[REPORT] 2D1N Pulau Ketam Breakfast Run (2/2)

The 2D1N (3/12 - 4/12) fellowship trip at Pulau Ketam was a successful event. Running cum holidays plus yummy meals and chit chat among members and friends. Kudos to all of us.

KPAC Committees appreciate your generous support. Thank you all, we will serve you better. See you on next breakfast run~

Here are some of the photo shoots captured, hope you like it...


Good Morning Pulau Ketam
we start the day with wefieeeee.......

we are ready

as cheerful and colorful as yesterday

here we go, morning jog

yeah, I got the first shoot

here come the rest.... one, two, one, two, one, two...

slow down, have a pose

"where is everybody? don't tell me I'm the last!!!"

"can I do second loop...?"

"oh no... they are coming..."

slow and steady

sometimes we need to slow down to enjoy the view

hmm.... need more training or I'm always on my own!!!
wefie is a MUST
be careful, one step behind, jogger become swimmer
1, 2, 3, 4, 5........ can you spot me?

wefie again, is a MUST

living is not easy

wake up rabbit or the tortoises will overtake you... :p
have a rest, take a shoot, GO

representative of various countries...?

yeah, reward reward, yummy breakfast

helloooo..... lady's first.......

I (we) love Pulau Ketam

a quick shoot before food arrives (take-1)

a quick shoot before food arrives (take-2)

Thank you everyone, hope you enjoy the trip. See you on next breakfast run.

click here for 2D1N Pulau Ketam Breakfast Run, Day-1

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