18 Jul 2010 Siemem Run

Junior Veteran

---- 139th Chua Siong Pek

Men Open

60:40 ----- Kamaruzaman

62:00 302th Sivakumaran

18 Jul 2010 Ipoh International Marathon

L-R: Ng SH, Tan CW, Ng YB, Tan SS, Siow KK, Yap CH, Seah LS, Eric

21km Men Veteran

01:24:03 14th Ng Say Heong

01:37:52 35th Tan Siew Sing

01:42:13 43th Seah Leong San

21km Men Open

01:50:11 62th Eric Teh Poh Chin

10km Men Veteran

41:10 13th Siow Kek Keong

43:20 22th Yap Chin Huat

58:33 105th Tan Chee Weng

10 km Women Veteran

60:00 44th Ng Yoke Beng

11 Jul 2010 23rd Seremban Half Marathon

C - Men Senior Veteren 21km
Lee Foo Kien 1:51:01 26th
Albert Goh 1:58:30 48th
Peter Goh 1:59:09

A - Men Open 21km
David Yue 2:30:00

E - Women Open 10km
Gan Bee Tin 00:59:02 9th

F - Women Veteren 10km
Alice Chi 01:02:00 17th

Centro Klang Run 11 July 2010 -Thank You note

The committee members of KPAC would like to thank the organiser,Centro,all the sponsors,RELA members,volunteers and everyone that is involved in this wonderful running event.

We are very grateful to all of you for the help you have given us.The remarkable teamwork shown by every one of you is indeed a great achievement that made everyone proud and contribute towards the success of Centro Klang Run 2010 this morning.

In his short message,the KPAC president Mr John Heng expressed his personal gratitude to everyone of you for the help rendered voluntarily.

Last but not least,you the participants-more than two thousand of you-A VERY BIG THANK YOU for your supports.Without you all the event is meaningless.

From the Board of Committees
Klang Pacers Athletic Club

Centro Klang Run 11 July 2010

Top 10 results of all categories

Category A - Men Open (12km)
001--A052--42m 27s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
002--A187--43m 32s---Jasni Khairil B.Jamaluddin
003--A446--44m 12s---Ong Wei Xiang
004--A468--44m 45s---Mariyadoss
005--A066--45m 30s---Chan Yien Wei
006--A400--46m 22s---Muhammad Asdi B.Weding
007--A403--47m 15s---Naresh Kumar a/l P Panjimanadan
008--A019--47m 32s---Amalan a/l Devasagayam
009--A157--48m 15s---Gan Shih Chau
010--A039--48m 19s---Azlan B.Norul Anhar

Category B - Men Junior Veteran (12km)
001--B114--44m 06s---Ong Chin
002--B149--44m 52s---Malayalam a/l Arumugam
003--B139--45m 27s---Subramaniam a/l Kumarasamy
004--B159--46m 35s---Velusamy a/l Govindan
005--B110--47m 05s---Ng Say Heong
006--B003--48m 38s---Alam Shah B.Ismail Ahmad
007--B056--50m 34s---Lai Yap Chai
008--B087--51m 15s---Maniarasu a/l Vallu
009--B093--51m 17s---Moey Wooi San
010--B070--52m 57s---Liew Ching Lock

Category C - Men Senior Veteran (12km)
001--C030--46m 02s---Khor Ngee Leong
002--C056--46m 57s---Mohamad B.Omar
003--C105--49m 23s---Tan Wah Sing
004--C096--50m 12s---Siow Kek Keong
005--C061--53m 55s---Ng Ah Chwee
006--C110--55m 13s---Won Khim Ching
007--C112--55m 39s---Wong Kim Tham
008--C043--56m 14s---Leong Yew Chon
009--C113--56m 35s---Wong Tuck Keong
010--C023--57m 30s---LK Iyanar

Category D - Women Open (12km)
001--D019--53m 40s---Cheah Meei Meei
002--D248--55m 33s---Thalagavathy a/p Suriyakumar
003--D210--57m 22s---Sri Sugannya a/p Naderaja
004--D273--58m 58s---Yee Pei Ni
005--D262--60m 00s---Wong Wen Jun
006--D015--63m 25s---Chan Su Jie
007--D111--64m 46s---Lee Wai Ping
008--D025--65m 00s---Lim Yoke Foong
009--D124--65m 27s---Lim Wei Ing
010--D163--67m 50s---Tam Lai Theng

Category E - Women Veteran (12km)
001--E083--53m 00s---Susan Khoo
002--E002--57m 44s---Tee Yoke Loi
003--E050--57m 56s---Lian Bee Hoon @ Lian Bee Fong
004--E053--58m 05s---Lim Lee Ping
005--E086--58m 55s---Tan Bee Nguh
006--E060--59m 22s---Low Wah Leng
007--E039--61m 47s---Annie Lee Khum Chiew
008--E005--65m 48s---Carol Low Peng Keat
009--E046--68m 12s---Lee Yee Tze
010--E110--68m 44s---Yau Li Har

Category F - Boys (6km)
001--F257--20m 37s---Navinkumar a/l Sivakumar
002--F139--20m 40s---Kaveendiran a/l Wasudaven
003--F289--20m 48s---Prathab a/l Muniandy
004--F378--21m 59s---Thesigan a/l Bala
005--F358--22m 20s---Tan Yu Chong
006--F385--22m 23s---Ugan a/l Danasegaran
007--F252--22m 25s---Muhamad Ikhmal B.Roslan
008--F253--22m 29s---Muhammad Nazmi B.Suhaimi Subas
009--F031--22m 40s---Chau Wei Loon
010--F245--22m 42s---Mohamad Saiful B.Razawan

Category G - Girls (6km)
001--G388--27m 29s---Vicneswari a/p Ramasamy
002--G189--28m 11s---Siam Sey Chan
003--G078--28m 27s---Kim Khoo
004--G185--28m 57s---Sia Elaine
005--G196--30m 30m---Sylvia Moey
006--G152--30m 31s---Ng Joo Ann
007--G062--30m 37s---How Wei Xin
008--G121--31m 32s---Lim May Fong
009--G195--31m 35s---Stella Ng
010--G126--32m 34s---Liyana

KPAC members are in italic & bold letters

11 Jul 2010 Centro Klang Run 2010

Centro Klang Run 2010 registration closed with more than 2000 runners registered for the 6km and 12km run!

For those who have registered, thank you so much for your support towards this event. A gentle reminder that collection of T-shirt & bumber tag will be on 9-10 Jul 10 from 11am-6pm. The collection area is situated in front of the Info Counter of Centro Mall, Klang!

For others who did not register, you are also welcome to support the run and visit our sponsors booth 9-11 Jul 10 from 10am-10pm, where all our sponsors for the event will be selling and giving our sampling for their products. Off course, you're also invited to witness the event on 11 Jul 10 at 7am.

During the event, runners can enjoy lots of freebies & even lucky draws! Upon completing your run, don't forget to collect your goodies bag & certificate of achievement at the finishing point!

1 more day for collection day! So see you at Centro Mall, Klang.