BREAKFAST RUN - 13/01/2008

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The 19th KPAC general meeting is in progress.All committee members are listening attentively to Mr Ng Thien Chor during one of the discussion.

The 19th KPAC meeting was held on 22/11/2007 and the club has decided to organize
a breakfast run on 13/01/2008.The Padang Sultan Sulaiman or popularly known as Stadium Kota Raja is chosen as the venue.The president decided that this run will be divided into 2 categories- a moderate distance of 6 to 10 km and also a long 20 km run.Members of public and KPAC members'children are also invited to participate in this event.

All KPAC members and adults will be charged of a nominal fee of RM5,children will be excepted.
Payment can be made to any of the committee members.

The aim of this shorter distance run is for all members of KPAC to meet and gather to share informations and ideas and also get to know the new faces.Mr Lum Kiok Ming,our vice president will be in charge of this run.He can be contacted at 019-2657773.The flag off time will be 7.00 am sharp.So for those interested in this run,please meet at the stadium car park before 6.30 am for a short briefing and a light warm up session.

For those serious runners who will be participating in the up coming Pacesetters 20/30 km run on 20/01/2008,the president planned a 20 km run as a preparation and he himself will lead the run.
Runners are advised to report to him before 6.00 am on that day.Runners can contact him on his handphone-012 3101379.Breakfast will be served after the run.

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