Cargill Charity Run 2008

Venue:Kompleks Sukan Pandamaran
Date: 10/08/2008
Time: 7.30 am
Entry Fee: RM20.00

for further information please contact:

012 273 4223 (Jeffrey Soo) - KL
016 294 2115 (Sivamala) - Port Klang
019 355 1029 (Rasagopal) - Port Klang

The 5th Humanistik Charity Run-27/07/2008

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Nanyang Siang Pau HQ
Petaling Jaya

The 5th Humanistik Charity Run was officiated by Datuk Ong Tee Keat,our Transport Minister this morning.The run was jointly organised by Yayasan Humanistik,Dharma Buddhist Uni and Nanyang Siang Pau.

The aim of this 6.5km charity run is to collect funds for the needy students so that they will be provided with better educational opportunity.

There were 7 categories in this run.There were not many serious runners probably because the participants need to collect at least rm100.00 donation to enable he/she taking part in this run.Besides that there was no medals and cash rewards offered as all contributions proceed to the charity.But the turn out was good,the attendance hit hundreds.Many elderly,students and young children turn up to support the run.

The run was flagged off at 8.00 am sharp.Luckily the weather was nice and the men open category went off first followed by the rest.Except for some minor hiccups especially short of road marshals at certain junctions,the overall run was beautifully organised.

There was a light vegetarian breakfast for everyone after the run before the prize giving ceremony.Datuk Ong gave away the 'trophies' to the winners.

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Wong Soon Pin and Lim Pei Yen,both finished third in their respective category.

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A Chinese association's drummers welcoming our Transport Minister

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Lim Pei Yen receives her trophy from Datuk Ong Tee Keat

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A group photo of Datuk Ong(standing 3rd from left) and category E-men open winners

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Winners of Category C - boys up to 18 years old

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the trophies and goodies bags

Results at glance:

Category C - boys
No:08--32 min 29 sec---Khoo Kian Wei

Category D - girls
No:03--34 min 13 sec---Lim Pei Yen

Category E - men open
No:01--24 min 30 sec---Ong Chin
No:02--26 min 14 sec---Suresh
No:03--27 min 11 sec---Wong Soon Pin
No:04--27 min 35 sec---Chen Keat Hoong
No:09--30 min 49 sec---Tan Chong Tai
No:10--30 min 50 sec---Tee Kuan Meng

Car break-ins in Taman Rakyat,Taman Sri Andalas

A spate of car break-ins happened in Taman Rakyat lately.The most recent one was last Tuesday (22/07/2008),a Proton Saga was broken into and a handset and some cash were stolen.
Prior to this incident,l was told that a suspect was caught and handed over to the authority on the previous Saturday (19/07/2008).This made me believe that the culprits work in groups of two or three.

Despite of numerous warning and reminder,some visitors still leave their valuable in their cars, thinking nobody knows where and when they hide them.

It was sighted that some suspicious men, dress smartly,parked their heavily tinted car among the unsuspecting victims.They are believed to observe their victims movement and once the owner leave,one will act as lookout while another breaks in.They are professional at work and it only take them several minutes to grab whatever valuable,and mind you,they know where to look for.

Here are some tips, hopefully they can help to prevent the break-ins.

1. Do not change your clothes in your car or nearby washroom-they are watching where you're hiding your belongings.

2. Do not leave your lap top inside your car, even in the rear boot.I was told that by using a special device,one can detect the present of lap tops.

3. If you are going there for a walk,carry along your handset.

4. Always activate your car's alarm system,do not lock your car manually i.e using key

5. Tell your friends if you see anybody looks suspicious,at least more will realize their present and able to nap the culprits if they break into cars.

6. Do not leave anything visible especially handbags or suitcases in both front or rear seats.

We welcome any suggestions to prevent crime in our only green lung in the Klang vicinity.

Karnival Kecergasan Daerah Klang

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Anjuran: Pejabat Belia & Sukan Daerah Klang
Tarikh: 27/07/2008
Masa: 7.00 pagi - 2.00 petang
Tempat: Taman Rakyat,Sri Andalas,Klang

Acara Pertandingan:

1. Senamrobik
2. Poco-poco
3. Senamtari
4. Shuffle/hip hop

Pameran & Jualan:

1. Periksaan Kesihatan
2. Pameran Kesihatan
4. Gerai Makanan dan Minuman
5. Go Mobile Rakan Muda

Mari Mencuba:

1. Sit up
2. Push up
3. Timbang Bola
4. Skipping
5. Senamrobik Perdana

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut sila hubungi Cik Miza 03 32904171 (P) 012 9761325 (HP)

Breakfast Run-17/08/2008

would like to invite all its member and public to join us for a :


Date: 17-08-2008 (Sunday)

Venue:KPAC club house

Time:0630 hrs (20km) person in charge Mr Wong Soon Pin-012 3101379

Time:0715 hrs (6 km) person in charge:
Mr Jimmy Yang-012 9312993 and Mr Ong Teck Keong-012 3392673

Entry fee is rm5.00 for adult and FOC for children
Breakfast will be served immediately after the run.

We hope to see more runners and family members to participate in this friendship bonding run.

Insurance & Takaful Walk 2008-20/07/2008

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Dataran Merdeka,Kuala Lumpur.
Only 5 KPAC members took part in this walking event which was organised by the Malaysian Insurance Institute with the assistance of FTAAA.

There wasn't any difference compared to running races,the walking racing attracted many participants.But based on my observation,regular and hardcore runners were missing from the scene.l'm not in the position to tell the differences between running and fast walking,maybe somebody out there is willing to explain.What l know is,without proper fast walking techniques,both my legs got stiff and fast tiring.And at the end of the race my legs wobbled.

The participants were treated to a vigorous warm up session by 3 fitness instructors just before the race was gunned off.The first to go was the 7 km walk for the open category for both members of MII and public at 7.30 am, followed by 5 km for the veterans 10 minutes later.

The same undulating route seems to be further than usual and many were caught running and were cautioned and warned by race officials.It was a different scenario as everybody was swinging their hips and briskly walk like ducks back from its' evening walk.

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Warming up before the stomping...

Image Hosted by
The finishing point at padang merdeka

Image Hosted by
Participants were queuing for....

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.....these,the goodies i.e towel,magazines,energy drinks and macam-macam lagi

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Insurance company set up booth to introduce and promote their products by giving away free souvenir to visitors.

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and this one too.

At last here is the brief result

Women Veteran (Public)
No:10--00m 00s---Ng Yok Beng

Men Veteran (Public)
No:12--35m 30s---Wong Soon Pin
No:20--37m 45s---Ng Hock Lee
No:30--40m 22s---Tan Siew Sing
No:37--42m 06s---Tee Kuan Meng

Larian Kemanusiaan Bencana Taufan NARGIS Dan Gempabumi SICHUAN-13/07/2008

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It was a disappointed sight for me as a member of KPAC at this morning Nargis-Sichuan Charity Run at Taman Rakyat,Taman Sri Andalas,Klang.Besides our president,SP Wong and committee member Chua Chin Huee, only a handful of our members turned up and the rest l guess they're not interested or supportive at all.Some travel hundreds km away to take part in races but a charity run right in our own neighbourhood is neglected.What a shame!

Anyway the response to this donation drive for both disasters were very encouraging.Regulars to the park and curious visitors donated willingly for the victims.Many were caught unaware of the activity,probably lack of publicity by the organizers.Mr and Mrs Wong of Klang's Pacesetters group voluntarily help in the registration booth while our president took over the mike to convey the message in Mandarin.

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Our president helps a donor to register for the lucky draw contest

By 7.30 am hundreds of people from all walks of life took part in the Senamrobik and was later joined by the Tai Chi and Cha Cha dancing groups nearby.

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The Senamrobik headed by an instructor from MPK

Image Hosted by

The run was gunned off at 8.00am.It was announced that the distance was about 3.2km but it ended up more than 4 km.Surprisingly there was no police traffic but an ambulance instead help to man the traffic.Volunteers too were stationed at traffic lights to make sure the run was free from incidence.No trophies or medals to the winners but were treated to free drinks sponsored by 100plus,Milo and Mc'Donalds.

Later after the run,there was a simple speech by an MPK representative to thank all the donors and to those who took part.And finally, the much awaited moment, the lucky draw contest.Well the crowd was certainly eager and started to gather around the canopies area.Hampers,shoe bags and backpacks were among the lucky draw prizes.At the end l was told more than Rm1,000 was raised.

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The donation box.....

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This is Mr Mohan,the person in charge of this charity run

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Runners from Klang's Pacesetters group.

Results at glance

No:01--18m 50s---Murali Nathan
No:02--20m 36s---Wong Soon Pin
No:00--22m 15s---Sri Surgaaya
No:00--22m 21s---Ganesh
No:00--23m 25s---Chua Chin Huee
No:00--24m 38s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:00--25m 17s---Ng Hock Lee

Larian Kemanusiaan Bencana Taufan NARGIS Dan Gempabumi SHI CHUAN-13/07/2008

The above charity run is jointly organized by Selangor Amateur Athletic Association and Majlis Perbandaran Klang to collect donations for the victims of the tragedies that occurred in Myanmar and China recently.

The registration is on the race day by donating minimum RM10.00 at Taman Rakyat,Klang at 6.30 am.A registration booth will be set up.Regular visitors to the taman,runners and public are encourage to take part.The distance of the run will be approximately 3.5 km and at the end of the run,there will be a lucky draw contest.

For further information please contact Mr Mohan at 019 368 5275

Siemens Run 2008-06/07/2008

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Dataran Merdeka,Kuala Lumpur.
What really worry a slow runner like me is the allocation of medals.It is quite fair to have 150 medals up for offer in the men open category but only 100 medals in the veteran category that combined both junior and senior veteran runners!There were so many participants in this morning event even though it coincided with the Ipoh International Marathon in Perak.Maybe the recent petrol price hike prevent some runners from participating outstation races.

It took me several minutes in queue to pass the reporting card to the FTAAA officials in exchange of a ribbon.The enclosure was packed with runners and soon the race was gunned off at 7.30 am sharp.As for this year's run,it was a new route.The first half of the race was the usual undulating course and the second half was much easier,descending the Jalan Parlimen,left turning to Sogo Shopping Center and Pertama Complex and back to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman before the finishing line at Dataran.

There were at least four water stations for runners to hydrate themselves,no complain about that for a short run.The best part of the race was the cheer leading groups comprise of youth in the Halloween costumes,the drummers,the brass band performance and cheers from public all the way to the finishing.

With my usual border line finishing,l had to keep my finger cross to win a medal.l noticed that there were so many green numbers(same category as me) in front,l decided to make a dash to the finishing line overtaking one by one in hope of winning one.As l line up to know my fate,an officer was busy giving out cards indicating the position of the runners,Albert Goh of Klang's Pacesetters group who was behind me, asked eagerly if we make it or not.Guess what,l was placed 97th-phew......

The actual distance of the race l believed was approximately 9 km only,judging from regular runners personal timing.

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Runners in the men open category queuing for the position cards

Image Hosted by
Group photo of KPAC members

Image Hosted by
The finishing at Dataran Merdeka

Image Hosted by
Thalagavathy and Seah Bee Lian-both placed 6th and 7th respectively in the women open category

Image Hosted by
Kamaruzaman and Lim Pei Yen

Results at glance

Men Open Category-10k
No:065--41m 35s---Kamalan
No:080--43m 28s---Tee Choon Wooi
No:137--45m 53s---Loi Hin Kai
No:000--47m 43s---Syanizam
No:000--51m 15s---Kee Weng Keong
No:000--56m 09s---Kamaruzaman

Women Open Category-10k
No:006--41m 48s---Thalagavathy
No:007--43m 30s---Seah Bee Lian

Men Veteran Category-10k
No:008--36m 25s---Dhan Bahadur Thapa
No:013--38m 10s---Wong Soon Pin
No:024--40m 34s---Zainudin
No:028--42m 07s---Lim Boon Hwa
No:097--45m 55s---Tee Kuan Meng
No:103--46m 24s---Subramaniam
No:000--50m 44s---Ng Hock Lee
No:000--65m 23s---Yeoh Boon Cheng

Men Junior Category-5k
No:000--22m 33s---Khoo Kian Wei

Women Junior Category-5k
No:012--00m 00s---Nur Athika
No:045--24m 18s---Lim Pei Yen