Dragon Back 4 Loops Breakfast Run

the Dragon is calling, the Dragon wants to date you!!!

do mark your calendar on 8 February 2015 (Sunday), 4.30am - 12noon

dating ground at Dragon Head of Jalan Paip
distance of 11km/loop (do as many as you can)

All Members and Members To Be are welcome.

Light breakfast will be serve.

see you there...

[RESULT] Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2015

Date: 25 January 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 6:40am local time
Venue: Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Distance: 42km, 21km, 10km

42km Men Open
0:0:00 - Lim Soon Chung

42km Women Open
4:33:xx - Lim Pei Yen

[RESULT] SPORTS TOTO/FTKLAA - Cross Country 2015

Date: 25 January 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Padang Merbok Kuala Lumpur
Distance: 10km, 6km
Podium: Top 5
Medal: All Finisher

10km Men Veteran
0:57:48 - Lai Yapp Choon
1:07:19 - Leong Ann Lok

7km Women Veteran
1:04:20 - Cheah YF

[RESULT] 100plus Outrunner 2015

Date: 24 January 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Precinct 3, Putrajaya
Distance: 12km, 9km, 6km
Podium: Top 5
Medal: All Finisher

12km Men Open
0:56:00 - Lim Wei Hoo
0:56:xx - Eugene Chan
1:25:xx - Dennis Teng
2:00:xx - Jason Ser

12km Men Junior Veteran
0:57:31 - Lai Yapp Choon
1:09:08 - Leong Ann Lok
1:10:35 - Alan Teh

12km Women Open
1:27:19 - Christine Chew
1:30:05 - Cheah YF

[RESULT] Skyhawk Nature Run 2015


Date: 18 January 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 6:15am
Venue: Rumah Melaka, Bukit Katil, Melaka
Distance: 21km
Podium: Top 10
Medal: All Finisher

Women Open 
2:12:xx - Lim Siaw Cheng
2:20:xx - Stacy Teoh
2:39:xx - Pearl Pua Shea Erl
2:52:58 - Christine Chew
2:57:xx - Elynne Neoh

Men Open
1:46:xx - Lim Wei Hoo
1:57:xx - Alvin Yap
2:16:xx - Lee Yao Wen
2:50:xx - Kenneth Yap
0:00:00 - Leong Jit Ping

Women Veteran
2:43:23 - Sim Kuan Kuek
2:54:xx - Cheah YF

Men Veteran
0:00:00 - Ng Say Heong
0:00:00 - Tan Wah Sing
1:49:34 - Lai Yapp Choon 
1:49:50 - Lee Foo Kien
1:52:15 - Lim Seng Hooi
1:52:27 - Seah Leong San
1:54:15 - Leong Ann Lok
1:57:xx - Jimmy Teh
2:04:xx - Choo Siew On
2:10:20 - Terence Ong
2:20:xx - Yap Chun Ying
2:20:09 - Peter Goh
2:24:xx - Tiou Leng Tiong
2:26:xx - John Heng
2:28:xx - Lim Tow Suan
2:39:53 - Khoo Beng Chit

 we are big big group

 we eat

and eat

and eat more

 we drink

we shop

we play

 we run

we cheer

we care

we have a medal for all

Award and Achievement Recognition of the Year 2014

Are you entitled to any of the following Awards and/or Recognitions?

Best Men Open
Best Men Veteran
Best Men Senior Veteran
Best Women Open
Best Women Veteran
The Most Medal
The Most Distance
The Longest Distance in single event
Sub-4 in SCKLM Full Marathon 
Sub-4 in PBIM Full Marathon

KPAC Annual Awards and Achievement Recognition of the Year 2014 is now 
OPEN to all fellow members with the following Terms and Conditions:

(a)  Entry open to all KPAC active members from now till 7 March 2015.
      (with at least a year of membership)

(b)  Candidate must meet the individual entry criteria for selected category.

(c)  All entry activities should relate to the period of 1st January 2014 – 31st 
      December 2014 ONLY. (one must be a member within this period of time)

(d)  It is important that you provide as much detail in your entry as possible such 
      as the Event Date, Event Name, Timing Achieved, Position (if any), Remarks 
      (if any).  Additional supporting evidence(s) such as scan/photocopy of 
      Certificates or e-Certificates.

(e)  Nominations will be judged by a panel of judges. Each nomination will be 
      scored on the how closely the nominee's achievements over the past 12 
      months, meet or exceed the criteria for each award and/or recognition.

(f)  If necessary, nominees will be expected to proof their entry with Original 
      Certificates, Medals, Trophies, and Finisher Tee/Items.

(g) The shortlisted candidates in each category will be contacted by the KPAC 
      Committee and candidates are expected to attend the Award Ceremony on 
      KPAC Annual Dinner on 14 March 2015.

(h) Entries received after 12pm (noon) on 7 March 2015 will not be entered for 
      judging, and it will not be possible to shortlist the nominee. Entries should 
      hand-in by email to cheahyf@gmail.com or by hand to any of the KPAC 
      Committee Members. (refer to Board Of Committees 2014/2015)

(i)  The judging panel consists of KPAC Committees and Advisors and the panel’s 
     decision is final.

[RESULT] Dragon Back Run 2015

Date: 11 January 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 5:30am
Venue: Sekolah Kebangsaan Meru 2, Jalan Paip
Distance: 25km, 15km, 10km
Podium: Top 5
Medal: All Finisher

25km Men Open
2:01:xx - Eng Chee Koon
2:15:xx - Lim Wei Hoo
2:55:xx - Lee Yao Wen
3:19:19 - Dennis Teng

25km Men Veteran
0:00:00 - Ng Say Heong (2nd) - Podium Finisher
2:26:xx - Seah Leong San
2:29:xx - Jimmy Teh
2:30:51 - Leong Ann Lok
2:45:xx - Alvin Yap
2:45:xx - Choo Siew On
2:55:xx - Ng Kim Leng
2:58:xx - Chai Min Fooi
2:58:xx - Tiou Leng Tiong
3:06:25 - Alan Teh
3:15:xx - Ravichandran
0:00:00 - Lim Boon Wah

25km Women Open
2:48:xx - Lim Pei Yen
2:54:xx - Pearl Pua Shea Erl
2:55:xx - Stacy Teoh
3:17:xx - Christine Chew
3:26:58 - Cheah YF

15km Men Open
1:12:25 - Eugune Chan

15km Men Veteran
0:00:00 - Tan Wah Seng
1:18:xx - Yap Chun Ying

15km Women Open
1:29:xx - Lim Siaw Cheng (2nd) - Podium Finisher
1:55:xx - May Lim

10km Men Open
1:02:09 - Chan King Soon

 snap snap before flag off

 more snap snap, we are BIG BIG group

Eugene Chan

Yap Chun Ying

Chan King Soon

endurance girl - Christine Chew

Ng Kim Leng

Alan Teh


hiking sifu - Choo Siew On

Lim Wei Hoo

Leong Ann Lok

Lim Tow Suan

Dennis Teng

Alvin Yap

Khoo Beng Chit

potential girl girl - Lim Pei Yen

barefoot sifu - Tan Wah Sing

man-and-wife to be - Tracy Teoh & Lee Yao Wen

Chai Min Fooi

Tiou Leng Tiong

May Lim

Pearl Pua Shea Erl

 Jimmy Teh: "hello hello.... YES, I MAKE IT....!!!"

thank you Uncle Seah Leong San for encouragement
 Podium Finisher girl girl - Lim Siaw Cheng

 "young boy boy" - Eng Chee Koon

not forget our camera-man - Lim Soon Chung & Peter Goh

after race reward - yummy Teluk Intan chee cheong fun

after race reward - medal for all