Mizuno Wave Run 2009 - 25/10/2009

A new running ground was introduced by the organizer for the annually Mizuno Run.PACM collaborated with the venue sponsor University Putra Malaysia to organise yet another quality running event of the year.

The new 11km run was an immaculate event with undulating running route around the university's compound and of course the nice cool whether is conducive to the run.

Turnout was good and encouraging despite the escalating entry fee imposed by the organizer.Obliviously missing from the front line were some of our top local runners.

The foreigners conquered the race in their respective categories.The Kenyans again grabbed the top spots in the men open and the men junior too dominated by the foreigners.

Only a handful of KPAC members were present.In the absence of some local favourite,our member Jasni Khairil managed an 8th position in the men open category while Ng Say Heong and Alam Shah Ismail's remarkable top ten finishing in the junior veteran are somethings KPAC should proud of.

Results at glance
Men Open
No:008--43m 19s---Jasni Khairil
No:050--50m 15s---Kee Weng Keong
No:056--51m 56s---Suresh
No:197--59m 18s---Leong Ann Lok
No:000--69m 16s---Kamarulzaman

Men Junior Veteran
No:007--45m 05s---Ng Say Heong
No:010--46m 23s---Alam Shah
No:037--54m 24s---Tee Kuan Meng

Women Open
No:058--71m 00s---Robiyatul

Happy Deepavali - 17/11/2009

Klang Pacers Athletic Club
Wishes all members and friends of Hindu faith...



2009 Klang Centro Community Run - 11/10/2009

Please click here to view 180 photos by courtesy of Ah Beh and another 422 photos here.

Results for top ten position of all categories.

Category A (Men Open)
No:001--A 731--17m 26s---Gilbert Kipkomoi
No:002--A 753--17m 36s---Willy Tanui
No:003--A 765--19m 14s---Ahmad Lamchannak
No:004--A 628--20m 10s---Murali Nathan
No:005--A 361--20m 39s---Casey Lim
No:006--A 714--20m 48s---Balu
No:007--A 715--20m 49s---Murali Muniandy
No:008--A 190--21m 29s---J.Vigneswaran
No:009--A 627--21m 45s---P.Naresh Kumar
No:010--A 187--21m 58s---Mohd. Asli B. Weding

Category B (Men Veteran)
No:001--B 091--19m 33s---M.Ramakrishnan
No:002--B 079--19m 46s---Iwata Takatoshi
No:003--B 308--20m 03s---Ong Chin
No:004--B 333--21m 04s---V.Chelvamuthu
No:005--B 225--22m 25s---Ridz. W Sulaiman
No:006--B 227--22m 35s---Silahuddin Snum
No:007--B 256--22m 49s---Siow Kek Keong
No:008--B 226--23m 04s---Alam Shah
No:009--B 351--23m 08s---Wan Sin
No:010--B 086--23m 27s---Daniel Tan

Category C (Women Open)
No:001--C 329--20m 09s---Georgina Beech
No:002--C 314--23m 52s---Nelly Chelimo
No:003--C 172--27m 44s---Haslinda Dolah
No:004--C 036--27m 46s---Wong Wen Jun
No:005--C 176--27m 50s---Lee Yee Hua
No:006--C 034--29m 05s---Adreana Lavin Saty
No:007--C 186--29m 34s---Yee Pei Ni
No:008--C 255--30m 30s---Wong Ching Ling
No:009--C 403--31m 16s---Siah Bee Lian
No:010--C 252--31m 55s---Teo Chui Ping

Category D (Women Veteran)
No:001--D 085--24m 19s---Susan Khoo
No:002--D 225--26m 49s---Susila A/P Govingan
No:003--D 038--27m 09s---Agnes Tee Yoke Loi
No:004--D 181--27m 15s---Low Wah Leng
No:005--D 155--27m 25s---Lim Lee Ping
No:006--D 028--28m 42s---Annie Lee
No:007--D 088--29m 03s---Wendy Wong
No:008--D 119--29m 31s---Ng May Kim
No:009--D 078--29m 55s---Tan Bee Ngoh
No:010--D 051--31m 00s---Dr.S.Vijayaletchumy

Category E (School Boys)
No:001--E 232--20m 22s---Prathab A/L Muniandy
No:002--E 110--20m 27s---Giriwasan A/L Balachandran
No:003--E 271--20m 97s---Mohd. Thrdaus B. Kamis
No:004--E 250--21m 23s---Narinhumar A/L Sivakumar
No:005--E 122--21m 27s---Kesavaraja A/L Krishnan
No:006--E 174--21m 36s---Silohna A/L Koby
No:007--E 077--21m 41s---Muthualagu A/L Sonkpan
No:008--E 072--21m 44s---Jinana A/L Sundram
No:009--E 276--21m 47s---Sugan A/L Thanyaraju
No:010--E 251--22m 46s---Hamagesyaran

Category F (School Girls)
No:001--F 050--27m 35s---Kim Khoo
No:002--F 055--28m 33s---Sri Suganyaa
No:003--F 030--28m 47s---Ler Wen Jie
No:004--F 047--29m 45s---Nor Walieyra Bt. Nor Aziz
No:005--F 035--29m 47s---Sia Elaine
No:006--F 063--30m 30s---Silvia Moey
No:007--F 115--30m 31s---Ng Jo Ann
No:008--F 020--32m 16s---How Wei Xin
No:009--F 086--34m 10s---Yap Dei Chi
No:010--F 023--34m 20s---Laura Ann

*KPAC members are in bold letter

Klang Centro Community Run - 11/10/2009

Ample parking spaces for all participants.You can park your cars at these carparks:

1. Centro Building
2. Hotel Vistana
3. Hokkien Association
4. An empty plot about 100m away from Hokkien Association
5. Or further down (in front of a new row of shoplots)

Our volunteers will direct you to these parking lots above.Please do not park your car indiscriminately especially along the narrow Jalan Batu Tiga Lama.Your cars may obstruct the running route.

All parkings are free of charge and park at your own risk.Please make sure your car is locked before you leave.

Run4it 3 - 15th Nov 2009

Dear runners,

Registration for the above run is open at Centro Building on :
9th and 10th October 2009 - from 10.00am to 5.00pm (Bib/t shirt collection days for Klang Centro Community Run 2009)

11th October 2009 - from 7.00am to 10.00am
(race day for Klang Centro Community Run 2009)

Our committee members will be there to assist you.

4th Malaysia International Ekiden Run 2009 Relay Marathon - 04/10/2009

Palace of Justice
Precinct 3
Putra Jaya

We were beaten into second place in the mixed category at Ekiden run this morning.Admittedly,our team comprised of several selected good runners performed rather well.Unfortunately we lost to a better prepared team.

In our debut participation,our sole team was represented by Jasni Khairil,Naresh Kumar,Gunaseelan,Murali Nathan and female runner Deepa.We couldn't sent a team in the men open category because many were recovering from injuries.Our top runners were rested in preparation for the inaugural Klang Centro Community Run next week which is another short distance run.

Nearly 400 teams signed up for this relay competition.Things looked quite chaotic in the beginning at the registration counters.Many runners were seen scattered around and confused.Buses were used to ferry runners to their respective stations.Some late runners have to drive to their destination.

First runners of respective teams waiting eagerly for the race to start

Honourable guest was our Minister of Youth and Sports,Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.He gunned off the race at 8.00 am sharp.And he even sportingly ran a leg in the race as well.Later he gave away the trophies to the winners.

Nice to meet you..Our Minister of Youth and Sports was seen about to shake a participant's hand.

..and poised with the runners

The battle begun..far right,Datuk gunned off the competition

Our team started steadily,Jasni being our first runner was in second position before the sash was passed to Naresh.The later managed to overtook the front runner and lead the run.Gunaseelan made no mistake,continuing the lead.Murali further widened the gap before finally handed over to our female and final runner,Deepa.

The leggy Georgina sped to the finishing line unchallenged..the first runner to call home

...and Deepa,our last runner trailing..some 40 meters behind.

Our challenger was fast catching up.Georgina Beech,the Pacemakers Network 1's final runner,at an impressive speed,managed to out run our poor Deepa in the final 300 meters to go to claim victory for her team.Our team clocked 56m 58s for second spot behind the winner's 56m 32s.

Conclusively,wrong positioning was the key factor to our defeat.We just failed to place the right person in the sequence for one to one challenge,which i believe might be able to produce better results individually.

Anyway we are proud of our runners especially Deepa for her 'never give up' fighting spirit.

Our team..From L to R: Jasni,Naresh,Guna,Murali and Deepa.

Jasni receives his trophy and medals from Datuk Ahmad Shabery...

....followed by Gunaseelan



...and lastly Deepa.

One for the album with our Minister of Youth and Sports

...and the mixed category champion,Der Pacemakers Network 1