KLIM 30-03-2008

Just want to check out how KPAC members fare in this high prestige running event.Overall the results are nothing much to be proud of compared to last year's.Most of the KPAC members who took part in either the half or full marathon complained about the humid and dry condition.But to me it's the preparations that count.I don't really trained well for this race so lots of excuses pop up in my head during the run.

Take a glance at how KPAC members performed yesterday.

Category B-Full marathon-Men Junior Veteran
4h 20m 35s--073/200---Wong Soon Pin

Category C-Full marathon-Men Senior Veteran
4h 04m 52s--060/304---Yee Sing Seng
6h 20m 16s--276/304---Ng Hock Lee

Category F-Half marathon-Men open
1h 38m 54s--036/583---Kuan Chee Kee
2h 03m 03s--115/583---Tee Choon Wooi
2h 22m 06s--209/583---Khoo Kian Wei
2h 28m 23s--265/583---Syanizam

Category H-Half marathon-Men Junior Veteran
1h 51m 50s--043/317---Zainudin Bin Abdullah
2h 04m 07s--070/317---Leong Ann Lok
2h 06m 07s--080/317---Tee Kuan Meng
2h 08m 07s--086/317---Lim Sam Hang
2h 22m 06s--145/317---Chua Chin Hwee
2h 32m 12s--193/317---Quek Han Son
2h 38m 22s--223/317---Kamaruzaman

Category J-Half marathon-Men Senior Veteran
2h 05m 56s--076/401---Khoo Thien Seng
2h 24m 04s--169/401---Kong Kang Leong
2h 32m 28s--219/401---Abdul Rahman B. Mohammed
2h 35m 12s--244/401---Danny Tio Soon Lai

KPAC- The 22nd Annual Dinner Report

Saturday,15th March 2008.The sky was gloomy since noon and it was drizzling on and off till late evening.There was a massive traffic jam especially after the Bukit Raja flyover heading towards Klang Town.The jam was obviously caused by inconsiderate motorists who refused to give way or stopped their vehicle in the yellow box around the Bulatan 100.

Restaurant Hai Tien Lou,where our annual dinner was held is just meters away from the roundabout.When l finally reached my destination,l never expect so many guests had arrived.It was 7.30 pm and the atmosphere in the restaurant was warmed with romantic music and everybody was busy chatting as if it was a morning market!

At 8.00pm sharp,the emcee none other than TC Ng-our assistant treasurer-took the mike.The floor became silence and everyone was listening attentively when he welcome all the guests.Loud applause from the guests when our president Mr Wong Soon Pin took over.He began his speech by welcoming our honorable advisers Dato Sellathevan and Mr Law Kee Sok,Mr Wee from New Balance-our 1/2 marathon title sponsor( to be held on 27/4/2008) and all the guests.It was a brief speech but he touched mainly on the club's achievements for the past one year and also all future plans.

The night began with Karaoke competition and lucky draw contest alternately.Dinner was served simultaneously.This is Klang Town, so don't be surprised if most of the songs rendered were in Hokkien!Even our president who is a Hakka, sang a Hokkien rock number to the surprise of our guests who cheered him.

Next was the introduction of the new board of committees.Mr Wong Soon Pin was elected as the president for the second term.Honestly speaking Mr Wong is an enthusiastic,full of determinations and courageous person.He spearheading the club to greater success by planning activities such as the 12k RunForIt last year which attracted more than 600 runners from as far as UK,Nepal,Thailand and Singapore.Breakfast runs were organised to promote closer ties among the members besides encouraging Klang folks to lead to a healthy life.

Mr John Heng who was a committee member, is promoted to the vice president taking over from Mr Lum Kiok Ming.The rest of the office bearers remain the same except for the resignations of Mr Tan Siew Sing , Mr Tee Kuan Meng and Uncle Francis Ting.They were replaced by Mr Gan Leng Leng ,Mr Ma Choong Hong and Mr Chua Chin Huee.

The new board of committees invited our honorable advisers to the stage for the cake cutting ceremony,to mark the 22nd anniversary of KPAC.The cake was sponsored by Sunny Cake House own by Mr Yee Sin Seng.

The night continue with more sensational members singing their lungs out before the second session of lucky draw resumed.

Then came the proud moments for five of the KPAC members who participated in the recent Langkawi Triathlon which was held on 23nd February 2008 at Dataran Lang,Langkawi Island.A special reward presentation to honour their great achievements and special trophies were sponsored by Mr Lim Swee Chai-a KPAC committee member.Below is the breakdown of the timing of the three principles they took part:

3.8 km swimming/180.0km cycling/42 km marathon - total time
1 hr 28 min 6 hr 11 min 5 hr 21 min 13 hr 15 min Ma Choong Hong
1 hr 27 min 6 hr 26 min 5 hr 28 min 13 hr 30 min David Cheam
1 hr 49 min 7 hr 01 min 5 hr 10 min 14 hr 21 min Yee Sin SEng
1 hr 22 min 7 hr 18 min 7 hr 08 min 16 hr 15 min Ong Teck Keong
1 hr 40 min 7 hr 50 min 6 hr 24 min 16 hr 23 min Boon

And last event of the night was the announcement of the Karaoke competition result.Mr Ch'ng Hock Leong, who is a die hard karaoke fan took away the first prize.He sang a superb poetic mandarin number which amused so many guests with his soulful and dramatic actions.

It was indeed a memorable night for all KPAC members and the board of committees hope to achieve better performance in planning and organizing more events in the future.Lastly,everyone bade farewell and hope to see you all again in our next anniversary celebration.

KPAC - 22nd Annual Dinner,15th March 2008

In conjunction with our 22nd Annual General Meeting,the committees would like to invite all KPAC members and friends to an eight course Chinese dinner at Restoran HAI TIEN LOU Sdn Bhd,Klang on 15th March 2008 at 6.30 pm sharp

Tickets are on sale now at RM50.00 each.For those who are interested and yet to receive the tickets,please contact:

Mr Wong Soon Pin - 012 3101379 (KPAC's Club house)
Mr Jimmy Yang - 012 9312993 ( for our Muslim members and friends)
Mr Ng Thean Chor - 019 2319138 (Padang Sultan Sulaiman)
Mr K.M.Tee - 012 3897788 (Taman Rakyat)
Mr Lum Kiok Ming - 019 2657773
Mr Ong Teck Keong - 012 3392673
Mr Hansom Quek - 012 2730038
Mr Tan Siew Sing - 012 3877878

Below is a sample of our ticket.Each ticket has a similar serial number at both upper end and guests are advised to tear the dotted line on the right upper end and drop it into the box provided at the receptions for lucky draw contest.Please keep your tickets for verification in case who knows you are among the lucky ones.A ticket is entitled to one person only.

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