Standard Chartered KL Marathon - 28/06/2009

KPAC's proud moment - Jayakumar's podium finish at SCKLM 2009

Jayakumar - in action last April at the Orange Run
Photo courtesy of pmtey2

The best achievement so far in the recent years by a local KPAC member,Jayakumar A/L Ramasamy did,not only the club proud but the entire running community in Klang.His magnificent feat of 2h 46m 19s won him the third placing in the Malaysian's category for full marathon yesterday at Dataran Merdeka behind two of our nation best long distance runners Muniandy Ramadass and Shaharudin Hashim.And for his great effort,he won US1,000.00

Jayakumar was voted as the best male athlete early this year by our board of committee and of course he is heading for a double.A talented and disciplined runner,the friendly Jayakumar improved through his hard work training along with members and his buddies at Padang Sultan Sulaiman.

Standard Chartered KL Marathon - 28/06/2009

Dataran Merdeka
Kuala Lumpur

Despite the huge response given by both the foreign and local runners,the organizer failed in its duty to create a more lively running atmosphere.The Dataran Merdeka was unusual quiet unlike most of the running events held here before.

No loud music and vigorous warm up session,runners were seen yawning in the canopies resembled diners waiting to be served in a Chinese wedding dinner.Even the event's commentators got too little to say.

Only about 50 KPAC members registered for this inaugural SCKLM and half of them signed up for the full marathon.Most of them performed rather well and their hard works of training were paid off.Congratulations!

The cool and fresh breezy wet condition was an advantage to many amid the humid and hazy weather nowadays.

Along the route,water stations were aplenty and mobile toilets were available at certain distances.There were road markers for the full marathon but there was none for the 21km category.

The full,half and 10k runners met at Jalan Istana.The 10k runners made up more than half of the registered participants and they occupied and blocked almost the entire reserved running route along the highway.

The full and half marathoners had to navigate themselves to avoid bumping into the slow 10k runners.It was an irritating experience to run in and out among those walking side by side.

Medals collection at the finishing line was a new procedure to many.You need to ask around where to collect your deserved medals.

Read more here for the latest news and here for top finishers of all categories

Results-KPAC members only

Men Full Marathon
No:003--2h 46m 19s---Jayakumar (Malaysian's category)
No:000--3h 46m 30s---Siow Kek Kiong
No:000--3h 49m 11s---Naresh Kumar
No:000--3h 54m 48s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:000--3h 56m 20s---Lim Boon Wah
No:000--4h 17m 17s---Seah Leong San
No:000--4h 18m 06s---Lee Chue Siew
No:000--4h 25m 05s---Tan Swee Sing
No:000--4h 25m 30s---Tan Beng Kuan
No:000--4h 28m 14s---Wong Soon Pin
No:000--4h 32m 48s---Ong Teck Keong
No:000--4h 45m 51s---Seah Leong Hong
No:000--5h 10m 02s---Ng Hock Lee
No:000--5h 17m 35s---Hansom Quek

Men Half Marathon
No:000--1h 46m 01s---Lingam
No:000--1h 48m 10s---Kee Weng Keong
No:000--1h 56m 00s---Suresh
No:000--2h 02m 18s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--2h 13m 00s---Lim Sam Hang
No:000--2h 19m 00s---Lim Chong Pin

Women Half Marathon
No:000--2h 12m 00s---Sia Lay Cheng
No:000--2h 24m 00s---Robiyatul

Race Pack Collection SCKLM

The organizer promises a better and more efficient way to handle the bib collection after receiving so many complains and grouses yesterday.Read the excerpt below from the e mail we received last night.

Dear Runners,

Only one day to go and for those who have not yet collected race packs; do come down to Dataran Merdeka between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm tomorrow. We promise you all a much better experience and todays problems are all ironed out.
Over 5,100 of you already picked up your race packs today.. if you were affected by the backlog which was due to the rain causing our systems to shortcircuit, our sincerest apologies.

Meanwhile as long as you bring your registration confirmation slip, containing Race ID and your NRIC/passport, you should be able to collect your pack without a hitch.

Marathon Team

All the best to KPAC members,friends and fellow runners who are participating in tomorrow's run and enjoy the race.

Parking On Race Day SCKLM - 28/06/2009

From Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

We recommend that your park your cars at the designated eight RapidKL shuttle pick-up points and take the buses from there.However, if you really must drive, you can park at parking bays in the Dataran Merdeka underground parking, Daya Bumi, and Padang Merbuk.

Please note however that if you're planning to park in the Dataran Merdeka underground you can only park before 4.30am and leave after 11.30am.

For Daya Bumi, you must park before 6.00am and can only leave after 11.00am.

For Padang Merbuk, you can park and leave anytime.You can also park at other venues, ex. Lake Gardens, but they are further away than the three cited above.

We will provide updates on road closures as soon as we can, but for now, we can tell you that the marathon route itself will be closed to traffic between 5.00am and 11.00am on 28 June 2009

By courtesy of Der Pacemakers Network

DiGi-Pacesetters Kuantan TC 10k Run

To all KPAC members who are interested to take part in the above run,please contact our president-Mr SP Wong (012 310 1379) for registration/transport and Mr Seah Leong San (012 223 4110) for accommodation.Please rooms available and it's a first come first serve basis.

der Pacemakers Circuit Run 3 (Final)

Taman Bukit Jalil
Kuala Lumpur

It was more like a social gathering for runners at Taman Bukit Jalil last night.More than a hundred runners turned up for this night run that marked the final circuit run organised by the 'Der Pacemakers Network' before the much anticipated SCKLM 2009.

Runners were required to complete a 7 laps of 3.2 km each which covers 22.4km around the park with series of climb to test their endurance.Unfortunately the distance was slightly cut short when a tree fell on the running path on the very first lap.Luckily no one was hurt.

In the absence of several key runners,Jasni Khairil lead the pack from the start and subsequently emerged as the first runner to cross the finishing line.Many were seen walking only after 3 laps of run and some even did not complete theirs.

The environment was a little bit hazy,no thanks to the current open burning activities abroad.And to add salt to the wound,the local authorities still unable to curb our own illegal burning especially along the Kesas Highway towards Port Klang.

A simple event with a small budget,yet runners were rewarded with beautiful 'gold' plated finisher trophies and also treated to a light supper after the run.

KPAC was represented by our president,SP Wong,Kamaruzaman and myself.This was the first night run we'd ever participated.Thanks to Mr Ronnie See,the race director for allowing us to take part at the 11th hour.

The distance proved too much for Kamaruzaman and he gave up with one more lap to go.With no proper training due to the preparation of the recent NBKP half marathon,SP Wong was experiencing cramps but managed to 'dragged' himself to settle at 30th position.

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 marathon 2009

NBKP half marathon 2009-5

Please click on the picture above to view 309 photos of the 21km categories and
for the 11km categories,please refer to albums' below:

NBKP half marathon 2009-6

Album(1) 285 photos (top)
Album(2) 343 photos (below)
NBKP half marathon 2009-2

1,500 take part in New Balance-Klang Pacers event !

FRENCHMAN Peter Lautredoux proved he still had the legs to stay ahead of younger challengers at the New Balance-Klang Pacers half marathon at SP Setia’s flagship development in Bandar Setia Alam on Sunday.

The 43-year-old former international long distance runner clocked 1’12:30 to come in first over the 21km distance, emerging champion in the men’s veteran (40 to 49 years) category.

Following a slow start, Lautredoux said, he picked up the tempo 45 minutes into the race.

“The competition today was not as stiff, and the frontrunners decided to take it easy in the early stage of the run. After setting a leisure pace, it was tough to step up again. I needed a big push to initiate the breakaway and I am delighted to win the race. Although the weather was a bit hazy, the organisers had picked a flat route and the exceptional traffic control helped to ensure the participants’ safety,” he added.

Local runner R. Muniandy of Team New Balance and Nicholas Merica from Kenya were in the leading pack, but the duo faded off and dropped back towards the end of the race.

“As the Kenyan (Merica) joined me to surge forward, we agreed to approach the finish line together. But, when I saw him struggling in the final two kilometres, I decided to go on my own because Muniandy was catching up and he could have beaten me in a sprint finish,” said Lautredoux, who has been residing in Malaysia for the past five years.

Well done: Kota Anggerik assemblyman Yaakob Sapari (left) presenting the prize to the women’s open 21km winner, Beatrice Karsorto.

Meanwhile, Muniandy won the men’s open (above 16 years) event with a time of 1’12:55, followed by Merica (1’13:30) and M. Arul Thevar (1’14:40) in second and third respectively.

The event drew 1,500 participants, including entries in four categories – men’s open (13 to 39 years), men’s veteran (above 40 years), women’s open (13 to 34 years) and women’s veteran (above 35 years) – of the 4.5km fun run.

The top five finishers in the five categories – men’s open, men’s veteran (40 to 49 years), men’s senior veteran (above 50 years), women’s open (above 16 years) and women’s veteran (above 35 years) – of the 21km run received cash vouchers from New Balance.

In addition, the top three finishers in the men’s open (above 13 years) and women’s open (above 13 years) categories of the 11km event were also rewarded with cash vouchers.

Klang Pacers Athletic Club (KPAC) president S.P. Wong said they took seven months to prepare for the event and it was a tough task accommodating the increased participation.

“Previously, we had organised our meets at Stadium Padang Sulaiman in Klang, but now we have found an alternative location for our events here. We are also encouraging our club members to train here every Sunday,” he added.

They are also planning to host the upcoming third Run For It event over the 12km distance, which is scheduled to for Nov 8, at the same venue.

By courtesy of The Star Newspaper

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009
Newsletter – June 2009

Dear Runner,

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to your overwhelming support, registration for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 has closed two weeks ahead of its stipulated deadline of 15 June! All 12,500 slots have been taken up and the organizers promise to deliver a great running experience for all.

Run For a Cause
Here’s good news for registered participants of Run For a Cause who have yet to collect the minimum RM500 needed to confirm yourself as a charity runner. The deadline has been extended to 15 June. Please take note if you still do not have the required minimum amount of RM500, you will not be able to run because registration is closed and the money raised to date will be donated to your chosen charity.

Race Pack Collection
Please take note that the Race Pack Collection will be held on:

Date: Friday, 26 June and Saturday, 27 June 2009
Time: 26 June from 12pm to 8pm, 27 June from 10am to 5pm
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

To collect your Race Pack, you will need to bring along your registration confirmation slip together with your NRIC/Passport. If you are unable to collect your Race Pack on your own, a representative may collect on your behalf provided they bring along your authorization, photocopy of your NRIC/Passport and registration confirmation slip. Each person can collect up to a maximum of six (6) Race Packs, including his own, if he is a registered runner. You can download the authorization letter here. If you did not receive your registration confirmation slip, please click here, and key in your IC/Passport and your date of birth to print out a copy.

Running Clinic
The last in our series of Running Clinics is set to take place on 14 June at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. The topic, Countdown to Race Day, will take runners through their final preparation and training schedules as a lead up to Race Day. The clinic will be conducted by elite runners Mark Williams, Shaharudin Hashim and Yuan Yu Fang, Ultraman Kannan Murugasan, Coach Azizollah Mierzai and Lim Ai Leng, a dietitian from Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre. Read more here.

The inaugural Standard Chartered KL Marathon to be held on June 28 will rely on volunteers for a variety of jobs, before and during the race day. Some of the key areas where volunteer help is required include: Race Pack distribution, Fruit and drinks distribution, Course Marshals, Crowd Control at Finish (to ensure smooth flow of runners at finish line), Media Tent, Luggage collection and return. The Volunteer briefing will be held on June 21 at Sukan Negara – the volunteers will receive a separate e-mail on this topic.

Promotions and Sponsor offers
Have a look here for the latest sponsor offer of MSIG Insurance.

For all you eager beavers out there, here’s a sneak peek of what the Standard Chartered KL Marathon Running Singlet will look like.

Get Connected
Join us on Facebook and Twitter to connect with the 12,500 runners participating in the Race. You will also get the latest updates and notifications pertaining to the marathon.

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 marathon 2009

The champions of half marathon

Category A - Muniandy

Category B - Peter Lautredoux

Category C - M.Ramakrishnan

Category D - Beatrice Kapsoiyo

Category E - Susan Khoo

NBKP half marathon 2009-3

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...and another 310 photos below

NBKP half marathon 2009-4

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 marathon 2009

More KPAC members in action (11 km category)


Kuan Chee Kee

Jagdev Singh

Suresh-a new member

Phang Fok Thing

Seah Bee Lian



Please click on the picture below to view another 335 photos in the 11km category and more to come......stay tuned

NBKP half marathon 2009-2

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 marathon 2009

NBKP half marathon 2009
Please click on the picture to view 226 photos
and stay tuned for more

KPAC members in action

Ahmad Lamchannak

Murali Nathan

Dhan Bahadur

Naresh Kumar

Ter Yew Tiong

Loi Hin Kai

Tee Choon Wooi

Seah Leong San

Race results-KPAC members only

Category A Men Open 21km
No:012--1h 34m 36s---Naresh Kumar
No:042--1h 47m 50s---Loi Hin Kai
No:049--1h 49m 27s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:055--1h 51m 11s---Kee Weng Keong
No:063--1h 53m 32s---Leong Ann Lok
No:064--1h 53m 57s---Seah Leong Hong

Category B Men Junior Veteran 21km
No:015--1h 44m 26s---Ter Yew Tiong
No:016--1h 45m 31s---Lee Chui Siew
No:020--1h 46m 38s---Lim Boon Wah
No:024--1h 48m 33s---Tan Swee Sing
No:031--1h 51m 01s---Seah Leong San
No:040--1h 55m 16s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:000--2h 18m 23s---Lim Chong Pin

Category C Men Senior Veteran 21km
No:039--2h 08m 13s---Chong Choo Loy
No:041--2h 10m 36s---Khoo Thiem Seng
No:053--2h 13m 22s---Lim Chia Pin

Category E Women Veteran 21kmNo:014--2h 12m 15s---Sia Lay Cheng

Category F Men Open 11km
No:021--52m 10s---Suresh
No:034--00m 00s---Phang Fok Thing
No:063--62m 24s---Subramaniam

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 marathon 2009

Top ten results of all categories

Category A : Men Open 21km

No:001--1h 12m 55s---Muniandy A/L Ramadass
No:002--1h 13m 30s---Nicholas Merica
No:003--1h 14m 40s---M.Arul Thever
No:004--1h 16m 00s---Shaharudin Bin Hashim
No:005--1h 19m 08s---Ahmad Lamchannak
No:006--1h 23m 06s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
No:007--1h 24m 26s---Praba Kharan
No:008--1h 24m 41s---Chow Yew Wei
No:009--1h 30m 37s---Swee Hsien Ming
No:010--1h 31m 15s---Murali Nathan

Category B : Men Junior Veteran 21km

No:001--1h 12m 30s---Peter Lautredoux
No:002--1h 25m 32s---Ong Chin
No:003--1h 32m 46s---Dhan Bahadur
No:004--1h 36m 15s---Alam Shah Ismail
No:005--1h 36m 18s---Daniel Tan
No:006--1h 36m 22s---Ng Say Heong
No:007--1h 38m 20s---Yee Sing Seng
No:008--1h 39m 25s---Wan Sin
No:009--1h 40m 05s---Ronnie Gui
No:010--1h 41m 29s---Kang Swee Hee

Category C: Men Senior Veteran 21km

No:001--1h 23m 17s---M.Ramakrishnan
No:002--1h 27m 19s---Don Khor
No:003--1h 33m 23s---Ridzuan Sulaiman
No:004--1h 35m 00s---Mohd Yasun
No:005--1h 36m 16s---Mohd Sowoto Bin Indi
No:006--1h 37m 22s---Tan Wah Sing
No:007--1h 39m 48s---Tang Chee Choon
No:008--1h 41m 59s---Lok Chan Chuen
No:009--1h 46m 48s---Toh Get Hoon
No:010--1h 46m 48s---Cheng Meng Ang

Category D: Women Open 21km

No:001--1h 40m 32s---Beatrice Kapsoiyo
No:002--1h 52m 55s---Saya Lau Pui San
No:003--1h 55m 38s---Wong Wen Jun
No:004--1h 57m 47s---Lee Yee Hua
No:005--2h 06m 29s---Haslinda Binti Dolah
No:006--2h 11m 48s---Jamiliyana Binti Jaafar
No:007--2h 13m 55s---Jeniffer Ng Ai Ling
No:008--2h 14m 58s---Wendy Wong
No:009--2h 15m 16s---Auyong Pui San
No:010--2h 21m 32s---Lee Le Min

Category E: Women Veteran 21km

No:001--1h 41m 27s---Susan Khoo
No:002--1h 42m 27s---Yong Lai Chee
No:003--1h 49m 56s---Ong Siok Bee
No:004--1h 50m 36s---Agnes Tee Yoke Loi
No:005--1h 52m 55s---Tan Shih Ming
No:006--1h 54m 13s---Chee Oi Leng
No:007--1h 55m 18s---Yap Wai Mun
No:008--1h 58m 15s---Tan Bee Ngor
No:009--1h 58m 53s---Dora Chua
No:010--2h 06m 55s---Annie Lee Khum Chien

Category F: Men Open 11km

No:001--38m 39s---Khartik A/L Jayaraman
No:002--38m 50s---Jayakumar A/L Ramasami
No:003--39m 13s---Balu A/L Muniandy
No:004--40m 57s---Murali@Arasu A/L Muniandy
No:005--42m 15s---Jagdev Singh A/L Harjit Singh
No:006--43m 14s---Jasni Khairil Bin Jamaluddin
No:007--44m 29s---Prathab A/L Muniandy
No:008--44m 48s---R.Nanchappan A/L Rajagopal
No:009--45m 26s---Kesavaraja A/L Krishnan
No:010--45m 56s---Thanasekaran A/L R.Manickam

Category G: Women Open 11km

No:001--54m 58s---Georgina Beech
No:002--57m 25s---Seah Bee Lian
No:003--65m 26s---Batmapriya A/P Salethoray
No:004--66m 11s---Goh Ying Zi
No:005--66m 28s---Jennifer Henderson
No:006--69m 11s---Lim Siew Cheng
No:007--69m 24s---Lim Guat Cheng
No:008--69m 59s---Tan Sher Lee
No:009--70m 14s---Leong Kim Yeow
No:010--70m 26s---Lee Yee Tze

Category H: (Fun Run) Men Open 4.5km

No:001--20m 02s---Rosan Bahadur Dangi
No:002--22m 26s---Adam Farris Tan
No:003--23m 56s---Chiah Soh Soon

Category I: (Fun Run) Men Veteran 4.5km

No:001--24m 34s---Lim Beng Watt
No:002--25m 11s---Muhammad Hafiz Edward
No:003--26m 01s---Kwang Teck Ming

Category J: (Fun Run) Women Open 4.5km

No:001--30m 14s---Yee Ching Kei
No:002--33m 10s---Catherine Law
No:003--34m 05s---Pamela Teh Eng Yoong

Category K: (Fun Run) Women Veteran 4.5km

No:001--31m 36s---Ng Li Li
No:002--33m 53s---Ng Tsui Lang
No:003--38m 51s---Ng Seok Voon

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 marathon 2009

Vest and bib collection at Setia Alam Welcome Centre 06/06/2009


Volunteers at work (1)

Volunteers at work (2)

Volunteers at work (3)

Ng Thean Chor - organising committee

Lim Swee Chai - Organising committee

For category H to K only (Setia Alam residents' categories)

Main sponsor - Powerbar

New Balance products for sale

Huge and beautiful trophies await winners....

...souvenirs for all sponsors