25 Mar 2012 Kenyir Lake International Triathlon

Ong Teck Keong on the stage to received the 4th prizes
Ong TK run to cross the finishing line
Prepare the 'Iron Horse'
Happy smile with full satisfaction.

The result will updaet later, because he did not wear watch during the race day.

25 Mar 2012 KEC Unity Run

Men Open(10km)
Simon Ng-51m 00s
Tan Chi Kian-52m 46s
Ng Kim Leng - 55m 00s
Lim Tow Suan-1h 10m 00s
Tan Chi Seng-1h 15m 00s

Women Open(10km)
Cheah Ying Foong-1h 08m 00s

Men Junior Veteran(7.67km GPS)
Ng Say Heong-29m 48s(1st)
Lai Yapp Choon-34m 12s(4th)
Chua Pek San - 36m 00s (7th)
Lee Foo Kien-36m 20s (8th)
Seah Leong San-37m38s (12th)
Foo Chee Chung-37m50s
Leong Ann Lok-38m 37s(17th)
Khoo Thiem Seng-38m 42s(18th)
Tee Kuan Meng-39m 26s(20th)
Chua Siong Pek - 40m 00s
Peter Goh - 43m 00s
Terence Ong- 44m 05s
Tiou Leng Tiong-45m 00s

Men Senior Veteran(7.67km GPS)
Phang Fok Thing-39m 13s(4th)

KPAC Annual Dinner 2012 - Photo

It is already 25th year. We go through the rain and storm, but we still like running.
During AGM.
L-R: Seah, Hansom, John. Albert, Alice
Most Medal Award: Leong Ann Lok (45 medal)
Committee: Lee FK, Peter, Alice welcome guest at receiption area.
Ms. Mona so beautiful that night.
Iron Man Award: Chong Loo Pin
Men Senior Veteran Award: Tan Wan Sing.
All the way from Kuantan with family to attend this event
Main VIP on the stage.
L-R: Paragon Vest (Brooks), Stream Enterprise (New Balance), Dato' Ong Soon Hoe, John Heng, Lim Lip Suan, QNN
New board committee 2012/13 cut the 25th anniversary cake.

11 Mar 2012 Brooks Half Marathon

Brooks Half Marathon 2012

Men Open (21.99km GPS)
Raja Palani-1h 48m 00s
Alvin Yap-2h 09m 00s
Lim Soon Chung-2h 25m 50s
Jonathan Tan-3h 02m 00s

Men Junior Veteran (21.99km GPS)
Ng Say Heong-1h 36m 51s (5th)
Leong Ann Lok-2h 07m 38s
Danny Chai-2h 09m 00s
Tee Kuan Meng-2h 29m 18s
Chia Woon Sen-2h 34m 56s

Men Senior Veteran (21.99km GPS)
Tan Wah Sing-1h 41m 53s (5th)

Women Open (21.99km GPS)
Lim Pei Yin-2h 37m 00s

Women Veteran (21.99km GPS)
Leong Yoke Peng- 2h 43m 51s
Cheah Ying Foong-3h 09m 00s

Men Open (10.96km GPS)
Jasni Khairil-41m 21s (4th)
Chua Siong Pek-1h 05m 00s
Dennis Teng-1h 18m 00s
Lim Tow Suan-1h 21m 44s

Board of Committee 2012/13

After the 1st committee meeting yesterday, the new board of committee 2012/13 as below:-

President : Mr. John Heng
Vice President : Mr. Hansom Quek
Secretary : Mr. Lim Tow Suan
Asst. Secretary : Mr. Seah Leong San
Treasury : Ms. Alice Chi
Asst. Treasury : Mr. Kong Teng Leong
Committee :
Mr. Peter Goh
Mr. Lee Foo Kien
Mr. Tiou Leng Tiong
Mr. Leong Ann Lok
Mr. Ng Kim Leng
Mr. Henry Soon
Mr. Leow Chin Huat
Mr. Alvin Yap
Mr. Chia Woon Sen
Mr. Lim Soon Chung

Advisor :
Mr. Yap Leong Chin
Mr. Jimmy Yang

Auditor :
Mr. Tan Chia Chuan
Mr. Ong Teck Keong

05 Mar 12 World Kidney Day Run

World Kidney Day Run 2012
Men Open(7.50km)
Jasni Khairil-27m 50s(6th)
Alvin Yap-39m 26s
Lim Soon Chung-42m 19s

Men Junior Veteran(7.50km)
Lai Yapp Choon-34m 20s
Zaidi Bin Bachek-38m 01s
Leong Ann Lok-38m 40s
Tee Kuan Meng-39m 07s
Chai Min Fooi-39m 35s
Ng Kim Leng-42m 53s

Women Open(7.50km)
Lim Pei Yin-46m 00s

Women Veteran(7.50km)
Cheah Ying Foong-52m 00s