Panorama Hill Challenge (Sg Lembing) - 21/09/2008

Sungai Lembing is a small sleepy and peaceful village located outskirt of Kuantan Town.Famous with its tin mining history back in the 19th century,the majority of the population are Chinese and Malay.

Life is slow and it seems that almost everybody knows each other.Last Sunday,the quiet Sungai Lembing suddenly became alive.The Sin Chew Daily and Pacesetters Kuantan's group co organised the Carnival Sungai Lembing.

Residents from adjacent villages and buses from outstation ferried runners and visitors began to arrive as early as 6.30 am.As the sun rose,the crowd also picked up in numbers. Besides the food courts,3 on 3 basketball competition,road safety awareness campaign and books and magazines exhibition, the main event of this carnival was the Panorama Hill challenge.

About 200 runners took part in this race and was divided into few categories.A welcome speech by Mr William Chin,the new PACM Kuantan group leader before he briefed the runners on the safety and running route.It was a very challenging race because the undulating course comprised a series of 'waves' and to cross two hanging bridges before the runners reached the foot of the killer Panorama Hill which is about 300 meter high.

The Panorama Hill is overlooking the Kuantan Town and its surrounding areas.The climb to the top of the hill prove too tough and exhausting to many runners.Only the fittest were able to run up there.

Overall,the KPAC members were satisfied with their performance.Four of them finished the race in the top 8 position and won small hampers as rewards.

Results at glance:

Men Open
No:04--47 min 10 sec---Ng Swee Yee

Men Veteran
No:02--46 min 15 sec---Wong Soon Pin
No:08--50 min 32 sec---Lim Boon Wah
No:31--64 min 04 sec---Tee Kuan Meng

Women Open
No:03--54 min 28 sec---Thalagavathy
No:09--70 min 40 sec---Lim Pei Yin

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ACF Retreat Centre-This is where we stay for a night.Nice cool,clean and cheap motel surrounded by durian and rambutan trees.

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The main road of Sg Lembing at 4.00 in the afternoon,quiet and peaceful.

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A photo of remembrance at Sg Lembing museum-front L to R:Lim Pei Yin,Wendy and Thalagavathy;back L to R:Ng Swee Yee,Wong Soon Pin and Lim Boon Wah

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KPAC runners are ready to conquer the Panorama Hill

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Group photo- KPAC members and Klang's PACM members

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Mr William Chin busy briefing the runners before the race

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The 3 on 3 basketball cempetition right in the middle of Sg Lembing's main street

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Group photo after the prize presentation

IOI Community Run 2008

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Date : Sunday - 9th November 2008
Time : 0730 am
Venue: Town Park,Bandar Puteri Puchong

Closing Date: 31st October 2008

Click here for more information

Back to Nature Relay 2008 - 14/09/2008

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No huge canopies,no sophisticated blasting sound system and no live performances by local artistes or warm up session by fitness instructors yet the running atmosphere was there.There were many teams signed up for this simple road relay race organized by 3R Circle at Taman Metropolitan Batu,Kuala Lumpur this morning.

The KPAC would like to thank Mr Peter Goh,one of the organizing committee for helping us to register and even help us to name our teams-Klang Pacer 1 (men open) and Klang Pacer 2 (men junior veteran).Klang Pacer 1 comprised of Ng Swee Yee as first runner,Jayakumar as second and Vigneswaran as final runner wherelse Klang Pacer 2 was represented by Wong Soon Pin,Maniarasu and Ter Yew Tiong.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning when participants began to arrive at the venue as early as 6.30 am.Although this is Puasa month,but there were many hardcore Muslim runners turned up to take part.A big applause should be given to them for their running spirit.

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The KPAC runners.From left to right:Ter Yew Tiong,Wong Soon Pin,Maniarasu,Jayakumar,NgSwee Yee and Vigneswaran.

There was a slight delay for the start because of some last minute alterations and running bibs were given once the runners signed on the registration form.There were 5 categories for this race namely men open,men junior veteran,men senior veteran,women open and mixed team.

All categories were flagged off simultaneously.First runner of SMK Bukit Mewah of Negeri Sembilan,Dhiban Raj gave his team an early lead followed closely by R.Nanchappan of Cool Runners(senior veteran category) and our runner,Ng Swee Yee came in third before the baton change hand.Once Jayakumar got hold of the baton,he quickly closed the gap and eventually took over the lead after 1 km run and passed the baton to our final runner,Vigneswaran who returned to the finishing line unchallenged with a combined time of 39m 43s.

As for our junior veteran team,Ter and Maniarasu replaced Dhan Bahadur and Zainuddin.Dhan was down with dengue fever and Zainuddin cited that he was not physically prepared and lack of confidence.But our team performed equally well and emerged champions too in their category eventhough they lost to the senior veteran champions-the Cool Runners by merely 20 meters behind.

This is the second relay competition that KPAC took part this year.We hope to take part more in the future to gain some exposures and experience on how to organize one.

Credits should be given to all the organizing committees for their exemplary effort especially Ms Julie Wong. Her powerful voice could be heard distant away, jokingly threaten to disqualify excited runners that blocked the running path.Although there were some grouses over some misunderstandings such as delay in distributing the drinking water to those completed the race early,generally we KPAC runners enjoyed the race very much.

For full results please click here

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Men Junior veteran champion:Our president receiving the champion's trophy from one of the organizing committee.Beside him are Ter Yew Tiong and Maniarasu.

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Ter is admiring the champions' trophy

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The mixed team champions-Der Pacemakers Network KL

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Team Charlie Angel 2 represented by Klang's PACM members.Second from left is Lee Foo Kien,Albert Goh and captain Lim Tow Suan

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This is the team that gave an early fright to all the competitors especially ours'-SMK Bukit Mewah.They are all form four students.Far right is Mr Dorai,the person who is responsible to bring these young potential runners all the way from Negeri Sembilan to take part.According to him,his boys are new to road relay competition and promise to train them harder and expose them to more competitive races.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 16/11/2008

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Due to overwhelming response,the president would like to announce that the trip to PBIM by bus arranged by KPAC had been fully booked.For those who has already registered for the race and yet to decide on your transport,please call him to arrange for car pool.

Accommodations:Sunway Hotel,Georgetown is chosen for our 3d2n stay.Booking had been done and it is a twin sharing room with breakfast provided.Call our president to check if there is any reserved room if you have not decided where to stay.

KPAC visit to Orphanages - 01/09/2008

Besides organizing running events,KPAC members also involved in charity activities.As today is the public holiday to substitute our National Day which fell on Sunday,some members took this opportunity to visit orphanages in Klang vicinity.

Groceries such as rice,vermicelli,noodles,biscuits,canned food and tidbits were donated by Persatuan Penganut Dewa Thean Hock Kong,Teluk Pulai Klang were distributed equally to three orphanages selected by Ms Tan Poh See of KPAC who is actively involved in charity works.Free transport was provided by JS Furniture.

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Sacks of rice and other groceries were kept in KPAC club house

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One for the album-From left to right:Lim Swee Chai and Lum Kiok Ming (both KPAC committee members) Mr Ng Kim Leng,Mr Lim Peng Huat and Mr Lee Kwee Leong (all represent Thean Hock Kong Temple) and far right, our president S.P.Wong before the distributions begin.

Our first destination was the Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Klang (PPKKCKlg).This centre takes care of handicapped and disabled chidren such as vision,speech and hearing impaired,down syndrome,autistic and spastic children.It is located in Kampung Raja Uda,behind the Port Klang's Fire and Rescue station.There are about 40 occupants and l must say it is a pitiful sight.Nevertheless we hope our visit will bring some cheers to the orphans.

The next stop was at the Persatuan Rumah Kanak-kanak Ini Di Sayangi(KIDS).It is a home for the orphaned,neglected,abused and abandoned children.The place is well kept,tidy and clean.We made a quick stop as the sky looked gloomy and we need to rush before the downpour.

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The Persatuan Rumah KIDS

And our final destination was the Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Jeevan.It also housed the abandoned,neglected and abused children.On seeing us approaching,the excited children rushed toward our small lorry to help to unload the groceries.This is the largest of the three orphanage we'd visited.

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The Jeevan Children Home

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The children help to do the unloading as well

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These children are very disciplined and self independence,they stacked the groceries neatly and stood behind readily for this photo without being told!

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KPAC members and Thean Hock Kong Temple's representatives at Persatuan Rumah KIDS

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At the PPKKCKlg,photo session with some of the occupants