Larian Bandar Diraja Klang-29/06/2008

This event was skipped from the running calender last year for no apparent reason.With the new state administrative,the Majlis Perbandaran Klang organised this race with a new running route.Unlike the previous one including stair climbing at the old Jambatan Kota and the killer hill behind the Dewan Hamzah,the new route is relatively flat for both the 10k and 7k and it is far from challenging compared to the previous route.

The race started from Padang Sultan Sulaiman towards Jalan Tengku Diauddin and a left turning to Jalan Tengku Kelana (also known as Indian Street for its popular Indian shops and restaurants especially during the festive seasons) and all the way to the Simpang Lima roundabout before the Persiaran Raja Muda Musa.As for the 7k,runners took a detour at the Taman Gembira/Taman Chi Liung interchange and for the 10k,the detour was at Pandamaran Kompleks Sukan/Port Garden before heading back to the stadium.The only challenging stretch of the course is at Jalan Istana.

There are two resemblances to the Adidas King of The Road race held last year at the New Pantai Expressway.First the highway was closed to traffic,so runners need not have to worry about the safety and can fully concentrate on their run.Even the SAAA officer joked if a car or a motorcycle is in your path,you are probably running out of the designated route.Well done to the organizer.Secondly the straight highway create boredom for slow runners.It seems like a never ending run.Luckily it was just a short race.

Considering 'home ground' for the Klangite,many signed up to support this event.Besides members from the KPAC and Klang's Pacesetters group,the local schools also sent their students to participate in this event to make it even more merrier.The fine cool Sunday morning attracted many visitors to the stadium as well.The overall turned up were good and l must say this event successfully attracted many good runners from other states too.

It was a very competitive race especially in the men open category according to a friend of mine.Top guns like Arul Thevar,Shaharudin,Venul gopal, Samuel Moses and KPAC heroes - Vigneswaran,Jayakumar and Jenken were among those eyeing for the top position.The top 20 position in each categories receive cash and hampers as prizes. Surprisingly there were no Kenyan in sight,maybe they were prohibited from taking part.

Compared to the previous race they organised,the organizer decided to trim down the number of medals offered.Instead of 300 medals in the open categories and 150 in the veteran,this time the medals offered were 100 and 50 respectitively.

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A group photo of friends and KPAC members.

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Students made up part of the participants.

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L to R:Ahmad Jamil,Mazlan,Badrul Nizam and Syanizam.

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Compo MPK entertaining the crowd.

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Lots of hampers were up for grabs for race and lucky draw winners.

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SAAA officials waiting patiently for slow runners to wrap up the race.

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Dummies exhibiting the vests for the on-coming Adidas King of The Road race.

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Runners throng the registration booths for KOTR and.......

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......Ipoh International Run.

Results at glance:

Men Open Category-10k
No:07--34m 15s---Vigneswaran
No:10--37m 28s---Jayakumar
No:12--38m 14s---Jenken
No:21--41m 05s---Ng Swee Yee
No:70--50m 22s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:87--52m 02s---Leong Ann Lok
No:89--52m 40s---Syanizam
No:00--54m 41s---Khoo Kian Wei
No:00--66m 14s---Kamaruzaman

Women Open Category-10k
No:03--47m 56s---Thalagavathy
No:04--49m 51s---Seah Bee Lian

Women Junior Category-7k
No:23--41m 37s---Lim Pei Yen

Men Junior Veteran Category-7k
No:09--27m 38s---Wong Soon Pin
No:10--27m 48s---Siow Kek Keong
No:16--28m 46s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:18--28m 53s---Zainudin
No:38--32m 20s---Kenny Wong
No:40--32m 40s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:51--34m 10s---Maniam
No:00--37m 35s---Ang Kim Hock
No:00--39m 35s---Lim Chia Pin

Men Senior Veteran Category-7k
No:16--30m 25s---Phang Fok Thing
No:35--32m 57s---Chong Choo Loy
No:52--36m 58s---Kong Kang Leong

Breakfast Run at Botanic Lake,Bandar Botanic,Klang-08/06/2008

We, the KPAC would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Peter Quah-the Township Manager of Harum Intisari Sdn Bhd for granting us permission to organise our breakfast run at the Botanic Lake.In his approval letter to KPAC recently,he agreed to our intention of promoting a healthy running.

It was a wet,wet Sunday morning for this breakfast run.Rain did not stop as it drizzled as early as 5.00 am.The turnout was not encouraging,understandably the rain dampened the spirit of a good family outing.There were about 40 runners turned up.As for some serious one,the drizzling did not stop them.Our president and some hardcore runners braved the rain to run 4 laps of 5.5km.

By 7.30 am more and more members turned up for some shorter runs and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of this Botanic Garden.Later breakfast was served.Fried noodle,vermicelli (mihun),nasi lemak,curry chicken,yam cake,porridge,red bean soup and fruits were prepared for members at no cost.

The committee has not decided yet when and where will the next breakfast run to be held.Hopefully the attendance will improve in the future.

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The group photograph at Bandar Botanic

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Members were enjoying their breakfast after a wet run!

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L to R:Kamaruzaman,Syanizam and who is this? Yap Chin Huat-downed with injuries and now slowly recovering,soon he will make an impact in the local running circuit especially in the junior veteran category

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The president was discussing some minor issues with Hansom Quek

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L to R:Chua Chin Huee and his friends

The 4th Pacemakers Anniversary Run (PAR4)-07/06/2008

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Taman Metropolitan,Kepong,KL
I must thank Mr Ronnie See-the captain of the Pacemakers Network- for inviting us to participate in this team relay run.I was told a team pulled out of the competition at 11th hour and Mr Ronnie seek our cooperation to send one to represent the club.

There were 27 teams took part in this relay race and our team was rated as one of the favorite because our runners are among the best in the local running community.

Our quartet of Thalagavathy as first runner,Vigneswaran,Ng Swee Yee and Jayakumar rocked the PAR4 ' kau kau lat ' as we emerged champion, defeated the defending champion-Der Klang Runners into second place.The race was flagged off by Tan Sri Rohaizad with the ladies to run first.

Der Klang Runners was the first team to change baton as their first lady runner,Ms Mitchele managed to build a large gap between the runners.Our Thalagavathy was lying in the 4th position and by the time baton changed hand, our second runner,Vigneswaran was 200m behind Murali,the leader and two other runners.He managed to close the gap with his excellent run with a timing of 11m 06s (l believe this was the fastest ever clocked by a runner this morning) in this 3.35 km circuit.He overtook two runners only to trail the leader by a mere 50m.

When baton changed hand again for the third runner,Ng Swee Yee was very excited.In front of him was Gunaseelan ,another good runner from the Pacemakers Network but our friend confidently challenge and overtook him at the 2.5km mark and now the KPAC leads.Swee Yee's strong finish enable our fourth and final runner,Jayakumar to further widen the gap and ran home unchallenged by the closest rival by more than 2 minutes.

Eventhough this was just a simple race organised by the Pacemakers,no champion's trophies were offered and only finisher medals but good co-ordination and cooperations between the volunteers themselves proved that it was a successful event.The KPAC will definitely take part if invited again next year.

Below is the time split between our runners;

No:K1--00m 00s---14m 36s---Thalagavathy
No:K2--11m 06s---25m 42s---Vigneswaran
No:K3--12m 17s---37m 52s---Ng Swee Yee
No:K4--11m 43s---49m 42s---Jayakumar

For full results please click here

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Team photo-L to R:Thalagavathy,SP Wong,Vigneswaran,Ng Swee Yee,Jayakumar and me

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Briefing about rules and safety precaution by Mr Kelvin before the race

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At the starting point,the ladies getting ready to battle

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Vigneswaran passed the baton to Ng Swee Yee

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And the final baton changed hand here,Swee Yee managed to pull away from his challenger

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The champions at the simple prize giving ceremony,far right is Tan Sri Rohaizad

Larian Pantai KUANTAN-01/06/08-Taman Gelora to Baluk

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First the KPAC 'contingent' to this beautiful race would like to thank Ms Crystal and Mr Tan Wah Seng-the group leader of Kuantan Pacesetters- for assisting us to collect our T shirt and running bib and also arrangement of accommodation as well.Our group consists of 2 female and 11 male runners lead by our president Mr Wong Soon Pin.

On this 16km race day,the weather was so kind to us.We thought there would be a downpour as thunders were heard growling in the sky.The participation was encouraging probably because of hefty cash rewards offered and we were gunned off batch by batch.The first to go was the Men's International open category,felt a little pity for our poor friend,Dhan Bahadur who is a junior veteran to compete with those young Kenyan running machines.

Next was the Men's National open category which saw stiff competition among the local runners-among them were Venul Gopal,Muniandy,Saharudin,Arul Thevar,Samuel Moses and of course our hero Vigneswaran.

We ran the first 2 km on the tarmac road all the way to Teluk Cempedak,and then on a narrow wooden bridge which is built parallel to the beach for short distance,then a 200 m hill before the agony of running on the beach begun.Thick fine and soft sand makes the legs heavy as for most of us this was the first ever experience.

For the next 3 km,most runners were shy of the sea water as the tiny waves hit the seaside,runners were seen avoiding so not to get their running shoe wet.There were several check points to ensure runners run on the designated route.There were 3 water stations and what l like about them was they served ice cool isotonic drink and it was really refreshing.

At approximately 7 km mark,there was a stream and runners were required to hop on a 3 piece metal plank tight together to plastic drums act as float.The 'bridge' was swaying unsteadily to the left and right and we had to jump into the shallow stream to cross over.There was another stream,l guess it was 2 km away but it was not as broad as the previous one.

The rest of the run it was sandy beaches,windy and cool breeze air and the best part is you can see the finishing line with white canopies erected at Baluk from a far distance away.

As far as KPAC members are concerned,this Kuantan Beach Run is a gold pot to most of them.10 out of 13 runners won cash rewards.The biggest winners were Nur Athika and Lim Pei Yen who came first and second in the H category (Women's junior) and they entitled to cash rewards of RM1,000 and RM800.00 respectively.Vigneswaran 10th place position won him RM300.00,Thalagavathy's 7th position in the D category made her richer by RM300.00 too and Dhan Bahadur 19th placing in the International group earned him RM200.00.

In conclusion the race was an enjoyable one and we KPAC members participated in this run really have fun and hope the Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan will organise again next year.

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L to R:Lee Swee Yee,Tee Choon Wooi,Wong,Thalagavathy,Lim Pei Yen,Vigneswaran and Dhan Bahadur.

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At Heap Heng Seafood restaurant for lunch before depart to KL.
Front row L to R:Navaneetha Krishnan,Dhan,Ter Yew Tiong
Back row L to R:Swee Yee,Pei Yen,Thalagavathy(partly hidden)Viki,Choon Wooi,Wong,Jayakumar and Lim Boon Wah

Results at glance:

Men's International Open
No:019--1h 15m 39s---Dhan Bahadur

Men's National Open
No:010--0h 58m 47s---Vigneswaran
No:019--1h 04m 23s---Jayakumar
No:039--1h 10m 17s---Navaneetha Khrisnan
No:043--1h 14m 43s---Lee Swee Yee
No:000--1h 31m 11s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:000--1h 33m 07s---Syanizam

Women's National Open
No:007--1h 27m 41s---Thalagavathy

Men Junior Veteran
No:019--1h 19m 28s---Wong Soon Pin
No:025--1h 21m 49s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:029--1h 22m 52s---Lim Boon Wah
No:055--1h 35m 21s---Tee Kuan Meng

Women's Junior (16yr to 18yr)
No:001--1h 46m 05s---Nur Athika
No:002--2h 08m 11s---Lim Pei Yen