23 Jan 2011 Ang Pao (Breakfast) Run

To celebrate the coming Chinese New Year 3 Feb 11, KPAC as running club do have its way cheer the new year feeling by organising 'Ang Pao' Run.

All the runner complete the 5 km route, will not receive certicate or medal, but an Ang Pao, contribute from Mr. John Heng, Mr. Danny Yee and Mr. Kong TL

Also, all the KPAC runner do enjoy the 'Yee Shang' and breakfast. Before going back, both hand with full of orange, which contribute from committee member.

Photo from Fracis Lim https://picasaweb.google.com/103424286458743696630/23Jan2011AngPaoRun?authkey=Gv1sRgCJbji775yt_KpwE#

23 Jan 2011 FTAAA Cross Country

KPAC member result:-

Men Open 9.75km
4th/100 40:55 Jasni Khairi
52/100 58:23 Eric Teh
?? 74:08 Pong Kok Liang

Men Junior Veteran 7.69km
1st/70 39:30 Ng Say Heong
32/70 49:06 Leong Ann Lok
40/70 52:02 Ng Kim Leng

Women Open 7.69km
17/50 58:00 Lim Pei Yin

23 Jan 2011 Gong Xi Fat Chai Run

As the red season is coming, we would like to organise a run call "Gong Xi Fat Chai Run" to have the early greeting to all member will celebrate coming Chinese New Year.

Date : 23 Jan 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 7.00am

Venue: KPAC Club House, Southern Park, Klang

Distance : 5~6km

Fee : Free

All KPAC member and non-member are all welcome.

We also welcome any contribution for the CNY related item, such like mandarin orange, cookie and etc. The contribution may pass to any existing committee member.

Trip to Gunung Nuang - 2jan2011 (part 2)

Besides the remaining eight KPAC members,four more trekkers joined us to Kem Lolo.They were Leow Chin Huat,Ms Leong Yoke Peng and two more friends whose names were not given to me.

There is a beautiful waterfall at Kem Lolo and some of us could not resist to take a dip in the icy cold pool.Such a wonderful experience to enjoy a morning bath out in the jungle!

Later except for Ms Chi,Lee Foo Kien (nursing an injury) and the four new friends,the rest of KPAC members pursued ascending towards Kem Pacat.We were lucky as there was no rain the night before.Even though there were steep ascents and slippery paths along our journey and the climb was tiring but we went on to persevere with it.

Thick undergrowth,huge roots,fallen trees and tributaries also prevented us from increasing our pace.At 10.20am we reached Kem Pacat and took a 20 minutes break to catch our breathes.

The climb continued at a leisurely pace,admiring the beauty of mother nature,its inhabitants such insects,birds and arthropod.

It took us another two exhausting hours to reach our destination.At 12.30 noon finally we made it to the top.A peaceful summit at last,far away from pollutions. We were rewarded with a magnificent view of green rain forest and it was worthwhile our climb.

We spent almost an hour there by snapping lots of picture of the superb scenery and had our lunch break there too.Despite many already been there before,we still feel important for carrying our KPAC banner along and spread out proud there.

It was truly a tremendous experience for all of us.

Photos are by courtesy of Leong Ann Lok.Please click here to view more photos.

Trip to Gunung Nuang - 2jan2011 (part 1)

Last Sunday, a group of KPAC members comprised of young and old scaled the highest peak in Selangor state-the Gunung Nuang at 1498m above sea level.The idea was determinedly planned by Leong Ann Lok.

For the record,the last picnic or outdoor gathering organized by KPAC committees was to FRIM on 27th Jan 2007.

A pat on the shoulder should be given to Leong for all the initiatives he had had taken in order to ensure it was a successful trip.From day one,he almost single-handedly spread the news and contact those members who are interested and persuade the experience ones to join in.

The trip was initially planned for 9th Jan 2011 but was brought forward one week earlier due to some unforeseen circumstances.Many had to abandon the plan because the next day was the beginning of school.

Finally 15 of us went on with the idea.They were Peter Goh,Lee Foo Kien,Seah Leong San,Leong Ann Lok,Simon Ng,Ng Kim Leng,Eric Teh Poh Chin,Chua Siong Pek,Lim Boon Wah,Chua Hock Boon,Anthony Chong,Foo Chee Chung and three female members,Alice Chi,Khoo Lay Ngoh and Lim Pei Yin.

The trekkers were divided into two groups.At 4.00am,the first batch of 9 participants arrived at the stipulated meeting location and had an early Bak Kut Teh (spare rib soup with rice) for breakfast in Klang town.For general information,the popular BKT is sold 24hrs in some parts of the town.

At 5.00am the group headed to Pekan Batu 18,Hulu Langat police station which is a 45 minutes drive from Klang,to submit in the list of trekkers' names before proceeding to the base of Gunung Nuang.Foods such as chicken rice,bread and buns and bananas which were earlier prepared were distributed to all.

foods distributing

Except for Seah Leong San and Eric Teh,at 6.40am 7 of us began our journey to the top led by Leong.Seah and Eric were assigned to wait for the second batch of trekkers.

The lights from our torch lights penetrated through the darkness as we strolled into the thick jungle and greeted by the sound of thousand of insects.Most of us were first timer and we stick together and follow the leader.Nothing much could be recalled as the ambience was still dark.

An hour into our walk,we finally reached Kem Lolo at 8.00am.Took a break and half an hour later our second batch of friends led by Seah and Eric caught up with us...to be continued

Klang 2011 Run 1jan2011

Venue:Taman Chi Liung,Klang

Here are some results compiled from KPAC members who took part in the 5km sprint event yesterday.

Category A (men below 35)
No:005--18m 51s---Naresh Kumar
No:000--22m 13s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:000--25m 28s---Tan Chi Kian
No:000--26m 46s---Kamarulzaman

Category B (men 35 and above)

No:003--18m 18s---Ng Say Heong
No:000--20m 45s---Seah Leong San
No:000--22m 27s---Suresh
No:000--22m 33s---Leong Ann Lok
No:000--23m 51s---Chua Pek San
No:000--24m 03s---Albert Goh
No:000--24m 20s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--25m 30s---Chua Siong Pek
No:000--25m 44s---Ng Kim Leng

Category C (women below 35)
N0:000--28m 01s---Lim Pei Yen
No:000--28m 05s---Robiyatul
No:000--29m 00s---Khoo Lay Goh