27 May 12 Marathon

Singapore - Sundown Marathon

4:32:57 - Alvin Yap - PB
4:56:12 - Chandru
5:29:00 - Chai Min Fooi

Thailand - Hatyai International Marathon

Men 55-59
3:50:18- Tan Wah Sing (5th)

Men (40-44)
4:02:41 - Lai Yapp Choon (15th)

27 May 12 7th Ekiden Relay Run

Mixed Team

 L-R:  Vanice Mei, Ng CK, Tan CK, Raymond Kong, Cheah YF  - 1:18:10 (50th)
 L-R:  Ng KL, Eric Chin, Ter YT, Leong AL - 1:09:27 (21th)

L-R:  Lim SC, Xiang Ying, Rao, Xuan Lim, Jeniffer Woo - 1:13:03 (32th)

20 May 2012 The Mines Charity Run

The Mines Charity Run

Men Veteran 5km
Lai Yapp Choon - 23:50 (20th)
Women Veteran 5km
Cheah Ying Foong - 34:43 (18th)

19 May 2012 KL Towerthon Challenge

KL Towerthon Challenge 2012
Men Open
Lim Soon Chung-29m 18s(454th)
Ng Chee Kuang-36m 27s(701th)

Men Junior Veteran
Lai Yapp Choon-18m 50s(13th)
Tiou Leng Tiong-25m 46s(43th)
Chong Keng Weei-33m 19s

Women Junior Veteran
Cheah Ying Foong-42m 30s(65th)

20 May 2012 We Care Charity Fun Run

We Care Charity Fun Run 2012

Men Open-7km (6.95km GPS)
Lim Soon Chung-35m 02s

Men Veteran-7km (6.95km GPS)
Moey Wooi San-28m 34s(4th)
Leong Ann Lok-34m 12s(12th)
Tee Kuan Meng-35m 36s
Lim Boon Wah-45m 17s

Women Veteran-7km (6.95km GPS)
Tan Pei Leng-33m 18s(1st)

L-R:  Leong AL, Tan PL, Lim BW, Tee KM, Ng SH, Lim SC, Tan CW

Moey WS 4th, Tan WS 5th

Congratulation Tan PL (1st)
L-R: Lim SC, Lim BW, Tan PL, Tee KM, Tan WS, Leong AL

24 Jun 2012 Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon - Registration

Dear KPAC member:-

Please be inform that SCKLIM 2012 registration start liao.
The detail may refer to website : www.kl-marathon.com

Registration fee as:-
Category before 29/2 before 15/5 before 31/5 Start time
42km 60.00 70.00 80.00 0430
21km 55.00 65.00 75.00 0600
10km 50.00 60.00 70.00 0630
5km 40.00 45.00 50.00 0845
certificate delivery additional 3.00

The confirm registered name list as 22 Mar 12:
1. Seah Leong San 42km   
2. Leong Jit Ping 42km 
3. Seah Leong Hong 42km 
4. Lee Foo Kien 42km 
5. John Heng 42km 
6. Foo Chee Chung 42km  
7. Chua Siong Pek 42km
8. Chua Pek San 42km
9. Albert Goh 42km
10. Peter Goh 42km 
11. Dinesh Kumaran 42km 
12. Kam Kok Kong 42km 
13. Gan Bee Tin 21km 
14. Tee Kuan Meng 21km 
15. Zaidi bin Bachek 10km 
16. Liew Chin Huat 42km 
17. Ann Che 42km 
18. Lim Boon Wah 42km 
19. Chua Hock Boon 42km 
20. Ter Yew Tiong 42km 
21 Tiou Leng Tiong 21km 
22. Lim Chee Lai 21km 
23. Chin Min Chang 42km 
24. Ng Kim Leng 42km 
25. Danny Tio 21km 
26. Simon Ng 42km 
27. Lee Chee Siew 42km 
28. Cheong Hong Kee 42km 
29. Raja Raja Cholan 42km 
30. Tan Swee Sing 21km 
31. Ng Yok Beng 10km 
32. Ng Hock Lee 21km 
33. Lim Tow Suan 21km 
34. Leong Ann Lok 42km 
35. Pong Kok Liang 21km 
36. Teh Poh Chin 21km 
37. Chia Woon Sen 42km 
38. Choo Siew Kean 10km 
39. Chia Yong Zheng 21km 
40. Chia Yong Hong 10km 
41. Chia Jing Hui 10km 
42. Chia Boon Hoo 10km 
43. Wong Mun Hon 21km 
44. Hamson Quek 21km 
45. Jimmy Yang 21km 
46. Gan Leng Leng 21km 
47. Tiou Leng Tiong 21km
48. Tiou Yeng Ying 10km 
49. Yap Leong Chin 42km 
50. Wong Hong Wen 42km 
( ). Wey Yong Seng 10km  (self registration)
51. Ma Hong Choong 21km  normal price start
52. Tan Poh See 10km 
53. Wong Le Ping 10km 
54. Yap Geb Poh 10km 
55. Chai Min Fooi 42km 
56. Tew Yean Ho 42km 
57. Kwang Teck Ming 42km 

Your may check the registration status as visit to http://www.kl-marathon.com/users/status_check#
email : seahleongsan@gmail.com
NRIC : (your IC# without spacing and symbol)

If you wish to register, please do contact Mr. Seah 012-2234110.

18 Nov 2012 Penang Bridge International Marathon

Registration start on 28 Apr 2012 as

KPAC would like to arrange a Penang trip like 2011 for member, which include transport, logging, and race registration.

10 unit B-suite appartment room was book.
Bus arrangement to be confirm by participant (only for 40 space)
Registration may contact committee member.

Registration fee as:-
Category             20/4-30/5    1/6-15/9    16/9-15/10
Full Marathon     60                80             90
Half Marahon     45                60            80
10km Open         40                50            70
10km Junior       30                40             45
Fun Run             15                20             30

Firm Itinerary:-
17 Nov 12
0730am   Start depart from Klang Stadium
0900am   Stop at Ipoh for breakfast
1200pm   Arrive at Queensbay Mall for Lunch and Collection
0200pm   Check In B-Suite appartment
0500pm   Dinner
0600pm   Sleep Time (especially for full marathoner)

18 Nov 12
0000am   Depart from appartment to race site
0200am   Full Marathon start
0300am   Half Marathon start
0600am   10km start
0900am   Complete race and return to hotel
1200pm   Lunch & Sigh Seeing

19 Nov 12
0800am  Check out and breakfast
1200pm  Lunch at Ipoh
0500pm  Arrive Klang Stadium

Participant name:- (update 17 May 12)
1.  Seah Leong San 42km
2.  Sim Kuan Kuek  10km
3.  Seah Kai Yee  10km
4.  Seah Kai Zhou  10km
5.  Tee Kuan Meng 21km
6.  Zaidi Bin Bachek 21km
7.  Syanizam bin Ismail 10km

13 May 2012 PJ Dawn Half Marathon

PJ Dawn 2012

Men Open-21km(21.27km GPS)
Leow Chong Beng-1h 35m 00 (5th)
Raja Palani- 1h 42m 00s
Lim Soon Chung-1h 56m 16s
Alvin Yap-1h 59m 23s
Leong Jit Peng- 2h 50m 00s
Chong Hai Huai- 3h 05 00s
Abu -3h 20m 00s

Men Junior Veteran-21km(21.27km GPS)
Casey Lim-1h 28m 00s(2nd)
Ng Say Heong-1h 38m 08s (4th)
Chua Pek San-1h 45m 00s
Lai Yapp Choon-1h 46m 00s
Seah Leong San-1h 47m 21s (20th)
Chandru- 1h 49m 00s
Leong Ann Lok-1h 55m 13s
Tee Kuan Meng-2h 03m 02s
Danny Chai-2h 12m 34s
Tiou Leng Tiong-2h 33m 00s
John Heng- 2h 36m 00s

Men Senior Veteran-21km
Lee Foo Kien-1h 51m 00s (12th)
Henry Soon-2h 19m 00s
Leow Chin Huat- 2h 37m 00s

Women Junior Veteran-21km(21.27km GPS)
Leong Yoke Peng- 2h 28m 00s
Lim Chee Lai-2h 43m 00s
Cheah Ying Foong-2h 43m 45s
Ann Chia- 2h 50m 00s

Men Open 12km

Zaidi Bin Bachek 1h 05m 55s

06 May 12 Larian Bersama Bomba

Larian Bersama Bomba 2012

Men Veteran 10km
Lai Yapp Choon-52m 05s - 22th

Women Veteran 7km
Cheah Ying Foong-53m 27s - 33th

06 May 2012 Borneo International Marathon

L-R:  Leong AL, Tee KM, Tan PL, Ng SH, Alvin Yap
L-R: Tee KM, Leong AL, Tan PL, Alvin Yap and Ng SH
Full Marathon Men Veteran :Ng SH 3:24:00 (4th)

Women Open 10km : Tan PL 49:44 (4th-->3rd)
Alvin Yap 4:34:56

Borneo International Marathon 2012

Men Open 42km
Alvin Yap-4h 34m 56s

Men Veteran 42km
Ng Say Heong-3h 24m 00s(4th)
Simon Ng-5h 17m 43s
Lim Boon Wah-5h 17m 46s

 Men Veteran 21km(21.52km GPS)
Leong Ann Lok-1h 57m 57s
Tee Kuan Meng-2h 07m 00s

Women Open 10km(10.03km GPS)
Tan Pei Leng-49m 44s(4th-->3rd) -- 1winner disqualify, upgrade position.

23 June 12 HIV/AIDS Hope Awareness Run 2012

Organise: AIESEC Malaysia
Theme: Run with HOPE, Smile with Heart
Date: 23rd of June 2012 (Saturday), 6:00a.m.
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya.
Event Highlights:
*Celebrity Run ( Yise Loo/罗忆诗 will be joining us as a participant of awareness run.)
*Charity Purpose ( A part of the profit will be donated to the shelter home.)
*HIV/AIDS exhibition
Early Bird (18/4/2012-15/5/2012)
*Fun Run Category (8km) RM 15 (3 persons RM40)
*Open Run Category (15km) RM 25 (3 persons RM70)
*Secondary School Category (10km) RM 16 (3 persons RM 45)
Late Bird (16/5/2012-31/5/2012)
*Fun Run Category (8km) RM 20 (3 persons RM 50)
*Open Run Category (15km) RM 30 (3 persons RM80)
*Secondary School Category (10km) RM 16 (3 persons RM 45)
*Male and female are separated in different categories.
*Certificates will be provided.
*T-shirt and goodies bag are included.
Closing Date: 31st of May 2012
Visit https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE9yUUhjTFJEb2MtbHFtSWJjQlktQUE6MQ

for registration and www.aiesec.my/upm for further information.