2009 Klang Centro Community Run - 11/10/2009

Venue: Centro,Klang
Date: 11 October 2009
Time: 7.45am
Distance: 6km
Closing date: 30 September 2009

Entry forms are also available at Adidas King of The Road on 2 August 2009 at Shah Alam

Payment can be made through CIMB acc No:12590000040107 and please fax your bank in slip to 03 3371 1128

Larian Puncak Antarabangsa 26/07/2009

Dataran Bukit Antarabangsa
Jalan Wangsa 2

Brief results (KPAC members only)

Men Open 7km
No:004--25m 03s---Jasni Khairil
No:007--26m 45s---Naresh Kumar
No:009--27m 04s---Gunaseelan

Men's Health Night Run - 25/07/2009

Nearly four thousands as claimed by the organizer attended first 'Shape Men and Health' night run at Putra Jaya,precinct 3 last night.It was previously held at Lake Garden,Kuala Lumpur last year.

It was a good idea indeed to hold a run in the late evening to avoid any 'clash' as most of the Sundays before Puasa month is considered as peak and this attracted a better response.A night run also means lesser traffic hence fresher cool night air.

The beautiful and majestic Palace of Justice

The run was flagged off at 8.00pm for the 11.5km category which comprised the men and women open as well as men junior veteran.Then followed by the 7.7km men and women senior categories at 8.15pm.

Attractive prizes were offered to winners of all the five categories.Luxurious stay at a popular resort and health,skin and hair products were among them.Free membership,sports products and subcription of magazine,and free condoms...? were in the list.

The run took us from precinct 3 to the beautifully lit up Putra Jaya Convention Centre in precinct 5 via Seri Gemilang Bridge and back to precinct 4.Then a straight long run to precinct 7 and 2 before back to the finishing line.

The limited pewter medals made the run very exciting.Only 75 pcs were up for grab in each category and a relax pace would cost a medal.Runners were seen dash to the line in head to head finishing.

The regular faces

The crowd puller: Praticipants lining up to redeem the goodies bags worth RM300.00

Results at glance

Men Open 11.5km
No:009--44m 59s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
No:010--45m 16s---Jasni Khairil
No:018--48m 25s---Naresh Kumar
No:045--53m 30s---Lee Kong Hwai
No:071--55m 25s---Kee Weng Keong
No:000--72m 03s---Kamaruzaman

Men Junior Veteran 11.5km
No:004--48m 38s---Alam Shah
No:007--49m 36s---Siow Kek Keong
No:014--52m 50s---Wong Soon Pin
No:021--55m 05s---Tan Swee Sing
No:028--56m 10s---Seah Leong San
No:051--00m 00s---Tee Kuan Meng

Men Senior Veteran 7.7km
No:000--45m 12s---Ng Hock Lee

Women Open 11.5km
No:005--58m 43s---Seah Bee Lian
No:000--79m 50s---Robiyatul

Women Senior Veteran 7.7km
No:000--47m 09s--Ng Yok Beng

Port Dickson International Triathlon 11/07 - 12/07/2009

KPAC members in action at the PD International Triathlon.Photos are by courtesy of Ma Hong Choong

Cheo Kim Swee

A group of triathletes

Triathletes getting ready to swim for the first event

Group 1. Members of KPAC triathletes ready for action. From L to R:
Lim Swee Chai, Gan Tong Shium, Tee Leong Ann, Hansom Quek
Leong Kam Seong, Tan Kee Guan and Ong Teck Keong.
Third from left. Mr.Yee telling story.

Ho Kok Yeong

Mr. Yee Sing Seng's wife and daughter

A beautiful scenery in Port Dickson

Secretary Ong Teck Keong

Hansom Quek

Lim Swee Chai

Cheong Loo Pin

Gan Tong Shium

Ong Teck Keong

Group 2. L to R: SC Lim, TS Gan, LA Tee, Hansom, KS Leong,
KG Tan, TK Ong, Lim Wei Ing and LP Cheong.

DiGi-Pacesetters Kuantan TC 10km Run - 19/07/2009

Hometown runners and KPAC 's dominated the run but the organiser stole the limelight.Warm and friendly organising committees together with the ever smiling volunteers made everyone of us feel at home.

Nearly a thousand runners took part and the race was punctually flagged off.The route resemble the letter 'P' and it covered a total distance of 9.8km.Except for a short hilly climb at the beginning and the ending parts,it was a rather flat affair.

As usual a water station at 5km mark and what missing was obviously the road markers.Traffic control was fine and motorists were seen patiently waiting for runners to pass by.

Runners were required to run the last 100m stretch on the sandy beach to the finishing line.Loud music and friendly volunteers were there to welcome back all the participants.Later singing and dancing show to entertain the tired and exhausted runners.Fruits and drinks were aplenty.

Our runners emerged champions in the men and women categories.A one two finishing in the men open category brought a big smile for our president.A battle between Ahmad Lamchannak and Murali Nathan with strong challenges from the rest,the small built Moroccan won the race.Another KPAC member,Naresh Kumar finished in 7th placing.

To make it a more memorable day,the 4th and 5th place winners,Mr Casey Lim Khon Seng and En Jasni Khairul,both potential runners from KL joined us as KPAC members along with another veteran runner En Alam Shah.

Thalagavathy,who has been rested for awhile due to injuries,made a surprise appearance and won the women open category.Besides that Dhan Bahadur and Siow Kek Keong earned 3rd and 5th position respectitively in the Men Junior Veteran category.

And what really made our president proud at Teluk Cempedak was his daugther,Ms Wong Yea Yiing.She won 3rd place in the students category and it was her's few race.

Group photo (1) L to R:Phang Fok Thing,Dhan Bahadur,Kenny,Maniarasu,Lim Boon Wah,Murali Nathan,Naresh Kumar,Ng Hock Lee,SP Wong,Ahmad Lamchannak,Seah Leong Hong and Mogen.In squatting position:Seah Leong San,Me,Mr William Chin-Kuantan Pacesetters group leader and an organising committee.

Group photo (2) L to R:Phang,Ng Yok Beng,Tan Swee Seng,Siow Kek Keong,Ng,Dhan and Daniel Tan of KL Pacesetters

Group photo (3) L to R:Dhan,SP Wong,Ahmad and William Chin

Larian TC Kuantan - 19/07/2009

Below are the results of how our members fared at Teluk Cempedak this morning..stay tuned for the race report...


Men Open
No:001--33m 20s---Ahmad Lamchannak
No:002--35m 38s---Murali Nathan
No:004--00m 00s---Casey Lim Khon Seng
No:005--00m 00s---Jasni Khairil
No:007--40m 10s---Naresh Kumar
No:025--47m 20s---Seah Leong Hong
No:027--47m 37s---Gunaseelan
No:073--57m 18s---Kamarulzaman
No:084--59m 23s---Syanizam

Men Junior Veteran
No:003--40m 07s---Dhan Bahadur
No:005--41m 33s---Siow Kek Keong
No:009--43m 30s---Wong Soon Pin
No:015--45m 59s---Lim Boon Wah
No:017--47m 01s---Seah Leong San
No:019--47m 07s---Tan Swee Seng
No:026--49m 17s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:028--00m 00s---Kenny
No:042--53m 11s---Subramaniam

Men Senior Veteran
No:008--47m 10s---Phang Fok Thing
No:021--58m 23s---Ng Hock Lee

Women Open
No:001--51m 00s---Thalagavathy
No:041--70m 00s---Rahini

Women Veteran
No:014--62m 45s---Ng Yok Beng

Girls below 18yrs
No:003--62m 36s---Wong Yea Yiing

Seremban Half Marathon 12/07/2009

It was a great day for KPAC members at Padang NS,Seremban this morning.Eventhough only few of us managed a top ten finishing compared to last year,most of us enjoyed our run here.

The organising was good and well planned but the response was still not so encouraging especially the 21k category.Many regular faces were somewhere else either in Kuala Lumpur's Olympic Run or in Port Dickson Triathlon.

As usual school students made up more than half of the participants.Women categories i.e D,E and F saw a better turn out and the men 10k categories too,with a slight increase.

Again here front runners in the 21k category strayed into wrong route and cost them some valuable time. But most of the half marathoners were satisfied with the water and sponging stations unlike few years back where there was only one water point.

L to R: Loi Hin Kai,Seah Bee Lian,Zainuddin,Wong Soon Pin and Khoo Thiem Seng

Group photo:KPAC members and friends

KPAC's asst. treasurer,Ng Thean Chor and Siow Kek Keong

Wong and Seah Leong San

Results (KPAC members only)
Men Open 10km
No:003--35m 29s---Jayakumar
No:009--44m 01s---Md Johari
No:010--44m 21s---Shahril

Men Junior Veteran 10km
No:002--41m 08s---Siow Kek Keong
No:011--45m 41s---Tan Swee Sing
No:015--46m 50s---Kenny
No:017--47m 38s---Zainuddin B Abdullah
No:019--48m 13s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:036--54m 45s---Ng Kim Leng

Women Veteran 10km
No:000--60m 25s---Ng Yok Beng
No:000--90m 00s---Mock Wai Har

Men Senior Veteran 10km
No:007--44m 09s---Yap Chin Huat
No:011--00m 00s---Phang Fok Thing
No:017--49m 26s---Khoo Thiem Seng

Men Open Half Marathon
No:000--1h 55m 24s---Loi Hin Kai

Men Veteran Half Marathon
No:018--1h 41m 15s---Wong Soon Pin
No:000--1h 47m 13s---Seah Leong San
No:000--2h 05m 46s---Ng Hock Lee
No:113--2h 16m 33s---Ng Thean Chor

Women Open Half Marathon
No:009--1h 50m 09s---Seah Bee Lian
No:057--2h 22m 01s---Robiyatul

Ipoh International Run - 5/7/2009

A series of blunder marred the Ipoh International Run at Stadium Indera Mulia yesterday morning.An unexpected early down pour brought the whole situation into a chaotic event.

Blunder No:1
As there was no sign of when the rain would stopped,the emcee announced that the flag off would be delayed for 15 minutes.The actual starting time for both 21k and 10k categories were at 6.45am simultaneously.Several minutes later runners were told to assemble at the starting line under the rain with the impression that the race was going to start soon.

After about 10 minutes of waiting under the cold and soaking wet condition,some runners began to boo at the organizer demanded the race to be flag off.Some runners were seen shivering and trembling out of cold.

But the ignorant organizer pay no attention at all and it was not sure what was announced over the sound systems or somebody was giving a speech as the noise and din were getting louder.The irresponsible organizer did not care for the runners' health as the waiting game went on for about another 15 minutes and it was nearly 7.30am when suddenly a dark skinned man grinned and waved at the runners before he gunned off the run.

Blunder No:2
So off the runners,both categories and the first problem arose after about 2km of run.A diversion for 21k runners to go right but there was no sign board.A few of the road marshalls were there to direct the runners but some confused half marathoners ran straight together with the 10k runners.

The rest of the race was like usual with a water station along the running route but a sponging station for 10k..?I believed it was meant for 21k runners but we ran separately.

And now the best part of the blunder.The 10k front runners comprised of our national long distance runners,Muniandy and Shaharudin Hashim,Jayakumar - our hero in the SCKLM last week and several elite runners were wrongly guided into the half marathon's route.

At the finishing line,to their horror,they were given position cards that did not reflect the actual run and they were robbed of their prizes.Imagined our Jayakumar completed a 10k run in 102th position!

Heard a protest was lodged but not very sure of the consequence.

Blunder No:3
No medals or certificates were given at the finishing line.Unlike SCKLM,the organizer chose to distribute the medals and certificates under one canopy.All counter desks representing respective categories were narrowly placed close to each other.There were over 10 categories.

Misleading informations were spread over the air that all runners would be rewarded a medal and a certificate of participation.Soon,everyone started to built up a long queue especially the 'D' category (10k men open).Impatient runners after long wait under the rising sun soon turned the whole situation into an ugly scene.Pushing and shoving,some angry and frustrated runners bang on the desks when learnt that the officials in charge refused to give them medals.

Emotions ran high as shouting and yelling were exchanged and some runners even challenged a police officer.Desks were toppled and those 7k runners began to intrude into the canopy area to demand for their promised medals and certificates.

It was as though everyone was fighting for food.To make matter worse,some arrogant officials packed and threatened to leave the scene with medals in their bags.

Later some police personels were deployed to calm the situation and started to distribute the certificates.And those deserve to win medals finally got theirs after more than an hour ordeal.

It was a day filled with embarrassment and disgrace for those avid runners who travelled from all over Malaysia to participate in the worst organised race event.And I doubt many would return next year if they ever organise again.

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