[RESULT] 36th KL-Maran Walk 2013

Date: 24-26 March 2013, Sunday-Tuesday
Time: 3:00am
Distance: 204km (Day-1 80km, Day-2 64km, Day-3 60km)
Venue: Batu Caves KL to Maran Kuantan

The Batu Cave – Maran walk is a spiritual cum recreational walk from Batu Cave Selangor, Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple to Sri Marathandavar Temple in Maran Pahang covering an estimated distance of 204km.  This annual walk started about 35 years ago as a pilgrimage walk to the Sri Marathandavar Temple to coincide with the Hindu Pangguni Uthiram Festival.  Today both Hindus and non-Hindus take part in this event both as a ritual and as a recreational event.  This event is organized by Tamil Nesan and about 300 walkers annually participate in this event.

This year is the 36th Edition and the event starts on Friday (24 March 2013) at 3am at Batu Cave Temple and ends on Sunday (26 March 2013) at about 4:30pm at Maran Sri Marathandavar Temple with the participants taking part in the Paal Kudam (Milk pot) carrying procession.

The Walk

Walkers are expect to complete the distance in three days and the walk is broken into three stages:

Stage 1: Batu Cave to Karak Town – 80km
Stage 2: Karak Town to Kampung Awah (Temerloh) – 64km
Stage 3: Kampung Awah (Temerloh) to Sri Marathandavar Temple – 60km

There is no compulsion for a walker to complete each stage of the walk as they can hop onto the sweeper truck which will ferry them to the next station or stopping point.

The organizers of this event comprises of staff and volunteers of Tamil Nesan, RELA and St. Johns Ambulance and have organized this event for the past 35 years.  They are very experienced and versatile personals, the basic personal requirements of all participants are taken care throughout the event.  Participant’s safety, food, drinks, medical attention, accommodation and bathing facilities are provided by the organizer.  All participants are required to co-operate and adjust their life-style to an out-of-home camping environment.

Route Map


The registration for the event is RM30.  The fee beside logistics support also cover all meals (vegetarian food) drinks and accommodation.

Traffic and Route Management

As the walk involves walking both day and night on Express Highway, Federal, State and Rural Roads, Paramedic from St. Johns Malaysia, RELA, Route Marshals and Volunteers are at hand to provide assistance to the walkers.

Walkers unable to keep up with the pace or unable to complete certain stage of the walk can hop onto the sweeper truck that will drop them at their preferred locations or destinations.  Technically there is no compulsion as to how a walker wish to complete the walk.  Walker may prefer to walk the way or seek assistance to complete the walk.  The most important requirement of a walker is to take care of his/her own safety and arrive at a designated location on time for meals, accommodation and prayer (Paal Kudam procession)

Water Station, Meals and Accommodation

Ample of water and isotonic drinks are provided on the route.  Walker either pick up the drinks at the mobile station or request a drink from the marshals.  Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner are provided from the start of the event until the end of the event.  If walker do not wish to eat the vegetarian food provided by the organizer they may opt to eat their own food at their cost.  Supporters and well-wishers are also setting up booths on the route to provide walkers with free drinks and meals.  In short walker is pampered with drinks and food.

All accommodation (overnight stay) are at Hindu and Chinese Temple.  No bed, mat, bed sheet or pillow provided.  Walker sleeps on the floor with basic toilet and bathing facilities. 


Sunday 24 March 2013
Assemble at Batu Cave before 3am to collect race kit from the organizer and load personal belongings onto the truck.  After some light breakfast and a short prayer the walk starts from Batu Cave at 3am heading to the Entrance of Karak Tunnel, Genting Highland.  At 7:30am breakfast serves at the Entrance of Karak Tunnel.  The walk proceed to the Hutan Lipur Sungai Tangir for rest and lunch.  After lunch the walkers heading to Karak Town passing by Bentong to arrive by 7pm for dinner and overnight stay at a Chinese Temple Hall in Karak.

Monday 25 March 2013
Wake-up call at 2am, pack and load personal belongings onto truck.  After breakfast and prayer the walk starts at 3am.  More breakfast on the route and next stop at Lanchang for rest, recovery and more snacks.  Next proceed to Temerloh for lunch at 1:30pm.  The walk continues after lunch and ends at Pekan Awah Sri Murugan Temple for overnight stay and dinner.

Tuesday 26 March 2013
The Final stage of the walk starts at 3am after routine prayer and breakfast, heading to Pekan Jenka and stop over at a temple for rest, recovery and lunch.  Proceed the walk to Maran Temple to arrive before 2pm for prayer preparation and to follow the Paal Kudam procession to the Sri Marathandavar Temple. 

Walkers have the option of either to put up the night at the hall/dormitory or return on the same day via express bus provided by the organizer. 

More photos available at the following links

By Peter Goh
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20130324-26 204km KL-Maran Walk (Part 3)
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By Cheah YF
20130324 KL-Maran Walk Day-1 80km
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