17 Jan 2012 Nomination Form 2012

Dear KPAC member:-
For the coming AGM, 18 Feb 2012, 5.00pm, the new 2012/2013 committee will elected. Please use the above nomination form to nominate your choisen candidate for the right position.
We are highly encourage young, active to joing as new office bearers for year 2012/13.
Few condition need to remind:-
1. Please do ensure the nominator and nominatee with valid membership.
2. Please do ensure the membership start before Jan 2011 and have paid 2012 subscription fee.
3. The nomination from must be sreceived by mail or fax latest by 11 Feb 2012, 12pm at the address below:-
Klang Pacers Athletic Club
22B, Jalan Rengas,
Southern Park,
41200 Klang, Selangor DE
Tel: 012-3233777
Fax: 03-51616777
13 Feb 2012 update
Nomination closed by 11 Feb 2012. However, the result is really not encourage, thus committee decide to open the nomination again on the AGM date 18 Feb 2012. For those who have intention to further improve the club activities, please do come forward.

12 Feb 2012 Jog 4 Klang

L-R: Jonathon, Raja, CM Chang, Seah LS, Leong AL, Tee KM

Jog For Klang Pace

Men Open(7.05km)
Chua Pek San-33m00s
Seah Leong San - 33m22s
Lai Yapp Choon-36m 00s
Tee Kuan Meng-37m 18s
Chua Siong Pek - 38m00s
Simon Ng - 29m00s
Lim Soon Chung-39m 41s
Tan Chi Kian-39m 43s
Chin Min Chang-40m 30s
Leong Ann Lok-40m 31s

Women Open(7.05km)
Cheah Ying Foong-43m 00s
Lim Pei Xuan - 44m00s

Men Open(5.36km)
Jonathan Tan-33m 27s(25th)

School Boy (5.35km)
Seah Kai Zhou - 33m 00s (11th)