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The KPAC would like to wish all its members,friends and fellow runners



message from board of committee members

Great Eastern Pacesetters 30km - 18/1/2009

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By far,this event still enjoyed good response.The organiser's established reputation as the largest running club in Malaysia could be the attribution to this successful race.It was supposed to be the preparation ground for runners who wish to take part in the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon which is usually schedule in March each year.As understood,this year's KLIM has been postponed to mid of the year.

But the standard and quality of organising this GE20/30 began to deteriorate.The ambience was quiet and the starting point was dimly lit.Runners were seen walking aimlessly as there was no indication when the race would be flagged off.It was already 6.15am and still no sign.

Out of a sudden,the anxious moment was abrupted when without any warning,the sound of air horn being released to officially mark the start of the 30km race.Those at the back of the line might not even realize the race has started!

There were some changes to this year's route and it was far more challenging compared to the previous.There were adequate water stations but short of distance markers.Traffic were perfectly manned and many were caught surprise by the long hills and slopes.

Our best runners still overshadowed by the foreigners.The Kenyans,Japanese,Moroccan and many others were a class above and we,the locals failed to break their dominance.The Kenyans especially,won all the categories they contested in.

As for the KPAC,only a handful of our members took part and we enjoyed our run here.

Below are the few results l had managed to compile:

Men Open 30km
No:010--2h 10m 53s---Ng Swee Yee
No:079--2h 40m 03s---Kee Weng Keong
No:000--3h 33m 12s---Seah Leong Hong
No:000--3h 55m 13s---Lim Chong Ping

Men Junior Veteran 30km
No:000--2h 21m 40s---Wong Soon Pin
No:000--3h 02m 36s---Seah Leong San
No:000--3h 36m 21s---Tee Kuan Meng

Women Open 30km
No:000--2h 58m 17s---Seah Bee Lian
No:000--3h 38m 45s---Sia Lay Cheng

Men Open 20km
No:000--1h 50m 34s---Leong Ann Lok
No:000--2h 02m 50s---Syanizam B Ismail
No:000--2h 09m 26s---Kamaruzaman

For top 5 results of each category please click here

KLAVA - Back To Nature Relay - 11/1/09

Taman Metropolitan Batu
Jalan Ipoh,Kuala Lumpur

Relay competition becomes more and more popular nowadays.Even non competitive event like this KLAVA organised 'Back To Nature Relay' attracted more than 30 teams including those from outstations and school students.And surprisingly many good runners took part too.

To add excitement to this relay competition,many fast runners chose among themselves to form the best teams to challenge each other.The mixed teams made up the most participation.

Our team is the defending champion in the men open.We won the title last September through our triplet of Ng Swee Yee,Jayakumar and Vigneswaran.Today we sent two teams to battle it out in the same category.We expect tough challenge from SMK Bukit Mewah-last year's runner up ,SMK Mambau and also some local teams.We didn't send any representative to defend our junior veteran title due to some complications.

Our first team named as KPAC 1 consist of Jayakumar as captain,Ng Swee Yee and new comer Jagdev Singh and the second team,KPAC 2 were made up of Naresh Kumar as captain,Murali Nathan and Richard Habeeya.Richard replaced Gunaseelan as the first runner as the latter is busy attending to some business outstations.

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Group photo before the battle

Naresh,Murali and Guna are our latest recruitment.They joined us last week and the club is more than delighted to have this three talented runners.We welcome more new members to join us.

The battle began when Richard lead the way in the first lap followed closely by one mascular crew cut hair style runner which we suspect is an army from RAMD -Regimen Askar Melayu Diraja.KPAC 1 was just a few metre behind.

When the batons changed hand,KPAC 1 second runner,Jayakumar quickly closing the gap and overtook the runner infront but failed to topple Murali as leader.It was all the way for the KPAC teams to outdo each other.Naresh's lead was short lived when this young Jagdev overtook him in the mid of final lap.KPAC 1 retains the title while KPAC 2 pushed school runners SMK Bukit Mewah to third place.The school boys clocked an improved 39m 26s.

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This is the fastest team,young and energetic:From R to L:Jayakumar,Ah Yee and Jagdev Singh

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The second best,clocked the second fastest time.From R to L:Richard,Murali and Naresh

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This relay attracted this team from Sri Garden School which is represented by three young cute looking girls

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Group photo:KPAC members and the Negeri Sembilan's schools runners

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Richard Habeeya in action-the first to hand over the baton to his mate,Murali Nathan

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Jagdev sped to the finishing line to defend our title

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Ah Yee,as first runner was trailing in third position.

Below are the split timings of our teams that emerged victorious in this morning's relay.

00m 00s --12m 40s ---Ng Swee Yee
12m 40s -- 25m 37s ---Jayakumar
25m 37s -- 38m 45s ---Jagdev Singh

00m 00s --12m 23s ---Richard Habeeya
12m 23s -- 25m 00s ---Murali Nathan
25m 00s -- 39m 16s ---Naresh Kumar

Der Pacemakers Network Run 2009 - 1/1/09

This event was also known as New Year Run was organised by the Pacemakers Network,raised the curtain of local running calender at Taman Tasik Perdana last week.It was a small and simple race and did not offer any prize money to the winners however it managed to attract many runners.About 150 participated in this run which was divided into several categories.

Many runners and volunteers turned up as early as 6.00am to give a helping hand to the organiser.Time chip system which gains popularity lately was used here to ensure every runner has a fair run and also to minimise man power.

The atmosphere was more like a big family gathering and allowed runners to get to know each other better.Mr Kelvin, the Pacemakers' spokeman gave a briefing on the running route and water station before the race and of course he hilariously filled the air with laughter.

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The proud moment,our runners showing off their hard earned trophies

The KPAC was proud to become one of their co-sponsor by contributed some sports products for the lucky draw contest.Our president was honoured to be invited to give away the prizes to the all lucky winners.

A total of 6 KPAC members took part in two different categories.Three were in the men below 29 age group and another three in the 40 to 49 yrs age group. Our most outstanding runner was this young talent, lanky Jagdev Singh who is only 16.His effort won him a trophy in the most challenging group and he managed to dip below 1 hour for this 13.8 km run.We are proud of him.

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KPAC members and friends.From L to R:Dhan Bahadur,Ah Yee,Kee,Guna,Suresh,Wong and Naresh.In squatting position is Jagdev Singh.

Below are some photographs by courtesy of Pmtey

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Jagdev Singh

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Wong Soon Pin
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Kee Weng Keong

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Dhan Bahadur

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Ng Swee Yee

Results at glance:

Men 29 yrs and below
No:002--56m 15s---Ng Swee Yee
No:006--59m 55s---Jagdev Singh
No:017--67m 54s---Kee Weng Keong

Men 40 to 49 yrs
No:003--61m 04s---Dhan Bahadur
No:005--63m 07s---Wong Soon Pin
No:019--77m 02s---Tee Kuan Meng

For full results please click here