Below are pictures by courtesy of Mr Ng Thean Chor,our assistant treasurer.

The event took place several weeks ago (to be exact,on 11th of September) but l feel the KPAC activities must be made known to our readers.Our committee member,Mr Lim Swee Chai's employer, who wished to remain anonymous,is kind and generous enough to contribute lots of grocery to some orphanages and also to some needy one.

The KPAC was chosen to distribute the foodstuff such as rice,cooking oil,biscuits,rice vermicelli,spices,instant noodles,dried foodstuff and lots more.

A number of volunteers help the distributing works by transporting the goodies to two unnamed orphanages which are located in Simpang Lima roundabout and Batu 3,Jalan Kapar,Klang and also the Good Samaritan Home in Southern Park,also in Klang vicinity.

The voluntary works was headed by our secretary,Mr Ong Teck Keong.

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At the Good Samaritan Home,our members are from left- Mr Gan Leng Leng,Mr Hansom Quek,Mr Kong Kang Leong,Mr Ong,Mr Lim Swee Chai and the orphans.

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Uncle Francis,second from left,a senior member of KPAC,did not wish to be left out in this charity work.

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This picture was taken at the Batu3,Jalan Kapar orphanage.I'm sure it was a very touching moment for everyone to witness the less unfortunates,depending on contributions to make ends meet.

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This orphanage is situated near the Simpang Lima roundabout.Most of the unfortunates are young children and they need our helps,not only materialistic but love and educations.

Just a simple conclusion, to KPAC members and fellow runners,running is maybe good for our heart but a kind one is always the most beautiful.

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