18 Nov 2012 Penang Bridge International Marathon

Registration start on 28 Apr 2012 as

KPAC would like to arrange a Penang trip like 2011 for member, which include transport, logging, and race registration.

10 unit B-suite appartment room was book.
Bus arrangement to be confirm by participant (only for 40 space)
Registration may contact committee member.

Registration fee as:-
Category             20/4-30/5    1/6-15/9    16/9-15/10
Full Marathon     60                80             90
Half Marahon     45                60            80
10km Open         40                50            70
10km Junior       30                40             45
Fun Run             15                20             30

Firm Itinerary:-
17 Nov 12
0730am   Start depart from Klang Stadium
0900am   Stop at Ipoh for breakfast
1200pm   Arrive at Queensbay Mall for Lunch and Collection
0200pm   Check In B-Suite appartment
0500pm   Dinner
0600pm   Sleep Time (especially for full marathoner)

18 Nov 12
0000am   Depart from appartment to race site
0200am   Full Marathon start
0300am   Half Marathon start
0600am   10km start
0900am   Complete race and return to hotel
1200pm   Lunch & Sigh Seeing

19 Nov 12
0800am  Check out and breakfast
1200pm  Lunch at Ipoh
0500pm  Arrive Klang Stadium

Participant name:- (update 17 May 12)
1.  Seah Leong San 42km
2.  Sim Kuan Kuek  10km
3.  Seah Kai Yee  10km
4.  Seah Kai Zhou  10km
5.  Tee Kuan Meng 21km
6.  Zaidi Bin Bachek 21km
7.  Syanizam bin Ismail 10km

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