committee member),Lawrence Ng (Committee member),Kong Teng Leong (Asst.treasurer) and John Heng (President).

The club is deeply indebted to the committee members especially John Heng and Seah Leong San for their work in organising such a wonderful breakfast run.

Please click here to view 104 photos snapped randomly in this morning run.