New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon - 27/4/2008

At 5.30am the traffic at the surroundings of Stadium Padang Sultan Sulaiman was unusual busy.Buses and cars were seen looking for parking space as more and more runners emerge from every corners.Some were busy warming up and chit-chat among themselves about how they going to conquer the distance.Not as easy as a runner thought,the humid and dry weather with no overnight rain to spare,the route chosen by the KPAC committee is equally challenging compared to most of the 21km run organised locally.

The bonus of the run is of course the scenic route took us through Bandar Botanic,Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco,the Bukit Tinggi residential area and subsequently back to Kampung Jawa before heading straight to stadium.Road marshals consist of the Klang police traffic officers,the Rela and voluntary scouts as well as KPAC members helped to ensure the race is smooth and free from any unwanted incidents.All junctions and traffic lights were well manned with no report of confusions.

Back to the stadium,every runners were greeted by the emcee,Ms Adele.Their name were announced to the applause of spectators as they made their way to the finishing line.

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The finishing for both half marathon and 10 km

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Line of trophies on display for winners of various category

This inaugural half marathon by KPAC managed to attract many foreigners from abroad as well as local hardcore runners.Elite runners dominated the top positions of each category.Below are the results of top ten winners of each category.KPAC runners are in bold.

Category A Men Open 21.3 km

1. A187 ---1 hr 18 min---------Vigneswaran
2. A132---1 hr 29 min---------Richard Habeya
3. A155---1 hr 30 min---------Liman Sintom
4. A085---1 hr 30 min 10 sec--Ng Swee Yee
5. A159---1 hr 31 min---------Gan Jian Hui
6. A177---1 hr 31 min 20 sec--Barry Lee Chun Sing
7. A101---1 hr 32 min---------Simon Tee Kuan Ming
8. A180---1 hr 37 min 10 sec--Kuan Chee Kee
9. A168---1 hr 37 min 40 sec--Siew Chui Phui
10.A183--1 hr 37 min 52 sec--Hashim Abdul Rahman

Category B Men Veteran 21.3 km

1. B017---1 hr 24 min----------Iwata Takatoshi
2. B023---1 hr 30 min---------Dhan Bahadur
3. B027---1 hr 33 min----------Daniel Tan
4. B080---1 hr 33 min 33 sec--Tomoo Inoue
5. B092---1 hr 34 min---------Maniarasu A/L Vallu
6. B116---1 hr 36 min 07 sec--Wan Sin
7. B120---1 hr 36 min 16 sec--Timorthy c Phillips
8. B095---1 hr 36 min 37 sec--Tan Kok Bing
9. B034---1 hr 38 min 42 sec--Siew Kek Keong
10.B084---1 hr 42 min 15 sec--Ching Wooi Lin

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Dhan Bahadur from Nepal.A KPAC member.

Category C Men Senior Veteran 21.3 km

1. C078---1 hr 31 min---------Jafar Bin Ahmed
2. C015---1 hr 34 min---------Tan Wah Sing
3. C082---1 hr 37 min 43 sec--Lok Chan Chuen
4. C030---1 hr 37 min 48 sec--Yanan Rahmin
5. C005---1 hr 41 min 13 sec--P Madasamy
6. C049---1 hr 44 min 25 sec--Ee Ah Sing
7. C035---1 hr 45 min 30 sec--Lee Pang Hong
8. C047---1 hr 45 min 45 sec--Cheng Meng Ang
9. C022---1 hr 49 min 10 sec--Yap Khim Fee
10.C064---1 hr 49 min 11 sec--Jason Tay Ah Bee

Category D Women Open 21.3 km

1. D012---1 hr 39 min 41 sec--Lesley Tan Li lian
2. D003---1 hr 43 min 48 sec--Eng Seok Jiun
3. D013---1 hr 48 min 25 sec--Lau Pui San
4. D008---1 hr 53 min 06 sec--Thalagavathy
5. D004---1 hr 55 min 27 sec--Seah Bee Lian
6. D005---2 hr 10 min 48 sec--Ong Siok Leng
7. D011---2 hr 12 min 45 sec--Sook Wai Lian
8. D002---2 hr 31 min 44 sec--Nur Atikha
9. D009---2 hr 35 min 48 sec--Jennifer Ng Ai Ling
10.D006---2 hr 55 min 32 sec--Catherine Chong Len Far

Category E Women Veteran 21.3 km

1. E020---1 hr 37 min 55 sec--Yong Lai Chee
2. E011---1 hr 42 min 16 sec--Tan Shih Ming
3. E032---1 hr 43 min 17 sec--Agnes Tee Yoke Loi
4. E009---1 hr 50 min 13 sec--Eng Siok Ling
5. E033---1 hr 56 min 10 sec--Wendy Wong
6. E003---1 hr 57 min 33 sec--Tan Bee Nuh
7. E017---2 hr 00min 42 sec--Quek Ai Ling
8. E004---2 hr 00min 55 sec--Cheryl Lim Yoke Fong
9. E001---2 hr 04 min 01 sec--Kari Young
10.E010---2 hr 08 min 30 sec--Law Suat Cheng

Category F Men Open 10 km

1. F305---41 min 24 sec--------Jaya Kumar
2. F059---43 min 23 sec--------Navaneethaokrisnan
3. F105---44 min 05 sec--------Gunaseelan
4. F046---44 min 06 sec--------Lai Kok Kiong
5. F091---44 min 08 sec--------Yeoh Wei How
6. F005---48 min 31 sec--------Suresh
7. F347---48 min 40 sec--------Jeremy Er An Ke
8. F061---48 min 44 sec--------Ang Kow
9. F291---48 min 52 sec--------Magendran
10.F043---48 min 59 sec--------Lim Boon Yau

Category G Women Open 10 km

1. G008---52 min 36 sec-------Sri Suganyaa A/P Naderaja
2. G071---52 min 53 sec-------Lim Ai Lin
3. G002---59 min 06 sec-------Lai Yoke Chin
4. G082---59 min 38 sec-------Khoo Chiah Yee
5. G092---1 hr 03 min 59 sec--Joanne Yap Siew Heong
6. G087---1 hr 05 min 47 sec--Adleen Binti Abdullah
7. G058---1 hr 06 min 42 sec--Lim Pei Yen
8. G084---1 hr 07 min 25 sec--Cheng Chui Gek
9. G041---1 hr 07 min 39 sec--Low Yock Hua
10.G022---1 hr 08 min 24 sec--Sia Jeslyn

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The NB-Pacesetters 15km organizer set up booth for registration

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Power Bar stall attracted many runners with variety of products for sale

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon - 27/4/2008

Below is a simple map to Stadium Padang Sultan Sulaiman-the START/FINISH point of the race.For those who haven't been to the stadium before we encourage you to follow the map below by using the Federal Highway.Pay RM1.00 at Sg Rasa Toll Plaza and drive up the first flyover-Bukit Raja Jaya Jusco is on your right,further ahead is another flyover(underneath is Berkeley roundabout) go straight till the third flyover(underneath is Bulatan 100).Keep to the fast lane and once you reach the Jambatan Kota,slowly drive to your left because you need to turn left immediately after the bridge.Go straight until you reach a traffic light (left is Bomba and right is a shop selling textile) go straight ahead till a T junction and turn right.AIA building is in front of you.You can start looking for a parking space.

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Please click on the map to enlarge.

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon - 27/4/2008

The race is fast approaching and we are sure some runners might face difficulties to find our club house to collect running bibs and vests.We recommend runners to use KESAS Highway for those who are not familiar with Klang Town.Below is a simple map to direct you to KPAC club house.

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Please click on the map to enlarge

How to get there?
Pay RM2.20 at Kemuning Toll Plaza,ignore the Jalan Kebun/Kg Tualang interchange,proceed to the next, Klang/Banting and head to Klang Town on the right.At the first traffic light,Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco will be on your left,go straight and keep to the fast lane.Tesco Hypermarket is the next land mark on your left before you go up the flyover(Bukit Tinggi/Jalan Banting intersection is underneath), keep to the right at the next traffic light ,proceed to the second traffic light,Klinik Bersalin Razif is on your right and turn in right and proceed straight. Ignore the first and second traffic lights but keep to your left after the second one immediately because the third one is about 150m away and KPAC club house is just 100m from the third traffic light on the left.

When to collect the numbers and vests?
Date : 24th to 26th April,2008
Time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
What to bring: Of course the official receipt when you registered.
KPAC club house address:

NO 7A,Jalan Mohd Tahir 8,
Taman Sri Mewah 4,
Off Sg Jati,41200,
Klang,Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact No: 03 3371 1128

Or you can contact either one of us at below numbers for assistance:
Wong Soon Pin - 012 310 1379
Lum Kiok Ming - 019 265 7773
Ong Teck Keong - 012 339 2673
Jimmy Yang - 012 931 2993
Ng Thean Chor - 019 231 9138
Tee Kuan Meng - 012 389 7788
Hansom Quek - 012 273 0038

Orange Run - 13/04/2008

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This is definitely my favorite race of the year,in fact not only mine and it gained popularity very rapidly.Why? Because it is free of registration fee.Ever since its debut in the running calender the organizer managed to attract more and more both casual and serious runners with lots of free goodies to be given away-I still remember back in 2006,the organizer gave away free t-shirt when runners came to collect their running bibs.But most of them failed to turn up during the race,maybe just to get the free t shirt l guessed.A free petrol voucher worth RM3.00 were given to every participants who completed the race then.

Last year,2007,the organizer instead offered free Santa Barbara Polo Royal Club (SBPRC) back pack and BHP environment free shopping bags! It attracted hundreds of avid runners with attractive prizes for the top 5 positions and consolation prizes too,to those completed the race within the top 15 position in each category respectively.Free flow of isotonic and nutritious drink for everyone.There were a handful of KPAC members attended then and one of them was Siow Kek Kiong who won a pack of BHP SynGard-synthetic engine oil l think-he finished 12th in the Men Veteran category.

But hard luck to our friend this time.This year,many turned up this morning.I overheard somebody said the attendance exceeding 2000! I looked around and unbelievably saw many elite runners,but no African runners were in sight as l was told they are not allowed to take part ,the local at least can compete among themselves.

The men open and veteran categories were flagged off at 7.30am sharp.The fine and cool weather with slight drizzle here and there enabled runners to achieve good personal timing.At 4km mark l guess,Yuan Yu Fang,the top women runner briskly overtook me,followed distance behind were two Indian ladies.Both the women open and veteran categories started the race 5 minutes later and yet not less than 15 managed to run passed me.Salutes to the top women runners.

Last year,l fared badly,finished the run in 1hr 01min 23 sec,but l did go back happily with all the free gift and this morning l managed to shave off almost 10 minutes and went back even more happier, not only because of my good personal achievement and free goodies again but l met the captain of the Pacemaker Network,Mr Ronnie See.We e-mailed and exchanged sms quite regularly but yet to meet till this morning.

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