15 Jan 2012 Mizuno Wave Run

R-L: Ng KL, Tee KM, Chandru, Danny Chai on Starting point
Ng KL and Tee KM have happy face before race
New Runner: Chua PS, Chua SP, Lai YC
Men Open
Jasni Khairil-37.23 (10th)

Men Junior Veteran

Ng Say Heong-40.33(9th)
Lai Yapp Choon-47.00
Chua Pek San-48.00
Tee Kuan Meng-51.53
Chua Siong Pek-55.00
Leong Ann Lok-56.16
Danny Chai-56.24
Ng Kim Leng
Tiou Leng Tiong

Women Veteran
Cheah Ying Foong-1.12.00

18 Feb 2012 KPAC 25th AGM cum Annual Dinner

Dear KPAC member:-

Please be inform that we will have the KPAC 25th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Dinner as:-

Event : KPAC 25th AGM cum Annual Dinner
Date : 18 Feb 2012 (Saturday)
Venue: Grand Imperial Restaurant (Level 9)
Time : 5pm-6pm -- AGM
7pm-10pm --Annual Dinner

AGM Agenda as:-
- President welcome speech
- Review last year AGM meeting minute
- Presentation of Annual report by Secretary
- Presentation of Annual Financial report by Tresurer
- Others (prefer the issue to discuss write-in to Secretary 1 week before the AGM date)
- Election of Office Bearers
- Close

Annual Dinner Ticket as:-
1. VIP ticket - RM1,000 with 2 ticket (Invite to stage for open ceremony)
2. Full Table ticket - RM200 with 2 ticket (Name will listed on every table)
3. Individual ticket - RM50

You may purchase Annual Dinner ticket from:-
1. Jimmy Yang 012-9312993 (Stadium area)
2. Leong Ann Lok 012-2959079 (Taman Rakyat area)
3. Seah Leong San 012-2234110 (Secretary)
and other committee member.

We also welcome any lucky draw sponsor, please do contact our committee member as above.

Thanks & regards

08 Jan 02 Multi-Purpose Insurance Run

Lim SC's happy look with the 'sexy girl'?

MPIB Run 2012

Men Open (11.65km)
Jasni Khairil-0h45m26s (9th)
Alvin Yap-1h 01m 38s
Tan Chi Kian-1h 07m 51s
Chin Min Chang-1h 13m 49s
Jonathan Tan-1h 18m 06s
Lim Soon Chung-1h 30m 05s

Men Junior Veteran(11.65km)
Chua Pek San-55m 00s
Lai Yapp Choon-57m 30s
Chua Siong Pek-1h 05m 00s
Tee Kuan Meng-1h 07m 29s
Leong Ann Lok-1h 12m 50s

Men Senior Veteran(11.65km)
Khoo Thiem Seng-58m 38s

Women Veteran(11.65km)
Cheah Ying Foong-1h 24m 48s

010112 Newton Run

Men Open
1:38:16--Jasni Khairil--3rd
2:23:03--Foo Chee Chung

Men Veteran
1:46:52--Ng Say Heong--3rd
2:14:58--Lee Foo Kien
2:35:40--Peter Goh
2:38:47--Albert Goh
3:15:50--Liew Chin Huat

Women Veteran
2:57:41--Leong Yoke Peng

Men Open
1:11:13--Gan Leng Leng

Men Veteran
1:08:57--Jimmy Yang
1:11:10--Hansom Quek
1:17:09--Lim Tow Suan

Women Open
1:23:54--Gan Bee Tien

Women Veteran
1:24:11--Alice Chi

010112 Otto Hutt Dragon Back Run 2012

A) Men

1:20:00--Chuah Pek San
1:24:18--Seah Leong San (start late)
1:24:30--Khoo Thiem Seng
1:25:00--Lai Yapp Choon
1:25:28--Alvin Yap
1:28:00--Simon Ng
1:28:09--Tee Kuan Meng
1:28:31--Danny Chai
1:29:00--Chia Jing Hui
1:30:20--Tan Chi Kian
1:33:06--Lim Soon Chung
1:34:00--Chin Ming Chang
1:36:00--Ng Kim Leng
1:38:42--Chia Woon Sen
1:40:00--Tiau Leng Tiong
1:46:22--Leong Ann Lok
1:46:30--Pong Kok Liang
1:55:00--Jonathan Tan
1:58:13--Chia Yong Zheng
2:23:00--Wong Mu Hon
2:50:00--Chia Yong Hong
Tiou Leng Tiong

b) Women
1:55:00--Lim Pei Yin
1:58:53--Cheah Ying Foong
2:00:00--Lim Chee Lai
2:52:00--Choo Siew Kean