Bidor Half Marathon 26/04/2009

It was a very successful running event organised by the Bidor Runners Club held in Bidor,Perak early this morning.This small Chinese dominated town came alive when thousands of avid runners from all over Malaysia took to the street to participate in the annually half marathon race.

KPAC rendered its fullest support to the run by participating in almost all the categories.Some of us stayed overnight in Bidor or the neighbouring Kampar town and the remaining travelled in the early hours from Klang.

For the first time,KPAC members took part in the 21k team event.We sent two teams.

Team number one was named KPAC 'A' comprised of Richard Habeeya,Naresh Kumar,Murali Nathan and Loi Hin Kai.Meanwhile team number two,KPAC 'B' was made up of Ahmad Lamchanak,Jayakumar,Vigneswaran and Kee Weng Keong.

Our team 'B' emerged champion in a very close fight from our nearest rival,team Brooks Ipoh.A mere two point separated the two teams while our 'A' team was pipped to the fourth position by the Der Pacemakers Network of Kuala Lumpur also by a two point difference.

In the individual event,Dhan Bahadur made us proud too when he bagged the 2nd position in the men veteran 21k with a timing of 1h 31m 50s and Siow Kek Keong,another podium finisher with his 8th position in the men veteran 10k race.

But what made the day more meaningful to our members at Bidor this morning was the presence of a KPAC committee member.We hope more will join him in the near future to give us some support and inspiration.

The team event champion-KPAC 'B'
From R to L:Ahmad,Kee,Jayakumar and Vigneswaran

KPAC members posing with their finisher medals.
From L to R: Robiyatul,Ng Yok Beng,Tan Siew Sing,Siow Kek Keong,Lim Pei Yin and Kamaruzaman

Beautiful trophies await the winners

Group photo.KPAC members with the organising committees and the VIP,Tuan Roslan-the OCPD of Bidor town

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Let's have a look at how our members fared in this morning's run.

Men Open 21k
No:001--1h 14m 28s---Ahmad Lamchanak
No:005--1h 19m 54s---Jayakumar
No:007--1h 22m 40s---Richard Habeeya
No:009--1h 26m 08s---Vigneswaran
No:011--1h 26m 35s---Jasni Khairil
No:013--1h 28m 12s---Murali Nathan
No:018--1h 33m 25s---Naresh Kumar
No:058--1h 48m 04s---Loi Hin Kai
No:066--1h 50m 58s---Kee Weng Keong

Men Veteran 21kNo:002--1h 31m 42s---Dhan Bahadur
No:019--1h 41m 36s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:039--1h 46m 33s---Lim Boon Wah
No:047--1h 47m 04s---Wong Soon Pin
No:048--1h 48m 09s---Seah Leong San
No:216--2h 15m 46s---Hansom Quek
No:236--2h 18m 11s---Lim Chong Pin

Women Open 21k
No:018--2h 08m 15s--Sia Lay Cheng

Men Open 10k
No:048--55m 40s---Kamaruzaman

Men Veteran 10k
No:008--42m 18s---Siow Kek Keong
No:020--48m 20s---Tan Siew Sing
No:025--48m 46s---Kenny
No:027--49m 13s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:041--54m 01s---Subramaniam

Women Junior 10k
No:011--62m 17s---Lim Pei Yin

Women Open 10k
No:004--52m 40s---Wendy Wong
No:015--63m 57s---Robiyatul

Women Veteran 10k
No:017--00m 00s---Ng Yok Beng

Run For Harmony-Charity Run 17/05/2009

Entry forms are also available at:

Bidor Run (Bidor) 26/04/2009
Jogathon Warisan (Taman Seputeh,KL) 26/04/2009

Orange Run 09 - 12/04/2009

Yes...the most happening running event of the year was here this morning at the piazza of The Curve Mutiara Damansara.It was a huge success for Boustead Petroleum Sdn Bhd as organiser for the fourth edition of the quarter marathon.

According to the press,registration hit 3,000 in a very short period.Why...?because it was free for everyone and most runners without any hesitation took this opportunity to sign up,competitive run hardly comes free nowadays.

Eventhough there wasn't any medals,but great prizes were offered to the top finishers of the six categories.Two categories for men-'A' for the men veteran and 'C', the men open were flagged off at 7.35am after a slight delay, followed 5 minutes later by the women categories-the 'B' and 'D' and lastly for the boys and girls-'E' and 'F'.

The distance was farther compared to the one organised last year,as claimed by the organiser.The run took a different turning at the start to complete an extra few hundred metre.The cool and fresh morning inspired the runners through the undulating routes along the quiet neighborhood of Damansara.

The organising was excellence.Many runners were seen giggling away especially the women in the live video shooting.Why actions in the big screen at The Curve! Free nasi lemak,cereal flakes and snacks with drinks ranging from coffee to isotonic and energy drink for breakfast.

Upon finishing the run,every runners received a completion certificate and a goodie bag that contains among others are the redemption and discount vouchers.

Look at that...a picture speaks better.Thousands huddled in the foyer next to the cineplex

Participants line up to collect their goodie bags .....

...and enjoying their breakfast after the run

This is Mr Tan Kim Thiam,the managing director of BHPetrol in his thank you speech just before the prize presentation ceremony

Results at glance

Men Open
No:003--00m 00s---Jayakumar
No:009--40m 03s---Vigneswaran
No:000--50m 10s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:000--51m 01s---Loi Hin Kai
No:000--51m 57s---Kee Weng Keong

Men Veteran
No:014--46m 36s---Siow Kek Keong
No:000--48m 39s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:000--51m 49s---Lim Boon Wah
No:000--52m 12s---Seah Leong San
No:000--54m 03s---Tan Siew Seng
No:000--55m 23s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--70m 05s---Davie Samuel

No:015--00m 00s---Jagdev Singh

No:003--00m 00s--Sri Sungaya

Esle where in Kolej MARA Banting,Selangor several KPAC members took part in the Larian Amal Banting.They produced encouraging results in the short sprint run of 5.2 km.

Men Open
No:002--20m 39s---Murali Nathan
No:005--23m 16s---Naresh Kumar

Men Veteran
No:001--24m 15s---Wong Soon Pin