25 Sept 11 Race Result

A) Taiping International Marathon
Men Open 42.195km
02:55:01--Jasni Khairil--Best Malaysian 3rd timing.

B) The River Jungle Marathon
Only 42.195km
04:29:55--Lee Foo Kian
04:30:12--Seah Leong San
04:49:45--Leong Ann Lok
04:58:40--Lim Boon Wah
05:16:08--Simon Ng
05:25:00--Peter Goh
05:35:00--Chua Hock Boon
05:35:21--Chia Woon Sen
05:45:00--Chua Siong Pek
06:43:00--Leow Chin Huat

C) Siemens Run 2011
Men Open-10km
Tan Chi Kian-54m 00s(122th)
Eric Teh Poh Chin-56m 01s(181th)

Men junior Veteran-10km
Ng Say Heong-41m 53s(9th)
Tee Kuan Meng-54m 49s(77th)
Ng Kim Leng-57m 38s(104th)
Zaidi Bin Bachek-65m 41s(151th)

Men Senior Veteran-10km
Siow Kek Kiong-44m 55s(10th)
Khoo Thiem Seng-49m 22s(22th)

School Boys-7km
Chia Jing Hui-37m 48s
Chia Yong Zheng-50m 48s

D) Desaru Long Distance Triathlon
Ong Teck Keong --DNF--cramp
Mah Hong Choong--DNF--puncture

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18 Sept 11 KLIUC Run 2011

Men Open(10km)
Eric Teh Poh Chin-51m 21s
Pong Kok Liang-63m 23s

Men Junior Veteran(10Km)
Leong Ann Lok-48m 39s(20th)
Tee Kuan Meng-52m 41s(30th)
Ng Kim Leng-54m 10s(36th)
Chua Siong Pek-56m 12s(39th)

Men Senior Veteran(8Km)
Siew Kek Kiong-33m 12s(6th)
Khoo Thiem Seng-36m 15s(12th)

16 Sept 11 Oren Sport Klang Welfare Run 2011

Men Open
Chia Jing Hui-30m 48s
Tan Chi Kian-31m 40s
Eric Teh Poh Chin-32m 44s
Lim Soon Chung-34m 08s
Chin Min Chang-34m 17s
Zaidi Bachek-35m 32s
Alvin Yap-37m 43s
Pong Kok Liang-39m 50s
Syanizam Ismail-42m 08s
Jonathan Tan-43m 00s
Chia Yong Zheng-47m 39s

Men Veteran
Ter Yew Tiong-29m 05s
Leong Ann Lok-31m 03s
Khoo Thiem Seng-31m 15s
Tee Kuan Meng-31m 56s
Ng Kim Leng-33m 43s
Danny Chai-35m 18s
Chia Woon Sen-35m 20s
Lim Boon Wah-35m 29s
Seah Leong San - 62m 00s

Women Open
Lim Yen Wern-43m 00s

11 Sept 2011 Run for It 5

Men Open(12km)
Tan Chi Kian 1h 00m 23s-(28th)
Chua Hock Boon 1h 01m 02s-(30th)
Alvin Yap 1h 02m 31s-(35th)
Chin Ming Chang 1h 11m 39s-(71th)
Pong Kok Liang 1h 22m 35s-(120th)
Syanizam Bin Ismail 1h 34m 28s-(156th)
Chia Yong Zheng 1h 41m 02s-(168th)

Men Junior Veteran(12km)
Ter Yew Tiong 58m 17s-(15th)
Tee Kuan Meng 1h 01m 57s-(24th)
Danny Chai 1h 06m 59s-(32th)
Ng Kim Leng 1h 07m 44s-(34th)
Chia Woon Sen 1h 09m 57s-(39th)
Lim Boon Wah 1h 10m 30s-(40th)

Men Senior Veteran(12km)
Khoo Thiem Seng 59m 30s-(12th)

School Boys(6km)
Chia jing Hui-26m 12s-(27th)

Fun Run(6km)
Eric Teh Poh Chin-29m 44s
Wong Mun Hon-50m 59s

11 Sept 11 NB-KPAC Run for It 5 - Winner Result

Cat. A - Men Open - 18 amd above - 12km

1st-- 44:18--M. Arul Thever
4th--45:04--Ong Wei Xiang
5th--45:47--Jaya Kumar
6th--46:56--Lili Suhairi
7th--47:17--Gan Shih Chay
9th--49:12--Tang Yew Chay

Cat B - Men Veteran - 40 and above - 12km
2nd--46:57--Ong Chin
3rd--49:33--Ng Say Heong
5th--51:41--Tai Song Hoe
6th--51:44--Chen Keat Hong
7th--51:51--Alam Shah
8th--52:00--Muthy Balan
9th--52:37--Bow Chon Beng
10th--53:52--Bong Teck Yong

Cat C - Men Senior Veteran - 50 and above - 12km
2nd--51:07--Ridzwnan Sulaiman
3rd--52:06--Wong Weng Seng
5th--53:03--Siow Kek Keong
6th--56:18--Wong Yew Tho
7th--56:42--Yeo Khay Ann
8th--57:47--Chu Yoke Kiew
9th--58:22--Mohd Souoto
10th--58:42--Aman Yusof

Cat. D - Women Open - 18 and above - 12km
1st--47:10--Chepkirui Rhodah
2nd--49:32--Sheela Samivellvu
3rd--57:44--Yee Pei Ni
4th--1:09:25--Ng Xiang Ying
5th--1:10:35--Chia Ee
6th--1:11:04--Sun Yoke Kuan
7th--1:15:48--Viviene Tan
8th--1:20:00--Cheong Wai Mun
9th--1:23:00--Ooi Lee Lee
10th--1:25:25--Connie Cheam

Cat. E - Women Veteran - 35 and above - 12km
1st--53:24--Susan Khoo
2nd--1:00:20--Wendy Wong
3rd--1:01:09--Tan Pei Ling
4th--1:05:19--Indra a/p Samivellu
5th--1:09:21--Pauline Lim
6th--1:11:06--Celine Tan
7th--1:15:54--Yap Pak How
8th--1:16:12--Gan Li Li
9th--1:22:05--Michelie Smith
10th--1:22:35--Lee Yan Hung

Cat. G - School Boys - 6km
2nd--20:25--Yaynish s/o Nadarajah
4th--20:53--Amirul Hakim Johari
5th--21:08--Kuhan a/l Nallthamby

Cat. H - School Girls - 6km
1st--26:29--Kim Khoo
3rs--28:13--Chan Ker Xin
4th--28:16--Sylvia Moey
5th--29:12--Tan Ching Ching

11 Sept 2011, Klang – At 6.40am sharp, Mr. Wei, our title sponsor New Balance (Stream Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.) accompanied by Mr. John Heng, President of Klang Pacers Athletic Club, flag off a total of more than 800 runners towards the “Run for It 5” at Stadium Padang Sultan Sulaiman, Klang. Runners from all over Malaysia, even we do have runner from Africa, UK and Japan attend on this run event. There were runners as young as 10 years old to runners as old as 60 years old, to compete on 7 categories – 12km for adults, 6km for school children, & 6km for adults fun run.

The event started with National Song – Negaraku, follow by warm-up session lead by Fitness First. It is new experience for warm-up session with Indian song.
After the run, all qualifying runner received a finishing medals and certificate of achievement within a goodies bag. All the runner was serve light breakfast with Nasi Lemak, Tau Fu Fa, Bread, Yoyo Ice, Watermelon and Honeydew.
The top 10 of category A - E received as prizes sponsored by New Balance, SWORKE and Svenson Hair Treatment, its top 5 with additional trophy. The top 5 for category school boys and school girls received prizes sponsored by New Balance, SWOKE and trophy. The total prizes given as worth RM46,700. It is our honour, with present of YB Ronnie Liu, Exco Negeri Selangor and Mr. Lim Lip Suan, Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Klang, also help us to present the part of prizes to top 10 winners.
Beside the winner Runner, other Runners were also given many lucky draws such as 2 unit LCD television, 1 unit sport bicycle, 3 unit Fujifilm camera, 10 set worth RM290/set Svenson Hair Treatment voucher, 20 set SWOKE Sunglasses worth RM358.70/set Total lucky draw item worth RM14,000
Organized by Klang Pacers Athletic Club, this event will not be such a success without our great support of our sponsors namely our title sponsors – New Balance; Main sponsor : Hextar Chemicals, En Rohaizad, Fujifilm, PDS Safety Sdn. Bhd., Svenson Hair Center. Co-sponsor : Centro Properties, Rohto-Mentholatum (deep heat), Maestro Swiss (vico), Permanis Sdn. Bhd (Gatorade) and Ohonly Bio-Tech Engineering (water).
Also, we would like would like to acknowledge our appreciation to the support of RELA, St. John Ambulance, Klang Police Traffic, Majlis Perbandaran Klang, and the neighbouring premises for their assistance.
A big thank to all participant runner for making “Run for It 5” such a memorable event! All sponsors and participants, we shall look forward to see you again on “Run for It 6” on 2012.

9-10 Sept 2011 Run for It - Collection day

Dear runner:-

Thanks for register with our running event as New Balance-Klang Pacers Run for It 5 2011.

Please be remind the T-shirt and Bib number collection schedule as:-

Date: 9-10 Sept 2011

Time: 9.30am-5.00pm

Venue: Klang Pacers Athletic Club

22B, Jalan Rengas, Southern Park, 41200 Klang (with map enclosed)

Please do bring your original receipt for the collection purpose.
For those register through email, post mail and fax, please do bring the confirmation copy to redeem your original receipt.

The original receipt is important for T-shirt and bib number collection, and also very important for lucky draw purpose.

We are glad to inform that the lucky draw will contain:- (Please make sure drop your reporting card on the event day at Reporting counter)
1) 2 unit LCD TV
2) 1 unit Sport Bicycle
3) 3 unit Fujifilm camera (worth RM498/each)
4) 10 unit hair treatment voucher (worth RM290/each)
5) 20 unit sport sunglasses (worth RM358.70/each)
Total worth about RM14,000

If you need further assistance, please do free to contact our committee.

Thanks & regards

28 Aug 2011 Songkla International Marathon

L-R: Alvin, Leong AL, Simon, Chua HB, Ter YT

Men Full Marathon
(35-39 year)
04:21:00--Chua Hock Boon--26th
(40-45 year)
0:43:00--Simon Ng--??

Men Half Marathon
(35-39 year)
01:57:33--Alvin Yap--25th
(40-45 year)
01:47:30--Ter Yew Tiong--25th
01:53:30--Leong Ann Lok--35th