Centro Klang Run 2011 - Photo

24 Jul 2011 Centro Klang Run - Others result

A) Men open(12 Km)
Loi Hin Kai-57m 30s
Chin Ming Chang-1h 06m 06s
Alvin Yap-1h 06m 50s
Eric Teh Poh Chin-1h 07m 25s
Tan Chi Kian-1h 07m 39s
Lim Soon Chung-1h 15m 23s
Jason - 1h 22m xxs
Pong Kok Liang-1h 23m 22s
Chia Yong Zheng-1h 33m 16s

B) Men Junior Veteran(12 Km)
Tee Kuan Meng-1h 02m 25s
Lim Boon Wah-1h 05m 15s
Ng Kim Leng-1h 07m 33s
Chia Woon Sen-1h 09m 29s
Johnson How-1h 17m 06s
Ng Then Chor-1h 19m 52s

C) Men Senior Veteran(12 Km)
Khoo Thiem Seng-58m 31s

D)Women Open(12 Km)
Lim Pei Yin-1h 15m 23s
Khoo Lay Ngoh-1h 24m 10s
Emily Ng CY-1h 26m 38s

H) Fun Run(6 Km)
Leong Ann Lok-31m 11s
Terence Ong - 36m xxs
Wong Mun Hon - 55m 32s

24 Jul 2011 Centro Klang Run - Official result for Top 10 winner

C - Men Senior

B - Men Veteran

Categoty A – Men Open 12km

1st 46:57 Jayakumar A/L Ramasamy (time change)
2nd 49:38 Wong Chin Chun
3rd 50:34 Kenny Wong Kok Wah
4th 50:44 Tey Chin Sze
5th 51:34 Sabree bin Kamaruddin
6th 52:22 Tham Yoke Khean
7th 52:29 Stanley Cheong
8th 52:57 Andy Lee Kui Seong
9th 53:56 Ling King Keong
10th 55:34 Jasni Khairil

Category B – Men Veteran 12km

1st 47:35 Ong Chin
2nd 48:48 Ng Say Heong
3rd 50:06 Moey Wooi San
4th 52:27 Cheah Teck Hock
5th 52:29 Bong Teck Yong
6th 54:41 Hoi Men Kit
7th 55:51 Liew Ching Lock
8th 57:14 Chua Pek San
9th 58:38 Tan Hai Guan
10th 58:48 Yuan Khai Heng

Category C – Men Senior Veteran 12km

1st 50:03 Goh Choon Ann
2nd 52:07 Siow Kek Keong
3rd 53:05 Mohd Sowoto
4th 54:36 Lim Kian Huat
5th 54:50 Wong Yew Tho
6th 56:26 Won Khim Ching
7th 57:02 Lee Chue Siew
8th 57:03 Yeo Khay Ann
9th 57:11 Chu Yoke Kien
10th 58:11 Wong Kim Tham

Category D – Women Open 12km

1st 0:57:13 Yee Pei Ni
2nd 1:01:53 Lee Siak Yeng
3rd 1:05:53 Suraya Ahmad
4th 1:06:18 Oh Yann Shie
5th 1:07:16 Lee Soo Gan
6th 1:07:47 Low Sin Xi
7th 1:08:30 Tey Ai Chu
8th 1:09:32 Wan Marlin Mohd Zaini
9th 1:09:59 Ng Xiang Ying
10th 1:10:39 Ng Xiew Wei

Category E – Women Veteran 12km

1st 1:02:46 Evon Sia
2nd 1:05:12 Tan Bee Ngoh
3rd 1:15:43 Chua Huat Hoon
4th 1:15:50 Ng See Meng
5th 1:17:01 Lim Chor Heoh
6th 1:17:29 Ho Chee Mee
7th 1:18:01 Choi Sook Fong
8th 1:18:52 Wong Mee Ing
9th 1:19:03 Lee Xiok Har
10th 1:19:32 Chong Bee Bee

Category F – School Boys 6km

1st 22:15 Vikneshwaran a/l Manimaran
2nd 22:18 Edward Shankar s/o Alumuthu
3rd 22:25 Yagnish s/o Nadarajan
4th 23:00 Anildeep Singh a/l Setwan Singh
5th 23:15 Lynus Lee Zhi Min
6th 23:24 Muhd Nazmi bin Suhaimi Subas
7th 23:34 Lim Aik Khai
8th 24:14 Kuhan a/l Naiithanmby
9th 24:18 Muhd Farhan Bin Khairul Anuar
10th 24:24 Muhd Firdaus bin Mohd Yazid

Category G – School Girls 6km

1st 30:07 Sylvia Moey
2nd 30:42 Jothilechumya
3rd 31:12 Tan Wei Ron
4th 31:38 Sia Elaine
5th 32:27 Ho Hooi Yi
6th 32:47 Joeyne Ong Zu Ying
7th 33:33 Hannah Kamarulzaman
8th 33:40 Leong Fay Xuen
9th 34:34 Norshuhadah binti Kohhar
10th 34:48 Tee Hui Xian

24 July 2011, Klang – At 6.45am sharp, YB Elizabeth Wong from Tourism Selangor accompanied by Director of Centro Properties Group Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Teo Chiang Kok, flag off a total of more than 2500 runners towards the “Klang Historical Run” here at Centro Mall, Klang. Runners from all over Malaysia including Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Perak, etc, was given a good cheer from the family and friends of the runners. There were runners as young as 10 years old to runners as old as 73 years old, to compete on 3 categories – 12km for adults, 6km for school children, & 6km for adults fun run.
The event started with warm-up session led by CHi Fitness & Gym before the flag off for all categories. There were also various stage games & prizes to entertain the audience while waiting for all the runners to reach the finishing line. Runners were also given special lucky draws such as a Samsung Galaxy Mini mobile phone to further create the excitement of the event. Lots of refreshments at the finishing line were prepared for the runners to replenish their strength and vitality.
All runners enjoyed great prizes and goodies. The top 10 of each category received a pewter trophy as well as prizes sponsored by New Balance and SWORKE. First prize winner for each category will also win a Fujifilm digital camera! All qualifying runners received a finishing medals and certificate of achievement. Off course, all runners will not go back empty handed. All runners signed up for the event will receive a New Balance t-shirt and upon completion of the race they will also receive goodies bag worth more than RM100!
In line with this year’s theme “Klang Historical Run” to promote Klang as a tourism spot, Centro Mall has also invited a special runner from Singapore. Shariff Abdullah, an amputee ultra marathoner in Asia and also known as Singapore's first Blade Runner, to complete a 12km run here at Centro Klang Run 2011.
Organized by Klang Pacers Athletic Club, this event will not be such a success without our great support of our sponsors namely our main sponsors – Magnum, Munchy’s, New Balance, and Fujifilm. Other co-sponsor for this year includes Pao Xiang Bakuteh Restaurant, The Shepherdoo Restaurant & Lounge, The Chopsticks Restaurant, CHi Fitness & Gym, GNC Livewell, Sushi King, SWORKE,
Gatorade, Vico, Gardenia, Waters Mineral Water, Akbar, & Active Guard. Off course, the event would like to acknowledge our appreciation to the support of RELA, St. John Ambulance, Klang Police Traffic, Majlis Perbandaran Klang, and the neighboring premises for their assistance.
A big thank you to all the above for making Centro Klang Run 2011 such a memorable event! According to Centro Mall Senior Executive of Advertising and Promotion, Joanne Teh, this year’s event is truly overwhelming as many people are coming to know about Centro Klang Run event and are more willing to participate in healthy lifestyle activity. Event such as these definitely brings the community and families together for a good time of fun and enjoyment. All sponsors and participants
truly am looking forward for Centro Klang Run 2012!

Reminder - Centro Klang Run - Collection

Finishing Medal

For those register with this event, see you as:-
Date : 24 Jul 2011.
Venue: Centro Mall, Klang
Report Time : 6.00am

The Collection Number Tags and T-shirt as:-
Date : 22-23 Jul 2011
Time : 11am-6pm
Venue: Centro Mall, Groud Floor.
Tel : 03-3343-3011

Once again, thanks for your support.
See you for the run.

17 Jul 2011 Olympic Day Run

Men Open
Tan Chi Kian-36m 41s (92th)
Lim Soon Chung-38m 00s(126th)

Men Junior Vetaran
Leong Ann Lok-36m 43s(41th)
Tee Kuan Meng-37m 25s(53th)

Men Senior Veteran
khoo Thiem Seng-36m 06s(15th)

Women OpenLim Pei Yen-46m 16s(51th)..

09 Oct 2011 Sabah Tea Peztfree - KRI 12km Run 2011


Venue: Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz (Pologround)
Date: 9 Oct 2011 (Sunday), 7:00am
Race Distance: 12km
Code Category Age Range Trophies

A Men Junior 16 - 29 1 - 10
B Men Open 30 - 39 1 - 10
C Men Junior Veteran 40 - 44 1 - 10
D Men Veteran 45 - 49 1 - 10
E Men Senior Veteran 50 - 54 1 - 10
F Men Super Veteran 55 - 59 1 - 10
G 60 & Above 60 & Above 1 - 10
H Women Oepn 16 - 29 1 - 10
J Women Junior Veteran 30 - 39 1 - 10
K Women Veteran 40 - 49 1 - 10
L Women Senior Veteran 50 & Above 1 - 10

* Top 3 Positions for All Categories will receive ASICS Voucher worth RM500 (1st), RM300 (2nd) & RM150 (3rd)

* Categories will be based on age groups. Age is determined by year of birth.

* All prizes winners may be required to produce their ICs or passports for identification and verification purposes.


On or before 31/08/2011: RM35 (KRI Members & Public)
01/09/2011 to 15/09/2011: RM35 (KRI Members), RM45 (Public)
Late Entries after 15/09/2011: RM 55 (KRI Members & Public)
Entries close on 15/09/2011. Thereafter will consider as late entries.

17 Jul 2011 Fitness First Miracle Charity Run

KPAC committee member with Mr. Andrew Tan Gim Lee (Blue Shirt), Senior Fitness Manager, Fitness First

KPAC will help Fitness First to organise a charity run as:-
Date : 17 Jul 2011
Time : 7.15am
Venue: Empire Gallery, Subang
Distance: 6km (5.82km)

The registration form available on all the Fitness First outlet.

The Winner result:-
Men Category:
22:57 Timothy Yeo
23:12 Saw Kok Leong
24:50 Yap Yeau Cheng

Women Category:
29:42 Chythia Mark R. Mohan
34:05 Vivienna Tan Hwee Ping
36:00 Moganesvary

Kids Category:
36:34 Seah Kai Zhou
45:03 Kong Ji Yan
55:36 Kong Xue Yin

Run for It 5 - Extend early bird registration

medal come out liao.

Dear sirs:-

Due to some shortfall printing and publicity issue, the committees decide to extend the Run for It 5 early registration to our next event, Klang Centro Run 24 Jul 2011.

Please ulitilise the time frame given for the early bird registration.

We will open registration counter during Centro Klang Run for early bird registration. Fast, fast! and Quick, quick!

03 Jul 2011 Ipoh International Half Marathon

Men Open 10km

00:43:40--74th--Ang Kao
00:49:58--150th--Tee Kuan Meng
00:52:01--190th--Eric Teh Poh Chin

Men Veteran 10km

00:41:48--17th--Siow Kek Keong
00:46:58--46th--Khoo Thiem Seng
00:50:50--64th--Phang Fook Thin

Men Veteran 21km

01:25:52--22th--Ng Say Heong
01:54:39--79th--Leong Ann Lok